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Meeting remotely just got easier! Boost your business productivity with online video calls.

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Technology has drastically changed the way we do business. With teams now more distributed than ever, video calling has become a key tool for small-to-medium businesses (SMBs) and enterprises alike.. To achieve seamless collaboration, maintain company culture, and boost productivity, you need a reliable online video calling solution. . 


Luckily, RingCentral is here to help! We offer an all-in-one online video call app ideal for companies with multiple offices and dispersed employees, and just about any organization that regularly conducts online meetings. Are you ready to reap the benefits of video calling online?


Free video calling and more from RingCentral Video

There are robust video call solutions available for businesses of every size. With so many video calling apps online to keep your team connected, how do you know which one to choose? 

If you’re looking to video call for free and want more advanced features, your number one choice should be RingCentral Video! Check out just some of what we offer, to learn exactly why RingCentral is hailed the best video call app by many:

Enterprise-grade security

Security should be one of your top concerns when looking to make free video calls online. You need to be sure all calls are encrypted, so you can have peace of mind discussing delicate business matters. At RingCentral, we offer end to end encryption that can be turned on and off dynamically during a meeting, ensuring your conversations remain private no matter what device you're using.

Save time with AI-powered recaps

In today’s workplace, meeting overload is a major cause of stress and fatigue—which leads to the greatest challenge of all: loss of productivity. With each recorded RingCentral Video meeting, you get meeting summaries, video highlight reel, meeting transcript, chapterization, and more, allowing you to quickly catch up.

Rich collaborative experience

You don’t just want a video call app; you want a holistic communication solution. Take advantage of various tools to brainstorm and discuss during a meeting, including unlimited interactive whiteboards and collaborative meeting notes, which are then stored in a post-meeting collaboration hub for your team to continue to work on outside of the meeting.

Ease of use

Your video calling app must be naturally intuitive to make onboarding easy. Your staff should be able to navigate it without having to consult lengthy manuals, FAQs, or your IT department. That's exactly what RingCentral offers: an easy-to-use online video call app that can be used by tech noobs and veterans alike.

Much better reliability

Trusted video calling providers earn that trust (and may cost a little more) by helping you avoid dips in productivity caused by downtime. RingCentral offers a high-availability infrastructure—that's 99.999% of uptime, meaning the service is only down for a few minutes each year. This ensures business continuity no matter the situation.

Powerful analytics

If there's one video calling feature that brings digital meetings a step closer to or even better than in-person meetings, it's having access to data and analytics. RingCentral offers a powerful analytics suite that lets you monitor call quality, track the amount of time spent on meetings, and access live reporting to help you make informed decisions. We told you it was a lot more than just online video calling!

RingCentral boasts over 13k+ 5-star ratings across various review platforms, reflecting its commitment to user satisfaction and delivering a positive customer experience.
RIngCentral 5-star reviews
Read reviews to see why RingCentral is the trusted choice for businesses of every size when it comes to their communication needs
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How can video call apps benefit your business?

A video call app is a must-have for modern businesses—and it‘s easy to see why. Video calling benefits are far-reaching and offer a significant return on investment (ROI). Using the best video call app can mean:

  • Less travel. If your dispersed teams simply have to open a video calling app to meet and collaborate, it means less travel time and fewer travel-related costs.
  • More diverse workforce. Removing geographical barriers opens the doors to hiring top talent from all over the world.
  • Enhanced market penetration. You can reach global markets without having to leave your HQ.
  • Boosted productivity. Utilizing features like file-sharing and virtual whiteboards (which are built-in to RingCentral Video), employees can collaborate on documents in real-time, making video meetings even more productive than in-person ones.
  • More closed deals. Sales teams can close more deals by turning simple audio calls into live demos, allowing for more personal connections with customers.
  • Increased customer retention. Show customers working prototypes and solve their problems on the spot via screen sharing and easy video calling online.

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On-going meeting between 2 parties using RingCentral video call feature

An online video call service and a whole lot more

RingCentral Video offers everything you could want from video call software and more. With a range of plans available, you’re sure to find what you need, whether that’s a simple free video call platform or an advanced solution for enterprise level meetings and webinars.

Discover other features of RingCentral Video.

