Is It the Future? 4 Shows & Movies That Had Video Meetings Before We Did

The poet Oscar Wilde once penned in 1889: “Life imitates Art far more than Art imitates Life.” 

Both are probably true. 

And when it comes to video meetings, it’s no different.

Years ago—decades, even—before we could ever “ping” someone to “hop on a call” with the team, video conferencing was already happening before our very eyes.

See if you remember these.

Star Trek

Ah, Star Trek.

A classic show that was way ahead of its time.

Remember all those intergalactic conversations happening on big screens? 

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Come to think of it… that ship’s interior kind of looked like a modern office’s conference room with a large screen at the end of a table.

In Star Trek, video calls were a way of bringing in an individual from a great distance, whether they were in a ship nearby or at Starfleet Command many lightyears away. 

But the huge superimposed person’s face on the screen is a common thread now that feels eerily similar to the way we work today. 

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Okay, maybe not that close of a close-up.

Also similar? The lack of lag.

Where video conferencing software today sometimes have a bit of lag (that isn’t too disruptive), what always amazed me is that even from millions of lightyears away, there was never any lag. Communications were always instantaneous. Amazing.

Blade Runner

You’d be hard-pressed to find a phone booth nowadays. People just don’t use them anymore.

Not so in Blade Runner, where video screens actually replaced the handset phone booth

Even all those years ago, people foresaw the shift in communications to face-to-face meetings.

In Blade Runner, video is the primary mode of communication. Which is pretty different from when video conferencing first started—if you remember, it was used primarily for longer, more “official” conversations that lasted half an hour or more. There was a certain… formality to it. 

Not anymore. 

Now, you might have noticed that many people are using video as a replacement for a call or text—while taking a stroll in a park or a mall. (So maybe Blade Runner didn’t get it fully right. Still cool though.)

Star Wars

Who doesn’t love a good hologram?

What was cool about the Star Wars style of video conferencing was that these holograms were 3D projections of people and objects that placed speakers in context (like the Jedi High Council, for example). 

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And the way in which they used holograms is actually kind of similar to how we use video conferencing today too. Political speeches, military planning, team meetings—sometimes you just need to get a big group of people (and non-humans) in a face-to-face chat.

The tech in Star Wars was so sophisticated that sometimes, a holographic image could even project another holographic image—very Inception-esque. But now we’re mixing movie references…

Of course, all this isn’t really possible as of today, but with holograms starting to replace musicians on stage, we might be heading there… 

The Jetsons

Meet the Jetsons, the show that made us all ask why we still don’t have flying cars. 

Where food is delivered with a button. (They even had DoorDash first).

Don’t forget the robot that understands natural language and takes care of the day to day. (Hello, Siri and Alexa). 

And in this future, video calling comes standard:

Like us, they use video conference calls for work and family chats alike. It’s a pretty central part of communication for them. 

Although we have so many voice chat and messaging apps like Whatsapp, Instagram, and Facebook Messenger, maybe in a few years video calls would be just as commonplace as in the Jetsons…

Video conferencing from the future… it’s here 

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