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Call and Contact Center Operations & Business Software Roundup


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Businesses need help to connect with customers and meet their expectations. Call or contact centers provide a central space for you to manage sales, support, and general customer service. However, how can you set your center up for success?

Even if you outsource your customer support,  you still need better ways to communicate internally and with your audience. Business applications are widely available to give you the boost you need. With so many options, where do you begin?

The answers to these questions and more can be found in the following guides and articles. 

Call and contact center operations

There’s no better way to manage inbound and outbound customer interactions than with a call or contact center. Setting up a central operation for communications takes plenty of planning. 

The following articles explain how to run and improve the day-to-day operations of your call or contact centers.

Call center

Call centers specialize in customer support but they can also handle sales and other functions. Learn the differences and similarities between inbound and outbound call centers. Discover what features to look for in call center software.

Contact center

Read about the features, integrations, and more that make RingCentral’s contact center solutions your best choice.

Cloud contact center

A cloud contact center uses internet technology to handle all inbound and outbound customer communications. Read about the advantages of cloud vs traditional contact centers, such as greater flexibility and advanced features.


This article explains all there is to know about Contact Center as a Service (CCaaS). Read about the features and benefits that differentiate a CCaaS from other communication tools. 

Omnichannel contact center

Multiple channels are one thing. An omnichannel contact center enables agents and customers to switch communication channels seamlessly. We cover the unique characteristics of omnichannel contact centers and what features to look for in a solution.


A Communications Platform as a Service (CPaaS) is a cloud-based solution that allows companies to add and integrate capabilities as needed. Learn about the different CPaaS features RingCentral offers through our developers platform and how best to use them.

Outbound call center solutions

Outbound call centers are the often overlooked side of customer communication. They help you perform tasks such as sales, follow-up, and market research. Read how an outbound call center solution can improve your business.

Virtual agent

Virtual agents are the next evolution of chatbots. They are powered by AI such as machine learning and natural language processing for human-like interactions. Learn the benefits of virtual agents and how to use them in contact centers.

Contact center analytics

Contact center analytics keep your finger on the pulse of customer support and other channels. Learn about RingCentral’s contact center data analytics tools and how they improve decision-making across the business. 


An interactive voice response (IVR) phone system greets, gathers information, and routes calls. If you’re unfamiliar with IVR, this guide will help you understand all there is to know and teach you how to optimize the customer experience with IVR menus.

Virtual call center

Virtual call centers are built on remote teams dispersed across the globe. Going virtual requires research and business objectives. Follow the steps in this guide to start a virtual call center that works for you.

Call center quality assurance

Quality assurance (QA) is necessary to meet and improve your performance standards. Learn the importance of call center QA and how to create a strategic framework that prevents stagnation.

Speech analytics call center

Call centers use AI to analyze conversations in real-time. Read about the benefits of speech analytics, such as deeper customer insights and sentiment analysis. We also explain how to use speech analytics to improve the customer experience.

Average handle time in a call center

Average handle time (AHT) is the duration it takes your agents to resolve a call, including hold times and follow-ups. Learn how to calculate AHT and utilization rates. Follow eight different ways to lower handle times in your call center.

Inbound call center

You’re likely familiar with the basics of inbound call centers. They handle incoming calls from your customers and route them to the appropriate place. We cover the advantages of inbound call centers and how to choose the best solution for you.

Call routing

Call routing is a process for managing and distributing inbound calls based on set rules and criteria. Learn about the different phases of call routing and what methods are available. We also detail the call routing features included with solutions like RingCentral.

VoIP phone price

VoIP phones come in all shapes and sizes, but how much should you expect to spend on a solution? Read this guide to understand what equipment you need for VoIP and what options are available. 

Call center management

You need a framework to manage your call center operations. Learn about the duties and responsibilities of supervisors and agents. Discover the key metrics and best practices for optimal call center management. 

Auto dialer

Your agents spend a lot of time dialing in between phone calls. Read about how auto dialers work and the benefits and capabilities of auto-dialer software.

Cloud PBX

A cloud private branch exchange (PBX) outshines a traditional PBX in every way. Hosted in a secure cloud environment, your team gains ultimate flexibility in how they work.  Read about the reasons customers choose RingCentral for their Cloud PBX solution.

Outbound contact center

Outbound contact centers handle all of your outgoing customer interactions. They are a key driver of prospecting, lead generation, upselling, and other processes. This guide explains how to handle outbound calls and what features to look for in contact center software.

