CPaaS - Communications Platform as a Service

Enrich and improve customer communications by integrating communications features to your business applications.

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What is CPaaS?

Just like UCaaS, Communications Platform as a Service or CPaaS is a cloud-based delivery model that focuses on improving communication channels. It’s a model that allows companies to add various communication features to their existing business applications. Added capabilities like voice, video, and SMS can be deployed through communication APIs (Application Program Interfaces).

RingCentral, one of the leading Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS) providers, also offers a comprehensive CPaaS solution through our Developers platform. Get access to free communications APIS and embedded communications technology that will allow your company to add voice, SMS, meetings, data, and other capabilities to your business applications. From softphone dialers for instant calls and texts to data analytics for better insight to your workflows; the possibilities are virtually endless.

Legacy phone systems

  • Shell out thousands of dollars for on-site hardware
  • Complex implementation sets you back even more
  • Contracts are mandatory and have early termination fees
  • Needs you to allocate extra funding for service and hardware upgrades
  • Premium technical support comes at a price
  • Maintenance requires dedicated IT technicians
  • Request process to address service changes takes a long time

Cloud phone systems

  • On-site hardware no longer needed
  • Quick, hassle-free implementation costs you nothing
  • Zero monthly contracts
  • Upgrades rolled out for free
  • Free customer support whenever you need it
  • Easy to manage through your smart device
  • Add or repurpose lines as you please
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Why customers choose RingCentral

Developed for business use

Do more with expanded capabilities from RingCentral. Apart from unlimited calling and conferencing, toll-free numbers, and custom caller IDs, your business can leverage texting, faxing, online meetings, and more--all without switching systems.

Mobility at all times

You only need one business number to call, text, or fax from any mobile device. All incoming calls are transmitted through the same call-routing flows in your office.

Simple to set up, easy to use

RingCentral empowers your team to respond to business fluctuations by customizing your phone system using your online account. All it takes is a day or less to be fully operational.

Top-grade security and reliability

Communication goes through encrypted networks and layers of authentication, ensuring a secure transmission journey--that's top-notch security delivered by one of the industry's most reliable service providers.

Next-level customer support

See what award-winning customer support looks like with RingCentral. How much do we value customers? We make sure we're always available for technical support, consultations, and recommendations.

Reasonable pricing

Gain a competitive edge with the most advanced communications system today. You pay one affordable amount and get a single itemized bill every month. Costs remain low since you don't pay for maintenance upgrades.

RingCentral Business Communications plans for your small business

Volume discounts for 50+ users available. Contact our sales experts to learn more.

CPaaS is commonly deployed by companies that want better features, but don’t want to part ways with their existing business applications. That’s understandable because business apps are the lifeblood of modern companies, whose operations revolve around sales software, CRMs, and other collaboration platforms. RingCentral offers different communications APIs that can be integrated into your custom business solutions.

Keep up with the constantly-evolving tech in your industry with Communications Platform as a Service

For companies who want to stay competitive and keep up with tech advancements that are usually reserved for big businesses, CPaaS is heaven-sent. It is a faster, more affordable alternative to overhauling your business apps to enable communications features. It is perfect for startups and mid-sized businesses who would think twice about developing their own custom applications.

Most businesses run software suites from Google and Microsoft, like Gmail and Office 365. RingCentral actually has existing integrations that add some of the latest communication features to commonly-used business applications.

Communications integrations you can get with RingCentral include:

  • Click-to-dial functions for phone numbers appearing in documents, emails, or even web pages.
  • A dialer that allows you to call or text from your favorite CRM like Salesforce.
  • Options to schedule, host, or join an online meeting directly from your Google Calendar or Office 365 calendar, so you don’t have to navigate away from the actual work you’re doing.

You can check our App Gallery to discover how these features can be readily integrated into productivity apps you are already using for your business without exerting too much effort in programming or development.

Do you have custom business applications that you use for your organization? Our communications APIs can help you add features to it. But this is more than just a way to add new functions to your applications—this is also a way to streamline your workflows. With capabilities like this, you can improve the transition from one business app to a communication function, making it much simpler and easier.

