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New in Q3: More capabilities that reduce employee burdens and delight customers


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As businesses continue to explore how to make hybrid work viable for both in-person and remote employees, it’s important to ensure that their business communications are top-notch and continue to provide a seamless and equitable experience

And when budgets tighten and leaders are under more pressure to extract efficiency from their talent and grow the bottom line, RingCentral delivers a platform of connected experiences that helps you reduce your employee burden, reach customers more effectively, and so much more


Ready to go hybrid or remote?

Here’s the secret to a successful hybrid and remote-first workplace.

Tomorrow's workplace is hybrid and remote-first. Is your communications system ready?



At RingCentral, our goal is to make sure that no matter how you choose to communicate, the options provided are easy to use and manage. From AI-powered noise reduction to enable clear audio from all ends, to analytics and dashboards to properly troubleshoot and make the right decisions, to browser and hardware support to further enable hybrid collaboration.

Here are some new feature highlights from Q3 2022:


Elevate customer care with SMS integrations

Have a holiday sale? Or perhaps you want to send appointment confirmations several days in advance? 

RingCentral SMS integrations can help you with that. Our integration partners such as Beetexting and Textel enable seamless business texting—at scale—for appointment and payment reminders, shared SMS inboxes, and texting out promotions. Unlock the power of texting to delight your customers. 

Here are 5 powerful SMS tips to boost customer engagement.


Call pre-programmed numbers for next-level customer experiences

Young woman answering a call in an ambulance. She's with her colleague. They are wearing protective face masks.

Set up phones to automatically call numbers as soon as they’re taken off the hook. This is great for frontline workers who need to automatically dial security personnel or an emergency response team on the job. 

Within other service-oriented contexts, it could be used to automatically dial a concierge desk, taxi cab, and more. Use this feature to empower frontline workflows and speed up services by pre-programming numbers for phones to automatically make calls instantly, without having to memorize or manually dial phone numbers. 

Learn more about the RingCentral Video capabilities that come FREE with your RingCentral phone system.


Make better decisions with richer call and video analytics

We’ve added more powerful capabilities to our world-class business analytics to help you make more confident business decisions. Business analytics now include video meeting data so you can see phone and video metrics all in one place. 

For example, easily identify which customer service agents are switching to video meetings and using screen sharing to close tickets faster. Identify what’s working for your teams to provide pathways to make everyone a top performer.


Anticipate opportunities with enhanced dashboard subscriptions

Our enhanced dashboard subscription services now keep everyone—even non-analytics users—informed with integrated call and meeting insights. 

You can easily set up your favorite dashboards to be delivered right to your inbox so you never miss an update. Stay on top of what’s happening with report subscriptions so you can make the right decisions at the right time. 


Say goodbye to interruptions with AI-powered background noise reduction for phone calls and video meetings

We get it, background noise is annoying. Cut out keyboard typing, dogs barking, lawnmowers, or anything distracting to your callers and meeting participants out of your conversations. 

Our new AI-powered background noise reduction removes all unwanted background noise automatically from your business calls/meetings so you can keep your audience’s attention on what matters most.

Learn more about background noise reduction here:


New browser support: No downloads required to join video meetings

To enhance the user experience of RingCentral Video, we now support Firefox on desktop and Chrome for Android devices (our first supported mobile browser) is now available. This additional browser support extends the browser support already available in Chrome and Edge on desktop and allows you to enjoy RingCentral video meetings from your favorite browser.

What this means is that anyone—guests, partners, prospects, customers—can enjoy a nearly full-featured RingCentral video experience through the browser, all without having to download an app to join video meetings.

Learn more about our new browser support here:


Make meeting room collaboration more interactive with RingCentral Rooms for Touch 

Empty meeting room with Avocor G display and RingCentral Video

RingCentral Rooms for Touch is a new series of Avocor Collab Touch displays with RingCentral Rooms built-in. This offering of our Rooms experience allows for digital whiteboarding, on-screen annotation, and joining and ending meetings all with the touch of your finger. 

Avocor’s Collab Touch displays are designed for the next generation of meetings. With an edge-to-edge display, Avocor UiQ (Avocor’s new Smart touch-enabled dynamic user interface), and Logitech’s Rally Bar, this solution is engineered to offer the best meeting experience. 


Enable immersive meeting room experiences with new RingCentral Rooms certified hardware

As we continue to expand our RingCentral Rooms hardware appliance offerings, RingCentral has three new hardware partners: Avocor, Jabra, and EPOS. These partnerships give customers more choices for their meeting rooms. 

Innovations like touch capability and enhanced audio and video features power immersive room experiences and provide turnkey hardware solutions to instantly enable rooms for virtual collaboration.

Read more about our partnerships here:


Run effective debrief sessions after your webinars

Debrief Session allows webinar hosts and co-hosts to end a webinar for attendees but keep panelists in the session to debrief in private about the webinar. 

This enables hosts, co-hosts, and panelists to discuss next steps from the webinar securely and privately without worrying if attendees can hear them. No need to start a separate meeting to reassemble the group.

Learn more about debrief sessions in webinars here:


Maximize your PBX investments with RingCentral Cloud Connector

Enterprises have asked for a migration strategy that allows only a small group of users or branches to transition to the cloud. This would allow them to track, manage, and mitigate risks before committing to their entire organization.

That’s why we’re excited to announce RingCentral Cloud Connector, a hybrid PBX solution that allows you to continue taking full advantage of your existing on-premise PBX while partially moving to the cloud

Learn more about RingCentral Cloud Connector here:


Enhanced Resource Center to elevate self-service and onboarding

Resource Center—built right into the RingCentral app for both desktop and mobile—is designed to make self-service to resources available at your fingertips. 

Users can easily and impactfully discover features in the RingCentral app to help them get started, enhance their experience with suggested and new features, get support, and submit feedback.


Protect company data with customized fax controls for IT admins 

IT Admins can now enable or disable fax at the user level. This is great for highly-regulated businesses such as financial organizations with strict policies regarding data loss prevention to limit the number of users who can send/receive fax. 

These security controls also extend to which devices users can send from, giving you role and endpoint-based access controls over your communications. 


And those are just the RingCentral MVP highlights in Q3

At RingCentral, we are constantly innovating to deliver Simpler Communications that are easy to set up, use, and manage. Now that you have read the overview, it’s time to get hands-on. 

Check out our latest video conferencing features here:

Not a user yet? Get the RingCentral app on mobile or desktop for free and compare the different plans here to find the one that is right for your business. 

Originally published Sep 08, 2022, updated Sep 23, 2022

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