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Call Park

Park calls in the cloud and retrieve from any phone in your business.

Feature benefits

  • Park up to 50 calls simultaneously, both inbound and outbound calls.
  • Simply press the Call Park soft key on your desk phone and pass along the parked location to colleagues or departments. You can also park an active call from RingCentral for Desktop or RingCentral mobile app.
  • Unanswered calls ring back after five minutes, so you can ensure your callers are well attended.
  • Create a private park location only visible for users within the same group to park and pick up calls. Only authorized user may pick up a parked call in the cloud.
  • Parked calls in a private location can be answered directly from group users’ desk phones or RingCentral for Desktop.
  • Park important calls while you’re out of the office, with a few simple touch-tone commands on your smartphone or RingCentral for Desktop.
  • Call Park feature is enabled through your call routing/forwarding rules, so you’re supported while you travel.


  • The Call Park feature is included at no extra cost with RingCentral MVP™.
  • Yes. Call Park works for inbound and outbound calling. However, it is not supported on outbound calling to another extension in your system.
  • Incoming calls can be parked and retrieved on any RingCentral desk phone, regardless of office location. Park soft key is available on all Cisco and Polycom devices (except Cisco SPA 508 and Cisco SPA 303).
  • Calls can also be parked using touch-tone commands on RingCentral for Desktop, and on your smartphone using the RingCentral app for iPhone® and Android™ (with VoIP turned on).
  • It’s the virtual system location, not to be confused with the user extensions. Virtual locations where an inbound or outbound call is parked are preceded by *, for example (*8xx).
  • Maximum number of simultaneously parked locations is 50 (ranging from *801 to *899).
  • Park locations are automatically assigned by the RingCentral system.
  • Your administrator can help create a park location group that is only accessible and visible to users added to the group by using desk phone or RingCentral for Desktop. RingCentral supports up to 100 park location groups. There is no limitation to how many users can be included in each park location group.
  • It is only supported for warm transfers on desk phones using the Call Park soft key.
  • No. That is private call park, which is currently not available.
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