RingCentral Office

Hot desking

Log in to a shared RingCentral desk phone—and use it like your own—with access to your personal extension, saved settings, voicemail, and more.

Maximize resources by hot desking with a RingCentral desk phone.

Benef­­­its of hot desking:

Provides a more personalized and familiar phone experience

  • Allows employees to access their own extensions, profiles, voicemail, and other phone features while sitting at desks working in different offices.

Lets users place secure, high-quality calls from more locations

  • Easy to learn and use, people can quickly log in to any shared phone from wherever they’re working.

Boosts productivity company-wide

  • Lets field sales and remote employees work in a variety of spaces when visiting different offices.

Reduces your investment in facilities and hardware across offices

  • Maximizes usage per phone by allowing employees with flexible schedules, remote workers, and those traveling on business to use shared phones while working on premise.

Hot desking FAQs:

Which types of RingCentral accounts include hot desking?

  • Hot desking is available at no additional charge to all RingCentral Office Premium and Ultimate customers in the US and Canada.

Do I pay more for this service?

  • No. The price is the same.

Which RingCentral phones will work?

  • RingCentral currently supports hot desking on the following Polycom models:

    – VVX 310
    – VVX 311
    – VVX 410
    – VVX 410 with one expansion module
    – VVX 500 with one expansion module
    – VVX 501
    – VVX 601

    Support for additional models will be announced as it becomes available.

Can I use an existing RingCentral phone as a shared phone?

  • Yes. If you have an unassigned Polycom VVX 310, VVX 410, or VVX 500 phone, an admin can convert it to a shared phone from their online account.

How do I make and receive calls?

  • Simply press the “login” soft key (or *90) and enter your extension and PIN. The phone will adopt your extension settings and be ready to use.

Can the previous user be logged out of a shared phone if they forgot to do it themselves?

  • Shared phones have a default session timeout of 12 hours. An admin can also log out a specific shared phone anytime from their online account.