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AI, Sales, CX & Business Communications Roundup


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Business communications are at the center of the customer experience. Your sales and marketing channels are built from planned, personalized interactions—each calculated touchpoint nudges prospects further along the pipeline. 

Learn about the strategies, tools, and AI-powered features that can enhance both the customer experience and sales process.

Sales & marketing

Sales and marketing are critical to the survival and growth of your business. Whether it’s cold-calling, social media, or paid advertising, you want robust tools ready to take your processes to the next level. 

The following pages will guide you through key sales and marketing tools and strategies to set you down the road to success. 

Sales dialer

A sales dialer eliminates the manual task of dialing a phone number between calls. Dialers also integrate with your CRM and other apps for improved workflows. Learn the difference between sales dialer types and how to get the most out of your dialer.

Sales pitch

Sales pitches are one of the best ways to turn interested prospects into paying customers. Learn about the components of the perfect pitch from the open to the close. We go over plenty of real-world pitch examples to leave you inspired.

Email marketing templates

Studies show that email marketing is still the most effective marketing channel today. Learn how to use email for prospecting, lead qualification, and upselling. Increase your conversion rates by “stealing” some handy email templates.  

Sales territory plan

A sales territory plan helps you target specific audiences based on region and other demographics. Read this article to learn the ins and outs of sales territory plans and why you should use them. 

Sales process

Your sales process forms the backbone of the customer journey. Learn how to build sales funnels that are prospect-focused, flexible, and aligned with business goals. Reap the benefits of more engaged team members and happy customers.

Real estate prospecting letters

Successful real estate prospecting is built on trust and long-lasting relationships. Prospecting letters are a great way to leave cold-calling behind. Read these examples of how to break the ice and leverage your existing network.  

Omnichannel vs multichannel

Don’t make the mistake of confusing omnichannel and multichannel marketing. While similar, each has its nuances and use cases. Learn the differences and find out which approach is best for you.

Motivational sales meetings

Sales meetings get a bad rap, especially when you schedule too many.  Good sales meetings inform you of team member engagement, morale, and motivation levels. Follow the tips in this guide to liven up your meetings and inspire your sales team.

Cold calling scripts for insurance

Cold calling is rough at the best of times. Most people don’t like having their day interrupted to hear about insurance. This article covers the best practices and common mistakes, providing 6 scripts for selling anything.

Sales email subject lines

The subject line of an email is your cold opener. Like the heading of an article, it determines whether or not people are interested in reading more. We go through 41 of the best sales email subject lines for any situation. 

Sales strategy

Your sales strategy is your game plan to connect with your target audience. Small businesses can’t afford a pay-and-spray approach. Follow these 10 sales strategies to build a well-oiled sales pipeline that makes the most of your resources.

Customer experience (CX)

Customer experience is the modern differentiator between market competitors. Today’s consumers want personalized interactions and rapid solutions to problems. Excel at both and watch your business grow.

The following pages guide you through the tools and techniques available to help you level up CX.

AI customer service

The future of customer service will go through AI. Virtual assistants automate tasks while conversational chatbots deflect and route calls. This article explains 10 ways to use AI in contact centers to improve agent performance while handling high call volumes.

Digital customer service

Digital customer service (DCS) connects with your modern audience through channels such as social media and live chat. A digital transformation reaps benefits for your business and its customers. Learn how to improve DCS and what features to look for in communications tools. 

First call resolution

First call resolution (FCR) measures your success at resolving issues on the first contact. High FCR is the best way to provide excellent customer service. Read these eight tips on how to improve FCR, raise customer satisfaction, and increase your retention rates.

Customer service vs customer support

Customer service and customer support are the keys to loyalty and retention. The former encompasses every interaction while the latter focuses on helping customers during their lowest moments. Follow these nine tips to provide great customer service and support.

Apology letter

To err is human, every business makes mistakes. While you want to minimize errors, you also want to be prepared for swift action to right a wrong. Learn the five steps of writing a well-crafted apology letter that shows customers you care. 

