Hot Desking

Log in to a shared RingCentral deskphone—and use it like your own—with access to your personal extension, saved settings, voicemail, and more.
A woman using the Yealink T485 Gigabit color Touchscreen as a Hotdesking device powered by the RingCentral app

What is Hot Desking?

Today's workplaces are very different from the way it used to be. Previously, you needed an office space to have a workspace to conduct your business. However, the advent of artificial intelligence and the pandemic caused drastic changes in the work environment, including the flexibility of workstations.
Likewise, the term hot desking also changed as well. It can refer to sharing desk space with co-workers rather than having assigned workstations. Businesses turn to hot desking for those with flexible schedules, remote work, frequent traveling between offices, or limited office space, given the price of private office real estate. The usual workplace layout for hot desking involves a meeting room or a particular workspace you can reserve for the day.
Now, hot desking works beyond the sharing of workspace. With RingCentral, the Hot Desking feature lets employees access their own settings, extensions, and voicemails on any shared phone in the workplace. They can even access their cloud-based phone system features while working in different offices or during remote work.
Watch Video: An ongoing video conference via the RingCentral app on a laptop

Hot Desking Functions

With flexibility in workstations in mind, hot desking allows you to program the following functions to your shared phones.

No Timeout

Prevents all Hot Desk sessions in an account from timing out. It offers a solution for organizations with a mobile workforce and unpredictable schedules.

Assign a User to a RingCentral Phone

Reassign a number to the RingCentral Phone app. The device will move to the Unassigned list.

Assign a User to an Existing Phone

Choose another physical phone.

Assign a User to a New Phone

Purchase a new physical deskphone.

Bring Your Own Device (BYOD)

Set up an existing deskphone that you own.
RingCentral Hot Desking dashboard

 Benefits of Hot Desking in Your Business

Yealink T48S Gigabit Color Touchscreen handset

Provides a more personalized and familiar phone experience

Allows employees to access their own extensions, profiles, voicemail, and other phone features while sitting at their workspace in different offices.

Lets users place secure, high-quality calls from more locations

Easy to learn and use, people can quickly sign in to any shared phone from wherever they're working.
An ongoing encrypted phone call via the RingCentral mobile app
A man attends the global kickoff  via the RingCentral app

Boosts productivity company-wide

Lets field sales and remote employees work in a variety of reserved hot desking spots when visiting different offices.

Reduce your investment in facilities and hardware across offices

Maximizes usage per phone by allowing employees with flexible schedules, remote workers, and those traveling on business to use shared phones while working on-premises.
Yealink W56PCordless Phone Handset

Why Choose RingCentral for Your Hot Desking Service

Let your work environment increase your employees' productivity when you activate Hot Desking. Here's why you should choose RingCentral, your all-in-one unified communications platform.
Unified communications features

Create a flexible roster of shared phones that employees can use beyond regular phone calls with a comprehensive, unified communications platform fit for your needs. Aside from telephony, fax, video conferencing, and team messaging, you can also use omnichannel platforms and AI solutions.

Improved business communications

Maximize your business communication system while ensuring the quality of your work. You can even generate reports, such as usage trends and patterns, to determine the ideal phones for hot desking.

With RingCentral Analytics, you can use Adoption and Usage Reports derived from the app. With these reports, you can determine which employees are power users and how RingCentral app works within sites, departments, and the entire organization.

Cost savings and transparent pricing

RingCentral offers adaptable plans and packages that fit your business requirements. You can also choose between monthly or annual payment options.

When you choose RingCentral, you can maximize intelligent phone solutions and robust call management capabilities with our cloud phone system.

Robust security policy controls

Rest easy knowing every call made from shared phones used in hot desking is secured.

We employ several security protocols such as Single-Sign-On (SSO), block phone numbers, AI-based spam blocking, RoboCall mitigation using STIR/SHAKEN standards, TLS encryption/SRTP secure voice, and Emergency response locations for E911 calls.

Ensured Business Continuity

RingCentral offers 24/7 business continuity for your company. We can keep you connected with a 99.999% uptime SLA so you can extend the same level of availability to your clients.

Our redundant distributed network allows you to stay open for business from anywhere.

Artificial Intelligence-powered Workflows

The RingCentral app can be integrated with over 200 business applications, ensuring smooth workflow adaptations. You can program your phone settings and even automate your business communications for better efficiency. You can also program Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Artificial Intelligence to assist your agents in helping resolve cases faster.

RingCentral Phones that Support Hot Desking

RingCentral currently supports Hot Desking on the following phones. Support for additional models will be announced as it becomes available.
Cisco handset
  • Cisco 7841 Gigabit Business Phone
  • Cisco 8861 Gigabit Color Business Phone
  • Cisco 8861 Gigabit Color Business Phone with 1 Expansion Module
  • Cisco 8861 Gigabit Color Business Phone with 2 Expansion Modules
Polycom handset
  • Polycom VVX-311 Gigabit Ethernet Phone
  • Polycom VVX-411 Color Gigabit Ethernet Phone
  • Polycom VVX-411 Color Gigabit Ethernet Phone with 1 Expansion Module
  • Polycom VVX-501 Color Touchscreen
  • Polycom VVX-501 Color Touchscreen Phone with 1 Expansion Module
  • Polycom VVX-601 Large Color Touchscreen
  • Polycom VVX-601 Large Color Touchscreen with 1 Expansion Module
  • Polycom VVX150 Business IP Phone
  • Polycom VVX250 Business IP Phone
  • Polycom VVX350 Business IP Phone
  • Polycom VVX450 Business IP Phone
  • Polycom VVX450 Business IP Phone with 1 Expansion Module
Yealink handset
  • Yealink T42S Gigabit Business Phone
  • Yealink T46S Gigabit Color Business Phone
  • Yealink T46S Gigabit Color Business Phone with 1 Expansion Module
  • Yealink T46S Gigabit Color Business Phone with 2 Expansion Modules
Unify handset
  • CP100
  • CP200/205
  • CP400
  • CP600
  • CP700
Avaya handset
  • J139
  • J159
  • J169
  • J179
  • J189
Mitel handset
  • 6867
  • 6869
  • 6873
  • 6920
  • 6920W
  • 6930
  • 6930W
  • 6940
  • 6940W
  • IP480
  • IP480G
  • IP485G
Ale handset
  • 008 CE
  • 8008G CE
  • 8018 CE
  • 8028s CE
  • 8058s CE
  • 8068s CE
  • 8078s CE
  • M3
  • M5
  • M7
  • H3G
  • H3P 
  • H6
  • ALE-2

What You Need to Know About Hot Desking

Hot desking is accessible to all RingCentral MVP Premium and Ultimate customers in the US and Canada.

The price remains the same since it is included in the RingCentral MVP Premium and Ultra Plans.

You can use an unassigned phone that supports Hot Desking; then, an Admin can convert it to a Hot Desk / common phone from their online account.

Press the "login" soft key (or *90) and enter your extension and PIN. The phone will adopt your extension settings and be ready to use.

Shared phones have a default session timeout of 12 hours. An admin can also log out a specific shared phone anytime from their online account.

More Calling and Mobility Features

Call Recording

Caller ID

Directory Listing

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