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RingCentral Supports New MLS Provider’s Unified Culture and Strong Customer Support

The East Coast real estate industry experienced an evolution this year when two of the leading multiple listing services (MLS), MRIS and TREND, along with a number of other MLSs in the region, combined to form Bright MLS. In all, eight MLSs, covering Washington DC and parts of six states (Delaware, Maryland, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Virginia, and West Virginia) are now Bright MLS.

For real estate agents and brokers, Bright MLS provides access to more listings across a broader geographic area than previously available in one place, removing this barrier for its customers. Brokers with agents throughout this region now use one MLS service rather than eight. In addition, real estate professionals associated with Bright MLS have more support options than they did in the past, notably Bright MLS’s two call centers—one in Rockville, MD, and the other in King of Prussia, PA—fully staffed and ready to help.

RingCentral meets security requirements.

Garry Marsoubian, Senior Vice President of IT and Project Delivery at Bright, and Vernon Jones, Vice President of Customer Support, set out to identify the best communications technology solution for the new organization. They considered an expansion of the on-premises solution Marsoubian and team were using at MRIS, as well as a number of cloud-based solutions, including the one used by Jones and TREND. Instead they chose to standardize the new organization on the RingCentral communications platform, including RingCentral Office® and RingCentral Meetings.

“For every technology I bring into an organization, I first vet it for the security triad: confidentiality, integrity, and availability,” Marsoubian said. “RingCentral has considered all of those things. And in terms of availability, RingCentral follows the same model Bright has architected: multiple data centers with highly redundant circuits.”

Call centers stay open regardless of weather;
Salesforce integration boosts efficiency.

The other key aspect of RingCentral that convinced Bright MLS it was the right solution was the availability of a robust call center solution, RingCentral Contact Center.

“[With Contact Center] Bright MLS real estate professionals conduct $100 million worth of transactions each hour,” Jones explains. “Every minute that they are on the phone with a support representative is a minute that they aren’t initiating or closing deals. Our call centers have to be up and running to their fullest extent, and the support reps need tools to answer questions quickly. RingCentral Contact Center makes that happen.”

For example, Bright MLS support representatives can work from home, which means the call centers no longer shut down during big snowstorms. And the customer support center managers still have the visibility and reporting tools they need to ensure that everyone is working optimally. Additionally, RingCentral Contact Center integration with the company’s Salesforce® CRM solution means that support agents can handle calls from directly within Salesforce, ensuring an extra measure of efficiency to answer questions quickly.

Support bolsters a unified culture at Bright MLS.

Bright MLS sees other benefits from RingCentral, such as the flexibility of providing users with the choice of softphones, hard phones, and the RingCentral Mobile app for their smart phones. Also, RingCentral Meetings lets management feel closer to remote employees and dual office locations by facilitating online meetings.

“We use Meetings frequently to connect staff at the different locations,” says Jones. “Having face-to-face video furthers a unified culture. You are able to put names to faces, understand personalities more, and see people’s body language, which is a key part of effective communication. It lets you feel closer to the people you work with, when you can’t be physically closer.”

Cost savings ensue.

Working with RingCentral also has economic advantages for Bright. According to Marsoubian, the cost of RingCentral is less than what it would have cost to go with an on-premises solution. Another example is it saves the company the cost of performing a call center hardware refresh every three to five years. And with RingCentral, Bright MLS also gets the Glip® team messaging solution at no extra charge.

The RingCentral communications platform met the high security standards and business requirements of Bright MLS. It helped remove yet another barrier of geography, to unite the calls and meetings of geographically distant offices and staff. It is a key part of Bright’s ability to provide an exceptional support experience with every customer interaction.

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The Bright MLS real estate service area spans 40,000 square miles throughout the Mid-Atlantic region, including Delaware, Maryland, Washington DC, and parts of New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Virginia, and West Virginia. As a leading multiple listing service (MLS) and real estate technology company, Bright serves approximately 85,000 real estate professionals who in turn serve over 20 million consumers.

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“In terms of availability, RingCentral follows the same model we have architected: multiple data centers that are geographically dispersed, highly redundant circuits, and so on.”

—Garry Marsoubian,

Senior Vice President of IT and Project Delivery



“The cloud is for everyone but it is not for everything. The Ring Central solution is one that is a no brainer for cloud based services and solutions. RingCentral has addressed the confidentiality, integrity, and availably questions that all IT leaders must ask when considering cloud services and solutions.”

—Garry Marsoubian,

Senior Vice President of IT and Project Delivery



“Every minute real estate professionals are on the phone with our support representatives is a minute that they aren’t initiating or closing deals. RingCentral Contact Center helps our call centers be up and running to their fullest extent and helps our support reps answer questions quickly.”

—Vernon Jones,

Vice President
of Customer Support