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What is a cloud PBX?

Cloud PBX (Cloud-based Private Branch Exchange) is a virtual PBX system rooted on the internet, which automatically answers all calls and routes them to the right department or user extension. Traditionally, PBX systems are housed on-premises. These machines are big and need their own storage room. They also require significant capital investment, making them out of reach for smaller businesses.

The cloud changed all that. Cloud PBX is hosted in secure, remote data centers and is delivered through the internet. It provides the same call routing and management features of an on-premises PBX without the need for expensive hardware. The cloud PBX solution is also offered as a service on flexible plans, so smaller businesses can subscribe to it instead of investing heavily on an expensive on-premises system.

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On-premises PBX

  • On-site hardware is paid up-front and can get really expensive
  • More to be paid for complex implementations
  • There are required contracts with early termination fees
  • Additional fees for service and hardware upgrades
  • Premium technical support? Even more additional fees
  • Maintenance calls for expert IT technicians
  • Expect a lengthy request process for service changes

Cloud PBX

  • On-site hardware not necessary
  • Pay nothing for a fast implementation
  • No monthly contracts
  • New features and upgrades are rolled out for free
  • Customer support available 24/7
  • System can be managed on your own using any smart device
  • Add or repurpose lines as needed

Why customers choose RingCentral

Designed for business

Once rolled out, the RingCentral app affords you unlimited VoIP calling and conferencing, toll-free numbers, and custom caller IDs. If you need to add more functionality later, you can do so as you please without changing systems.

Improved mobility

Call, text, and fax on any mobile device using your business number. As for incoming calls, the same call routing flows you have set up for your office applies.

Easy to set up and use

Get up and running in less than 24 hours. If you need to customize your phone system to respond to business fluctuations, use your online account.

Built-in security and reliability

Message travels through encrypted networks and layers of authentication, thus ensuring the security of the entire transmission journey.

Unparalleled support

Award-winning customer support means RingCentral stands by you from day one and is available 24/7. Count on us not just for technical support but also for professional consultations and recommendations.

Unmatched value for money

Pay a reasonable price for the most advanced communications system in the market today⁠--that's one affordable amount for a single, all-inclusive and itemized monthly bill. And since maintenance upgrades are none of your concern, costs remain low.

RingCentral Business Communications plans for your small business

Volume discounts for 50+ users available. Contact our sales experts to learn more.

Switching from legacy solutions to a cloud PBX phone system

Cloud Private Branch Exchange is the cost-effective replacement for your old business phone system, letting you communicate seamlessly across all your office locations using multiple devices.

If you’re tired of settling for expensive legacy phone solutions that consume much of your IT resources, then perhaps it’s time to move your communications to the cloud. The service is delivered over the internet so it’s much more flexible, efficient, and inexpensive.

Virtual PBX benefits start with cost savings

Businesses of all sizes can now experience using an advanced internet-powered communications system through a simple subscription. Compared to the traditional PBX, a cloud PBX phone system is much less costly, thanks to its use of Voice over Internet Protocol, or VoIP, technology. Because VoIP calls are transmitted over the internet, businesses can bypass international calling fees imposed by carriers to significantly cut back on operational costs.

What else can you expect from reputable hosted PBX providers?

Making the switch to the cloud also allows for seamless communication across different times and locations, regardless of device used. For starters, you can get a centralized business number for all your office locations and just apply extensions to different departments as you deem fit.

Calls are handled by a highly customizable automated attendant that can instantly forward incoming calls to the intended party. When configured to do so, you can also use advanced call forwarding features to route calls direct to voicemail or through your mobile device, making sure that your employees receive important messages even during the holidays or while they’re traveling.

Moreover, customers don’t have to memorize multiple phone numbers or extensions. You don’t have to give out your personal mobile number just to be accessible when you’re out of the office.

Subscribing to a cloud PBX service simplifies maintenance and troubleshooting processes. With the traditional phone service, you need to have a dedicated staff to handle infrastructure and hardware, whereas, with the cloud, the upkeep is managed by the provider in an offsite location with the promise of better security and uptime. Your communications system doesn’t have to be taken offline for repairs or updates, plus you get to resolve technical issues or glitches by just alerting your provider who would usually offer 24/7 technical assistance or customer care services.

Lastly, cloud PBX is highly scalable. You can grow your cloud PBX phone system as your business expands. You only need to contact your provider when you need additional phone lines in your subscription. Adding and removing extensions can also be done via your online dashboard. Every setting can be adjusted to accommodate the changing needs of your business.

Experience the endless advantages and benefits of a cloud PBX system by getting in touch with a RingCentral solutions specialist today.

Why RingCentral beats all other hosted PBX providers

There are numerous options when it comes to cloud-based Private Branch Exchange providers, but RingCentral leads the pack by offering a complete unified communications solution – to which Gartner agrees. The IT research and advisory firm recently named the company as a leader for its ability to execute and completeness of vision.

The ever-changing business landscape has turned cloud-based services into necessary power tools. Internet-based phone systems, in particular, have been pushed to the forefront of business communication for many organizations. Legacy phone solutions that have been in use in offices for decades completely lack the flexibility, mobility, and cost-efficiency that cloud phone systems offer.

Truly, the future of telephony lies in the cloud and RingCentral stands above other hosted PBX providers.

You’ve crossed out other cloud PBX providers and have chosen RingCentral. Now for the smooth transition...

For some, transitioning from traditional PBX to the cloud might seem like a giant step. You have to think about the cost of migrating your system and the usability of your new system for employees accustomed to legacy systems. RingCentral makes the shift easy and convenient even to the end-user.

The platform is flexible enough to work with your existing hardware and even with the smart mobile devices professionals prefer these days. If you’re just starting out and do not have desk phones and conference bridges at your disposal, RingCentral offers these hardware for sale or for rent at friendly prices.

Should you wish to completely free your organization from the typical phone devices, you can also opt to use the dedicated desktop app that RingCentral developed for your personal computer or laptop. You can even take it a notch higher by installing the app on your mobile devices including iOS and Android. With this, you can virtually use your business phone anywhere at any time you want.

What is cloud PBX if it doesn’t provide seamless communications solutions?

A cloud PBX subscription from RingCentral also gives you access to professional features that let you communicate seamlessly, whether it’s for employee or customer interaction. Use one business number for all of your office locations and add virtual extensions as needed. Configure your trunk line to forward calls to various departments, to voicemail, or to a mobile device to make sure you never miss out on a transaction. Get notifications for incoming messages through business SMS, email, and your online dashboard.

Integration at its finest: Making the most out of your cloud PBX phone system

Furthermore, RingCentral integrates with some of the most used business tools in the modern workplace such as Salesforce, Microsoft Office, and Google Suite to ensure that processes remain streamlined across the organization.

Learn more about the cloud PBX offering from RingCentral by signing up for a subscription plan.

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