Video call app FAQs

A video call is like a regular phone call, except you and the person you're calling can see each other. With an internet connection and any desktop or mobile device, you can video call online with anyone! Because of the live video element, you can expect your conversations to go beyond what traditional voice calls offer.
This is one of the reasons why video calling is used extensively not only for keeping in touch with friends and loved ones but also for keeping businesses running.
Video calls make way for better, more effective communication with remote team members. Opening your video camera for a call might seem like a small gesture, but it gives virtual conversations the missing “face-to-face” element to take communication to another level. 
After all, so much of what and how we converse is non-verbal: Smiles, shrugs, nods of agreement, and more.
These are just some of the ways businesses use video calling online to connect their teams:
  • One-on-one video chats
  • Video conferencing for larger groups (project teams, clients, partners, etc.)
  • Presentations, webinars, demos, and online training sessions
  • Group call parties to celebrate milestones among remote workers
Video chatting is when you video call online from a chat platform. While the terms “video chat” and “video call” are sometimes used interchangeably, one thing to keep in mind is that not all chat platforms have video call functionality.
Video chatting allows you to switch between text chatting and video calling with the click of a button. For example, RingCentral’s messaging platform comes with video calls in the Standard, Premium, and Ultimate RingEX packages. Accessing it is as easy as tapping the camera icon within an active text chat.
  1. Log in.
  2. Click Schedule.
  3. Enter a meeting name.
  4. Select the calendar.
  5. Click Schedule.
It's as simple as that! The best part—RingCentral's online call app works on all Windows and Mac devices, so you don’t have to worry about any compatibility issues.
If you have the right video call app, you don't need a sophisticated setup to video call online.. 
Here are the must-haves:
  • Data or wi-fi connection
  • Computer or smartphone
  • Microphone and camera
To schedule a video call on RingCentral's web app, you only need five steps:
  1. Log in.
  2. Click Schedule.
  3. Enter a meeting name.
  4. Select the calendar.
  5. Click Schedule.
It's as simple as that! The best part—RingCentral's online call app works on all Windows and Mac devices, so you don’t have to worry about any compatibility issues.
Pretty much every business video call platform offers phone apps in addition to the web and desktop, making it easy to access video calls from any mobile device. 
Whether you're an iOS (iPhone/iPad) or Android phone user, video calling online when you're on the go is also fast and convenient. 
To schedule a video call using RingCentral's mobile app:
  1. Log in to the RingCentral app.
  2. Tap Video > Schedule.
  3. Customize the meeting in the Schedule screen

    How to schedule an RC meeting

  4. Select calendar application to schedule the invite.

    Select calendar to schedule the meeting

  5. Configure the rest of the settings, and you're all set!
Yes, your smartphone probably already has that functionality! Many Android and Apple devices have pre-installed social networking apps that make video calling online possible, like Facebook Messenger, Whatsapp, and FaceTime. There’s also similar software available on app stores. 
If you need online video calling for business, however, you are better off downloading an app for video calls like RingCentral Video. Because it is anchored on a powerful unified communications platform, it allows you to host and join online meetings wherever you are, no matter what device you're using.

Plus, it offers a wide range of advanced features, like AI-powered insights and transcriptions, content sharing, and more. You don’t get those with consumer-focused, free video calling apps.
Video conference platforms for businesses aren't just a nice-to-have anymore—they're a must-have. Depending on your company size and needs, RingCentral promises to have a high-quality solution that works within your budget. Check out RingCentral's products and pricing to learn more.
When video calling online—whether for a virtual meeting, a sales demo, or a webinar—you need a few fundamental controls to keep your calls productive:
  • Mute/unmute microphone - Use the mute button to eliminate background noise when a meeting is ongoing. Use the unmute button to allow the other participants to speak. You can also enable them to unmute their microphones on their own.
  • Turn on/off camera - Use these controls to turn your camera on or off.
  • Record meeting - Use it to record the meeting. You can pause and resume as needed anytime during the call. But before you hit that button, remember it's always good practice to warn participants that a meeting is being recorded.
  • Search - Use it to look for specific participants in an ongoing meeting.
  • Show/hide participants - Use these controls to view all participants and manage their roles during the meeting.
  • Open/close chat - Use open chat to enable instant messaging and send a message to all or any of the participants. You may also disable it anytime during the meeting.
  • Prevent new participants from joining the meeting - Use it to lock the call, essentially preventing new participants from joining the meeting. Simply unlock it to allow them to join.
  • Assign moderator role - Use it to assign a moderator role to a specific participant. The participant will then be granted host controls.
  • Hang up - Use it to disconnect a participant from the video call.
Not sure where to start your research? Feel free to reach out to a RingCentral expert! We’d be happy to answer any questions you have and guide you towards the best video call solution for your business.