B2B customer service

B2B customer service requires a different approach to B2C service. Your business customers have highly complex needs and longer buying cycles. Read about the best practices and learn from real-life examples of B2B customer service.

Skills for customer service

Customer acquisition costs are skyrocketing. Excellent customer service will help you retain more customers and generate more lifetime value. Find out if your team has the necessary soft and hard skills and how to improve them.

Technical support outsourcing

Your customers need technical support but what do you do when resources are limited? This article covers the pros and cons of outsourcing technical support. You’ll better understand where to look for outsourcing and if it fits your business.

Direct customer service examples

You talk about the importance of good customer service every day, but what does it look like? Learn about the characteristics of service-oriented companies. Study eight examples from RingCentral customers and glean customer service best practices.

Bad customer service

One bad customer service experience can unravel all of your best efforts, causing a loss of customers and money. Just think about how fast news spreads today on channels like social media. We’ll explain common pitfalls that cause poor customer service so you can avoid them.

Customer expectations

You spend a great deal of money to acquire new customers. If you want to keep them long-term you’ll need to meet their expectations. Read this article to learn how to identify customer needs. We also examine seven ways to exceed customer expectations and rise above competitors.

Exceptional customer service

Today negative reviews dominate the headlines. Good service simply isn’t good enough.  Exceptional service is generous, unexpected, and personal. Learn from three examples to grasp the key indicators and how to lay a foundation for exceptional customer service.

Customer retention rate

How well do you keep your customers? Learn about what constitutes a “good” customer retention rate (CRR) and how it differs from churn. You’ll also read about what metrics to monitor and 10 easy ways to improve retention rates.

Customer service goals

Customer service is a retention strategy. Like any business strategy, it needs objectives. This article goes over five categories of “good” customer service goals. You’ll also study four practical examples of measurable goals that help you better serve your audience.

Customer reviews examples

Social proof has a great influence on the buying behavior of consumers. Reviews can nudge fence-sitters in one direction or the other. Read through nine types of customer review examples including quotes, social media, and case studies.

Call center metrics

Call center metrics help you gauge the effectiveness of your teams. They measure agent performance, productivity, handling times, and other KPIs. Learn about the top call center metrics and how you use them to improve customer service. 

Business communications and organization

Communication and organized planning are essential to any business. It’s vital to promote open, two-way communication between team members. At the same time, you need to take an optimal approach to in-person and remote meetings to ensure time and money aren’t wasted. 

The pages in the following section will guide you through business communication and organization best practices.

Lack of communication

Bad communication costs businesses billions of dollars every year. A lack of communication means your team isn’t connected and aligned to reach business goals. This article explains how to evaluate your communication infrastructure and put the right tools in place.

Organizational communication

Learn about the various types of organizational communication and how to implement oral and written forms. We also explain how to manage communication across your entire company.

What is remote work?

Remote working is on the rise. It’s what many employees want but also helps businesses save money and operate more flexibly. Read about the many benefits of remote and hybrid working and how to support out-of-office teams. 

All hands meeting

Annual General Meetings (AGMs) and all-hands meetings are the best way to connect with your shareholders and demonstrate accountability. Massive meetings require great coordination. See why more companies are switching to virtual all-hands meetings.

Employee review

Employee reviews are often viewed as a necessary evil by both participating parties. Our collaboration software gives you ultimate flexibility for reviews. Learn how to capitalize on meetings to resolve conflict, engage employees, and grow your business. 

Operating expenses formula

Operating expenses (OpEx) are the costs that keep your business running. It’s the majority of your overhead expenditure. This guide explains how to calculate and reduce operating expenses for your business.

End-to-end encryption

Video meetings have become the norm for organizations. How sure are you that malicious actors aren’t listening in on your conversations? Learn how RingCentral secures data for every meeting participant with end-to-end encryption (E2EE).

How to write a case study

Case studies are real-world examples of how your product helps your customers. This guide covers how to share digestible customer success stories with your prospects and what information to include when writing a case study. 

Touching base

Touching base emails are vital to stay connected with your customers, but they’re often overused and poorly done. We go over 10 alternative emails for reaching out to your audience and share three non-email options for touching base. 

