Geographic borders are no longer in the way of doing business.

With RingCentral® Global Office™, employees located anywhere in the world can all be on the same secure communications network, accessing the same robust business features from a single business phone system. You’re now able to provide a consistent voice, messaging, and collaboration experience across your workforce to increase productivity while reducing your IT overhead.

Streamline management of multiple global locations

Streamline multi-location office management.

  • A single administration portal simplifies maintenance and gives you full control to remotely manage users, new lines, and extensions for all of your office locations, even international ones.
  • Consolidated billing means one clear and convenient service bill each month, no matter how many locations you have.
  • Immediately eliminate international calling charges among extensions.
  • Reduce IT overhead and redundant expenses in regional offices.
  • Eliminate on-premise PBX hardware maintenance and costly visits from specialist technicians—your entire global phone service is supported from the cloud.
  • One connected system keeps your workforce more productive. Remove the barriers created by using disparate legacy systems in each office location.

“With RingCentral, we can get a new location up and running on our own in less than a week. With network and phone costs savings combined, we’ve saved half a million dollars annually.”

Rob Parsons, Director of Information

Easily scale your phone system as your global business changes.

  • The RingCentral Global Connect Network was designed to scale globally and built to deliver secure communications with carrier-grade quality, no matter how fast you grow.
  • International numbers are instantly activated, so you can add more as you need them.
  • International extension-to-extension calls are included in your global phone service at no extra cost.
  • Bundled minutes and flat fees provide predictable costs month after month, giving you the flexibility to respond to the pace of business.
Have a collaborative global workforce

Foster collaboration among your global workforce.

  • Unite and engage employees everywhere with universal access to the same voice, messaging, and conferencing tools from every office, increasing effective and productive communication throughout the workday.
  • Flexible options ensure employees can discuss and collaborate worldwide using any RingCentral-enabled device—mobile, tablet, laptop—and through RingCentral Meetings™ and all RingCentral integration solutions.
  • Convenient extension calling to any office location is instant and clear, and more secure because it’s all on the same phone system.

“Our employees have their corporate environment in the palms of their hands.”

Aaron Cheatham, Director of Experience