• Best Reasons to Upgrade to Cloud PBX
  • Why You Should Choose RingCentral Cloud PBX

Best reasons to upgrade to cloud PBX

Cloud PBX is the cost-effective replacement for your old phone system, letting you communicate seamlessly across all your office locations.

Thanks to the rising popularity of cloud PBX, you won’t have to settle for expensive legacy phone solutions. This type of system lets you connect over the internet through traditional and modern communication devices, making communication with colleagues and clients more efficient, flexible, and affordable.

Cloud PBX benefits that make businesses switch from legacy

All businesses can now experience the benefits of a technologically advanced cloud PBX phone system. Compared to traditional PBX, cloud service is a lot less costly thanks to its use of Voice over Internet Protocol, or VoIP, technology. You can send fax over the internet and make long-distance calls without worrying about a humungous phone bill at the end of the month.

Seamless communication is another factor that makes businesses switch to the cloud. Service providers like RingCentral let you use a centralized business number for multiple office locations and multiple devices, letting you significantly cut back on communication costs. Calls are handled by an auto attendant that forwards calls to an IP desk phone—yours or your colleagues'—depending on your settings. Some service providers may even use advanced call forwarding to let you choose to forward calls to voicemail or your mobile device, making sure that you receive your most important messages during holidays or while you’re traveling. Customers won’t have to memorize multiple phone numbers or extensions, and you won’t have to give out your personal mobile number just to be accessible when you’re out of the office.

Moreover, cloud PBX simplifies maintenance and troubleshooting processes. With traditional phone services, the maintenance and the troubleshooting of a phone network may involve hours and even days of hard work. With the cloud, upgrades and other issues can be quickly resolved online. You can also choose a service provider that offers 24/7 technical assistance or customer care services.

Lastly, cloud PBX phones let your business expand or move locations without having to worry much about changes in your communication system. RingCentral, for instance, lets you add additional virtual extensions online if you want to add users to your subscription. Removing extensions can be done just as easily. You won’t have to think about the lengthy process of installing and dismantling phone lines, which may affect transactions. The company also gives you the flexibility to switch to another subscription plan or to add features like toll-free numbers or local numbers that would accommodate the changing needs of your business.

If you want to experience the advantages of a cloud PBX system, subscribe to or get a free trial from RingCentral.

Why you should choose RingCentral cloud PBX

Cloud PBX options are numerous; but RingCentral leads the pack by offering some of the most cost-effective and innovative phone solutions for any business.

With the ever-changing business landscape, the cloud PBX has become a necessity. Compared to inflexible legacy phone solutions, the cloud offers businesses the mobility, cost-efficiency, and technology they need for seamless business communications. Truly, it is where the future is when it comes to telephony. RingCentral, a leading service provider in the B2B industry, is one of your best options when looking for a more advanced professional communication system.

Cloud PBX from RingCentral makes the transition from legacy easy

For some, transitioning from traditional telephony to cloud services might seem like a great leap. You have to think about the cost of migrating your system and the usability of your new system when it comes to employees who have become used to legacy. However, RingCentral makes it convenient for users to shift to its system.

RingCentral is flexible enough to work with your existing hardware and even the smart mobile devices professionals often prefer. You don’t need to purchase new IP desk phones, since it can work well with traditional telephones--as long as they’re fitted with ATA adaptors. However, if you do decide to avail of the additional benefits of IP desk phones, RingCentral offers pre-configured and full-featured cloud PBX phones that give you big savings. These multi-line phones can easily be installed so you can manage simultaneous phone calls. You can also download smartphone apps for iOS® and Android™ devices so you can access RingCentral on your Internet-connected mobile device while you’re traveling. With RingCentral, you can virtually transact business wherever you are.

RingCentral also provides professional features that let you communicate seamlessly within and outside your organization. It lets you use one business number for all your office locations and lets you easily add virtual extensions when necessary. You can also configure it to forward calls to Internet fax, voicemail, or mobile devices depending on the time and day, ensuring that you receive all your important messages. Moreover, RingCentral cloud PBX lets you use useful features such as Business SMS and fax integration with Microsoft applications and other popular online tools (Dropbox™, Box, and Google Drive™).

RingCentral is easy to use for anyone with basic computer knowledge. Set up is free and can easily be done online. In case you need to add or remove features, you can simply log in to your RingCentral account and manage your system.

Cost is usually one of primary reasons for shifting to the cloud. RingCentral is obviously the cost-effective choice. Aside from being a system that can run with minimal hardware, calls are also made through VoIP, which is decidedly more affordable than making calls using traditional phone lines.

To know more about RingCentral features and subscription plans, visit RingCentral cloud PBX.