Meeting invite template

The average employee spends 12 hours a week preparing for and attending meetings. Save time with well-crafted meeting invite templates. Learn how to write templates that hype, engage, and commit invitees. Read through five meeting invite templates and steal them for your own use.

Communication channels

The list of communication channels is growing. Each one has its strengths and weaknesses. This article uses nine examples of communication channels and explains how to identify which are best for you.

Billable hours

Billable hours are time spent working for clients that require compensation. Learn about the difference between billable and non-billable hours. We also go through the available options for calculating and tracking billable hours.

Effective communication in the workplace

How effective is your workplace communication? This article covers the characteristics of good, effective communication and why it’s important. We also explain 10 tips and tools to use such as video conferencing to improve workplace communication.

Founder vs CEO

Job roles and business terminology can be confusing at times. Learn the differences between the roles of a founder and a CEO, including responsibilities. Read how RingCentral keeps your leaders accessible with an all-in-one communication app. 

Email etiquette

Business emails are skyrocketing in volume. Recent studies have shown the majority of them are non-essential. How do you stop cluttering communication and wasting people’s time? Follow the best practices of email etiquette in this guide.

Working in silos

Organizational silos prevent information sharing between departments. The result is duplicate work, inefficiencies, and a lack of collaboration. This article outlines four effective ways to start breaking down silos today.

Open house follow-up email

Open houses are more effective as lead generators than producing direct sales for realtors. Learn how to craft open house follow-ups that convert by looking at 11 example emails. 

Messaging strategy

How you position your brand and communicate with your audience builds brand awareness and customer loyalty. This article explains the core elements of any messaging strategy. We use examples to show you how to plan your audience communications. 

Productivity metrics

Without productivity metrics, you don’t have a measurable way to track and improve performance. Read how to measure and calculate productivity by using the right metrics.

File sharing app

File sharing is essential for working with remote and hybrid employees. File sharing apps also save time and speed up collaboration for onsite and flexible team members. This guide outlines eight of the best file sharing apps on the market today. 

What is enterprise architecture?

With businesses so reliant on technology, how can you keep processes aligned? Enterprise architecture is the roadmap to organizing how you operate. Read about the objectives and benefits of an effective enterprise architecture (EA) strategy.

Small business management

Small businesses may have less complexity in day-to-day operations but must do it with fewer resources. Regardless of the size of your team, managers can make or break your business. This guide goes over the most important skills for small business management.

Workplace flexibility

The vast majority of employees today want flexible work options. Workplace flexibility does much more than just make your team happy. Learn about the different types of flexible working and how to implement them at your workplace.

Effective communication strategies

You can’t reach your goals without making a plan first. Your business needs an effective communication strategy to guide and support employees. Follow these seven tactics to build more effective communication at your organization.

Webinar replay

Webinars are increasing in popularity as a useful communication tool. However, not everyone can always make it to the live webcast. Learn four easy ways to download live videos and create webinar replays for your team members and customers.

Types of startups

Startup is becoming a generic buzzword these days. When building a business, you need more direction. You also want potential partners and investors to understand your vision. Learn about the five types of startups and what makes each one unique.

Effective teamwork

Teamwork is all about coming together and putting individualism aside. Effective teams perform better, solve problems quicker, and deliver better results. This guide outlines the characteristics of effective teamwork and how to build a collaborative unit in seven steps.

Facts about the telephone

Few inventions in the past two centuries have impacted us as much as the telephone. Did you know that the first phone book was only 20 pages long? Learn more interesting facts in this article about the telephone.

Collaboration in the workplace

Collaboration happens anytime two or more people work together on a task. Today, collaboration occupies more and more of your daily activities. Read about the six principles of successful collaboration in the workplace.

Business voicemail

Business voicemail has evolved beyond tapes and analog machines. Businesses that go digital gain greater control and flexibility over voicemails. Learn how virtual voicemail with RingCentral revolutionizes communication internally and externally. 

Originally published Jul 08, 2023, updated Jul 09, 2024

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