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What is a cloud phone system?

A cloud phone system is a virtual phone system rooted in the internet, enabling you to make calls from any laptop or smart device. Cloud systems can provide the mobility, flexibility, and robust features that simply weren’t possible before, in an affordable solution suited for small business needs.

Cloud phone systems marry the best of landline phones—having the same high threshold of security, carrier-grade reliability, and call clarity—with the nimbleness of modern service: texting, unlimited calls, conferencing, mobility choices, frequent upgrades, and around-the-clock customer support. Conventional landlines and PBXs just can’t keep up.

Conventional landlines

  • Pay thousands up front for on-site hardware
  • Pay thousands more for complex implementations
  • Required contracts have early termination fees
  • Service and hardware upgrades require additional fees
  • Premium technical support requires additional fees
  • Maintenance requires trained IT technicians
  • Lengthy request process to make service changes

Cloud phones

  • No on-site hardware needed, ever
  • Fast and free implementations
  • No monthly contracts needed
  • Free upgrades to new functionality
  • Free 24/7 customer support
  • Self-manage the system from any smart device
  • Add or repurpose lines at will

Why customers choose RingCentral

Made for business

Start with unlimited calling, unlimited conferencing, toll-free numbers, and customizable caller ID. Access more functionality later, such as texting, online meetings, even faxing, without changing systems.

Mobile any time or all the time

With RingCentral, call, text, and fax from your business number on any mobile device. Incoming calls automatically go through the same business call-routing flows you set up for the office.

Simple to set up and use

Have your whole office up and running in a day or less. Respond easily to business fluctuations or customize your phone system using your online account.

Security and reliability are built in

RingCentral safeguards your communications over the entire transmission journey. Every communication travels through encrypted networks and layers of authentication, connecting directly to established carrier lines.

Top-quality support

RingCentral stands by you from day one, even doing the setup for you. Our award-winning customer support is available 24/7. Look to us for technical support, consultations, and best-practice recommendations.

Value and affordability

RingCentral gives you the most advanced communications system in the industry for one affordable price. You get a single, all-inclusive itemized bill each month. And costs remain low since there’s no maintenance upgrades to worry about.

Complete cloud phone system
for small businesses
mo per user
  • Up to 10 users
  • Toll-free or local number
  • 100 toll-free minutes/mo
  • 4 people video conferencing
Complete cloud phone system
for small businesses
mo per user
  • Unlimited users
  • Toll-free or local number
  • 1,000 toll-free minutes/mo
  • 4 people video conferencing
  • Unlimited internet fax
Feature-rich cloud
mo per user
  • Unlimited users
  • Toll-free or local number
  • 2,500 toll-free minutes/mo
  • 50 people video conferencing
  • Unlimited internet fax
  • Automatic call recording
Advanced cloud phone system
with the industry’s leading
contact center. Plus an open
platform that enables easy
functionality into any system.
  • Unlimited users
  • Toll-free or local number
  • 10,000 toll-free minutes/mo
  • 75 people video conferencing
  • Unlimited internet fax
  • Automatic call recording
  • Voicemail-to-text
  • The deal with VoIP providers
  • What to Expect from Your VoIP Provider

VoIP Provider Checklist

Your business phone system should address the communication needs of your company. Choosing the right communications solution is a big step towards success.

One of the most important components of a successful business is effective and reliable communications. With the increasing availability of cloud-related innovations, VoIP providers are able to supply easy-to-use web-based voice solutions for any type of business. Their services help different companies, big or small, become more efficient by streamlining their communications system and drastically cutting down operational cost. It allows businesses to explore possibilities for growth and expansion, giving them access to a bigger audience and a wider geographical reach.

Choosing the right communications solution can be very challenging because you need to consider both budget and functionality. Affordability should not be the only factor considered in making this decision, even for startups and small businesses. It is imperative that you do your research and really study the leading vendors in the market, taking into account their reputation, offerings, and the quality of service that they extend to their clients.

If you’re looking for a reliable communications solution for your company, consider these three attributes:

Scalable and Flexible. Your choice should offer a system that is expandable and capable of supporting enterprise-grade communication no matter where the users are. Choosing a service hosted in the cloud lets you implement it in new locations without changing vendors. There’s no need for you to invest in new hardware, since the whole system is hosted by your VoIP provider remotely.

Practical. A good communications system lets you maximize your existing phone numbers and service phones as long as you have decent Internet connection for online call management. There should be no steep learning curve for users, because you need to use it soon after it was set up. Simply put, even if it’s newly set-up, it should not hinder your operations at all.

Feature-rich. One of the best things about getting a cloud-hosted system is that aside from being able to make VoIP calls from your PC or mobile devices, you can also get customizable functionalities that give you total control over your business communications.

Make sure your business VoIP provider of choice has at least those three things. With the large number of options offering different packages and different rates, you need to evaluate them all to find the one that will work best for your company. If you’re after stellar service and reasonable pricing, RingCentral ticks all the boxes on that checklist and more.

Learn More About VoIP providers

A company’s success can hinge on their choice of service providers. Choosing affordability over function can lead to underwhelming performance, and spending too much on the bells and whistles can easily bust the budget. So, when selecting a VoIP provider, make sure to find the right balance between affordability and reliability.

The cloud is steering business communications towards a new direction.

Over the past several years, most companies have come to rely heavily on their mobile phones for work. Because of its mobility, the smartphone became a must-have for anyone who relies on communication to do their job in and out of the office.

But expensive plans can make it difficult for organizations to truly invest in mobility. Fortunately, the rise of cloud-hosted VoIP solutions gave companies a more flexible, affordable alternative for their communications.

The Right VoIP Provider for All-around Business Connectivity

Through VoIP, businesses can easily connect with clients outside their local reach. It facilitates expansion, allowing local enterprises to target new customers and explore bigger markets. If a market gets too saturated, companies can easily move out or expand to another area, thanks to the flexibility brought about by VoIP. They make it easier for companies to communicate with customers and employees from any location, now that calls can be made through the Internet.

One of the best things about this is, when you sign up with RingCentral, you will be given your own virtual local or toll-free number. You can select your own number, depending on your preferences. Project a big business image with a toll-free number, or have a custom number dedicated for specific clients—these are all possible when you have a reliable VoIP provider.

Service providers usually differ in terms of the call features they offer. While most of them can provide you a comprehensive telephony solution with all the features you need, there are some “add-on” functionality that also require additional payments. RingCentral throws in all the features that you will ever need without requiring you to pay extra. You simply need to select which plan best suits the requirements of your organization. By offering features like online faxing, conferencing, and mobility, you get a comprehensive suite that supports your organization’s communication needs. You are not left with a one-dimensional communication system that becomes easily outdated, because you get updates whenever new capabilities become available.

Choose only the best communications solutions for your company. For fast and efficient VoIP phone services, choose RingCentral today!

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