What is ACD?

ACD stands for automatic call distribution. It’s an automated system for handling high volumes of inbound calls. Read about the benefits of ACD and how to integrate it with your other workforce optimization tools, such as voicemail. 


Workforce management (WFM) is a framework for keeping your workforce as efficient as possible. It covers talent management, workforce planning, human resource management, and other areas. Learn the importance of WFM and boost performance with contact center software.

Business software options

The way we do business is constantly changing. You need to use the right tools to keep up with consumer expectations but also to run your business efficiently. The good news is that there are increasingly more software options available to help in every area of your organization.

The following pages examine the most popular apps for business communications and sales.

Sales software

You want to set your sales team up for success but what software is the best for your needs? Learn what to look for when choosing sales software. We examine 18 of the most popular tools for prospecting, customer relationship management (CRM), and more.

Best messaging app for Android

Whether it’s Whatsapp, Skype, or something else, messaging apps are ubiquitous these days. Read about the differences between personal and business messaging apps for Android. We examine RingCentral messaging features and nine of the other best messaging apps.

Google Voice alternative

Google Voice is a solid but limited VoIP solution for small businesses. Those needing toll-free numbers and global presence might need to look elsewhere. Discover Google Voice alternatives that offer greater capabilities.

Business communication tools

Communication tools help your business collaborate and increase productivity. You have a sea of options to swim through. This guide shows you what to look for and how to choose the best communication tool for your business.

Free business apps

Business apps don’t have to break the bank for small businesses. Learn about the best offerings for communication, payment processing, and other functions. We explain the capabilities of RingCentral Video Pro and other free business tools. 

Video conferencing software

Video conferencing is a highly effective way to connect with remote team members. This article covers all you need to know about video conferencing software. We break down RingCentral Video, Google Meet, and 29 other apps. 

Free business software

Running a small to medium size business (SMB) has its challenges and limitations. Today there are plenty of free software options to pick up the slack and close the gaps. Learn about free tools available for communications, sales, and marketing.

Team communication apps

Team communications apps do more than streamline messaging, they also boost productivity. This guide compares the best team communication apps and what key features to look for when choosing a solution for your business.

Zoom alternative

Zoom became a quick fix for business during the pandemic. However, businesses quickly learned about Zoombombing and other security risks. Learn about eight top Zoom alternatives with more advanced features and enhanced security.

Free messaging apps

Free messaging apps like Facebook Messenger work okay for businesses but are quite limited. Did you know there are free messaging apps with far greater capabilities? Read about the best free apps available for business messaging.

Alternatives to Facetime

Facetime is a great app for chatting with friends and family. What about for professional use or non-Apple users? This guide covers six FaceTime alternatives for small businesses.

Customer app

Customer service is becoming the primary differentiator. Being a small business doesn’t mean you can’t harness the power of customer service apps. Join us as we go through 14 affordable customer service apps to fit any type of small business.

Cloud collaboration software

Cloud collaboration software is elevating businesses to new levels of flexibility and scalability. Apps should be intuitive and integration-friendly. Learn about the key features and capabilities to look for when hunting for collaboration tools. 

Outlook alternatives

You’ve been using Outlook for as long as you can remember. Don’t let familiarity prevent you from gaining the benefits of more advanced communication apps. Read about Outlook alternatives that declutter your email and all-in-one options like RingCentral.

Sales tracking app

Sales tracking is vital to getting the most out of your funnel. This article explains how sales tracking apps help you save time and close more deals. We then evaluate 18 sales tracking solutions weighing the pros and cons.

Team messaging app

Team messaging apps help your team stay connected. Not all tools are created equal. You want an app that promotes collaboration and helps your team work smarter. Learn about RingCentral’s Team Messaging app and what it can do for you.

Unified communications platform

A unified communications platform streamlines the way your organization messages and collaborates. This guide explains all things UCaaS (Unified Communications as a Service) and what features to look for in a platform. We then compare RingEX by RingCentral and seven other solutions.

Free video call app

Free video calling apps like Skype and Slack help small businesses connect with customers and remote employees. You have to look beyond the most common apps to find gold. Follow us on a journey that includes RingCentral Video Pro and nine other free video call apps.

Conference call services

Conference calls are useful for large meetings or one-to-one consultations. This guide takes you through 11 of the best conference call services available and why RingCentral’s offering rises to the top.

Originally published Jul 08, 2023, updated Jul 09, 2024

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