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What is RingCentral?

A VoIP service provider of
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What is RingCentral Office ?

RingCentral Office is a cloud-based business phone and fax system. It combines a hosted phone system with advanced call and fax management, reliable phone and fax service, and full-featured IP phones that arrive pre-configured and ready for use.

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“RingCentral allows me to be more prepared, to provide better customer service, and I am saving $50/mo over the last company I used.”

- Lily Gao, eBay PowerSellerHandsUp Marketing

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Customer Success - TRUSTe

TRUSTe“Between increased functionality, user-level access, and the ability to manage the system from anywhere, we’re experiencing a 50% time savings.”

- Matt Benoit, IT Manager, TRUSTe

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  • Increasing popularity of VoIP services
  • Choose an intelligent VoIP service!

Increasing popularity of VoIP services

VoIP services have seen increased usage and this has led to tighter competition among service providers. However, RingCentral stands out as the best among providers.

In the past, the comparison used to be between making calls using a traditional telephone provider and calling through VoIP services. Over time, it has been proven that online phone services are better than traditional phones, leading to an increase in its use. It’s now come to the point where comparisons are no longer between Voice over IP and old-school phones, but between different service providers.

So how should these providers be evaluated? Simply looking at the price per minute will not be sufficient. There are other factors to consider, such as the features and the overall package. There may be hidden costs, fees for additional features, a long contract term with the service provider, and other issues. As much as possible, a service plan should be flexible so that it can adapt as your company grows.

VoIP Services by RingCentral

Among the still-growing number of service providers is RingCentral. With a growing customer base, RingCentral continues to innovate in order to maintain reliability. Designed for small businesses and mobile professionals, it provides companies with features that enable them to project a more professional image to their customers.

Challenging the current standards in hosted IP telephony, RingCentral sets itself apart from other VoIP service providers by packing advanced features into an affordable and user-friendly communications package. Upon subscription, users can immediately use the service, enabling them to communicate with both Internet-based phones and traditional phone lines at a more affordable cost.

With the help of functions such as auto-attendant, call forwarding, answering rules, and advanced voicemail, RingCentral subscribers are able to handle calls better and more effectively. Moreover, since VoIP-phone-to-phone calls are treated as data transmitted through the Internet, long-distance charges are eliminated. This widens the scope of RingCentral subscribers, providing them a worldwide reach without forcing them to spend so much.

As the best among VoIP service providers, RIngCentral also throws in an additional function—mobile applications. With the RingCentral app in your smart phone, you can receive calls wherever you are. Moreover, you can also access your voicemail messages and received fax documents as soon as they arrive in your mailbox. This rids you of the need to give away your personal mobile phone number, effectively separating your business calls from your personal calls. This also ensures that all official costs are logged in a single account.

With the RingCentral, you will definitely move ahead of the competition. Subscribe today and let its top-of-the-line VoIP services do the work for you!                 

Choose an intelligent VoIP service!

VoIP service has changed how businesses communicate by providing intelligent communication features at affordable costs.

If you are currently looking for a phone, a VoIP service is the ideal choice, especially if you aim to use it for your business. Voice over Internet Protocol makes use of the Internet to transmit voice data, which would otherwise pass through traditional phone lines. Phone-to-phone VoIP has a host of advantages for any business, from reduced costs to user-friendliness.

Since it works with any of your existing phones and because the VoIP service provider hosts the functionality of the whole system, it is very easy to use. When you subscribe to this type of service, your account is ready for calls as soon as it is activated. You will be given your own toll-free or local number, and a unique password to access your online dashboard.

From there, you can configure how the system works. First, you have to set where the calls to your new phone number would be sent. You can change this on the fly, as long as you can access your online account. Unlike traditional phone systems, which require technical knowledge to redirect calls to different phone units, this system automatically connects virtual phone numbers to your chosen phone.

VoIP Service Boosting Business Communications

With advanced call features such as answering rules, you can set the time and date for your calls. For example, calls to your virtual number during office hours are directed to the corresponding extensions or departments. After business hours, all callers can be routed to voicemail. You can even direct the calls coming in after office hours to your mobile or home phone when you’re out of the office. This provides you with an always-on presence, eliminating the limitations of the physical office space.

Other features that make this an excellent choice include auto-attendant, custom greetings, online call logs, Internet fax, and messages on hold. Such features used to be inaccessible to small businesses and home offices until VoIP revolutionized communications, adding more features at very affordable costs. Now, even a home-based business can project a professional and multinational company image to its current clients and prospective customers.

RingCentral, the leading VoIP service provider, has an intelligent solution that features mobile applications, enabling the business owner of today to stay updated on their communication tools. Subscribers need not give their personal phone numbers to their business contacts. They only have to set their online account so calls can be routed to their mobile phones.

With RingCentral, you get a solution that meets your business communication needs. Sign-up now and experience the best VoIP service in the market.