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RingCentral Templates

Easily apply common phone system settings to multiple users at once with RingCentral Templates.

Features and Benefits of RingCentral Templates

  • Two types of templates — One for user settings and another for specifying call handling rules, perhaps for special events. 
  • Increase IT productivity — Define your phone system configurations once and apply them as frequently as you want to whole groups of users.
  • Simplify user maintenance — Have a new hire or a promotion? Add or remove a user from any template at any time.
  • Easily respond to changes — Templates can be updated infinitely. Just edit or add a setting whenever you need to, and quickly deploy the template again.
  • Personalize each customer experience — Apply event-driven or location-specific call handling rules with no manual effort.
  • Reduce inconsistencies and anomalies — Ensure standardized user settings or call handling rules are consistently applied to groups of users.

RingCentral Templates - FAQs

Which Office Editions have Templates?

  • All Office editions with 2 or more lines automatically have access to Templates.

What type of settings can I define in a Template?

  • You can specify any of these user settings:
  • E911 address
  • User office hours
  • Answering prompt or greeting
  • Audio while connecting callers to extensions
  • On-hold music
  • Voicemail greetings
  • Outbound caller ID
  • International calling permission (when international calling is enabled)
  • Notification settings
  • After hours call handling and forwarding
  • After hours voicemail greetings
  • Voicemail-to-text Caller ID by features (Mobile App, Additional Desktop App, Common Phone, Alternate Caller ID)
  • Selecting a user’s Direct Number or setting it as Blocked

Can I apply Templates to a call queue group?

  • No. You can only apply Templates to users.

How many Templates can I create?

  • As many as you like; there’s virtually no limit.

Will a user’s custom settings be overwritten after being associated with a Template?

  • Yes, the Template settings override any previous settings.

Can users change any settings that were applied with the Template?

  • Yes.

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