Communications APIs for Your Business Solutions

Revolutionize the way your business communicates. We provide businesses with a communications platform with APIs for voice, SMS, team messaging, online meetings, and fax.

  • Voice APIs – Add advanced voice capabilities like WebRTC, answering rules, call flip, call park, call recordings, and more.
  • SMS APIs – Add support for SMS, MMS, and group SMS/MMS with delivery/read status notifications.
  • Fax APIs – Send online faxes directly from your business applications and add delivery/read notifications.
  • Online Meetings APIs – Manage your online meetings with key business tools to bring your employees and customers together.
  • Team Messaging APIs – Build rich chatbots with real-time notifications into your business applications.
  • Data APIs – Gain more insight by adding access to different data like call logs and call recordings.

Embedded Communications for Voice and Text

RingCentral Embeddable lets you instantly add voice and text functions into your web applications through an embedded full-featured softphone. Get an integrated experience that increases productivity and efficiency without the long development time.

Communications APIs for Your Business Solutions

  • Fast – Integrate it on your web application in 15 minutes. It leverages the professional UX and QA used in RingCentral’s own apps.
  • Extensible – You can extend the user experience of RingCentral’s own integration by coming up with your own custom version.
  • Customizable – Personalize user experience by adding your own touches. Update the user interface with your own colors and fonts through CSS.

More than just a CPaaS vendor, however, RingCentral equips businesses with an industry-leading unified communications solution. While the CPaaS market is growing, we are one of the only few CPaaS providers that offers your business the best of both worlds with a complete phone system with all the bells and whistles and a platform where they can add voice, text, fax, meetings, and data into their own business solutions.

Communications Platform as a Service or CPaaS, just like UCaaS, is a cloud-based service delivery model suited for any size and type of business. But unlike UCaaS, which unifies business communications in one platform, CPaaS vendors improve or enrich customer communication channels by adding various communications features like voice and video calling options as well as messaging integrations into existing business applications so you can better communicate with customers.

If you’re still not convinced, check out the following list of advantages to using CPaaS:

Get access to the best communications features without overspending

The main advantage of CPaaS is cost savings. In the past, you had to build your own infrastructure to host different communications features. With an industry-leading UCaaS provider, businesses get a complete communications solution in one platform. With CPaaS, they are able to integrate different features into their own business applications at no additional cost as long as they already have a RingEX Ultimate or Premium account.

Improve agent experience in your contact center

You can elevate how your agents interact with customers through different communications features. You can add a WebRTC feature so agents can take phone calls through their browser. You can also add a call recording feature to better coach call center agents. You can also make informed decisions about your team by adding analytics into their workflows so you can get insights into how they talk to customers and identify areas of improvement.

Enhance Customer Experience

By adding communications features into your CRM, your agents no longer have to exit the app to make or receive phone calls from customers. This will help you improve efficiency while personalizing customer interactions. Also, by adding voice, SMS, and even online meetings into your CRM, you are giving customers the option to contact you through their choice of channel. All of these should help you improve customer experience in the long run.

These are just some of the benefits you can get from a CPaaS vendor. You have to remember that this technological advancement is driven by the need to make operations—especially ones focused on customer and sales interactions—simpler, easier, and just plain better for businesses. If you want to have a seamless integrated system for your processes so you can focus on what’s important to you, our cloud-based platform as a service is one of the best ways to get it.

UCaaS and CPaaS in One Communications Solution

Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS) refers to the seamless delivery of different communication and collaboration applications and tools through one platform. CPaaS, on the other hand, delivers similar communications capabilities to UCaaS but does this separately through communication APIs. In essence, it allows users to integrate voice, text, online meetings, and other comms features individually into their own business solutions.

RingCentral is better known as one of the leaders in UCaaS; however, it’s also one of the top CPaaS providers that help organizations vastly improve business apps like sales software and CRM through the addition of useful features such as notifications, multi-factor authentication, and a click-to-call option. Organizations that combine UCaaS and CPaaS can get the best of both worlds with a world-class business phone system that integrates communications and collaboration tools into their own apps, making the service truly customized for their daily use.

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