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Replacing their phone system with RingCentral will save IT firm phoenixNAP more than $100,000 per year


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  • Slashing costs: As a result of switching to RingCentral, phoenixNAP expects to save $100,000+ in telephony costs annually.
  • Improving workflows: With RingCentral’s apps on their computers and cell phones, phoenixNAP’s global staff can connect more easily to customers and colleagues.
  • Uncovering insights: phoenixNAP’s customer support department leverages RingCentral’s detailed reporting to monitor and improve its global support operations.

Multiple-Award-Winning IT Solutions

Organizations around the world turn to the IT experts at phoenixNAP for security-focused services including cloud infrastructure, dedicated servers, bare metal cloud, colocation, backup, disaster recovery, and customized Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) solutions. 

The award-winning, global IT company has also been named a Representative Vendor in Gartner’s “Market Guide for Disaster-Recovery-as-a-Service (DRaaS) annual report for several years in a row. 

Global IT service provider phoenixNAP sees $100,000+ savings per year after switching to RingCentral

Outgrowing one cloud communications solution and discovering RingCentral 

Danny Fuentes, Vice President of Information Systems for phoenixNAP, explains that the company’s experience with a previous cloud telephony platform was a challenge—both from a technical and customer-support perspective. 

“The admin system was very complicated, and the vendor’s suggestion was that we get someone on our staff certified to manage it. That was going to consume a lot of time and resources. Also, the system had a lot of reliability issues—for example, the video conference app crashed regularly—and we always had trouble getting support on the phone.”

Another frustration, Danny notes, was the unpredictable nature of the solution’s costs. The vendor charged separately for each service—phone, SMS, fax, video, messaging, etc.—which required phoenixNAP to determine in advance which features to purchase for each employee. 

As Danny explains, “Sometimes we overpaid for services employees didn’t need; other times we found an employee needed more than we’d bought, so we had to upgrade those licenses. It got very expensive and became essentially impossible to plan for our telephony budget.”

Their search for a better global cloud communications solution led Danny’s team to RingCentral.

Improving several operations with RingCentral

When they rolled out RingCentral’s unified communications platform for phoenixNAP’s global staff, and RingCentral Contact Center for the company’s customer support and sales departments, Danny’s team was able to quickly begin solving the operational challenges their previous phone system couldn’t.

One example Danny cites is the company’s ability to give all employees—from technicians in its US headquarters to customer support agents in its Serbia offices, to network engineers in the company’s Malta location—US-based business numbers for calling customers.

“With RingCentral’s softphone on their computers and the app on their cell phones, our engineers in Malta can call a US-based customer, and that call will display as phoenixNAP— not an international number in Malta. That saves our engineers time, helps them resolve the issue faster, and creates a more seamless experience for our customer.” 

Another operational improvement phoenixNAP noticed right away, Danny points out, was the reliability the company was experiencing with all aspects of the RingCentral environment—including RingCentral Video and RingCentral Contact Center.

“In the early days of the pandemic, our sales reps were dependent on video meetings to connect with prospects, but our old system kept crashing. Since we’ve rolled out RingCentral Video, we’ve had hundreds of meetings using the app—and we’ve never had any problems.” 

As for the reliability of the RingCentral Contact Center environment powering phoenixNAP’s international customer support operation, Danny describes the company’s experience this way: “As a global company that promises 24/7/365 customer support by phone, it’s great to have a solution we know will work, all the time, whether we’re directing a caller to our US-based support agents or to a customer service team in our Serbia offices.”

RingCentral Contact Center generates new business intelligence

Yet another benefit phoenixNAP has enjoyed since rolling out RingCentral Contact Center has been enhanced visibility into the customer support department’s call activity and agent performance. As Danny explains, the department leverages RingCentral’s detailed reporting dashboard to glean new insights.

“Our customer support managers—both here in the US and in our Serbia location—need to know their agents are available and answering customer calls quickly. Being able to view that data so easily in the RingCentral dashboard is helping those managers get a clear picture of what’s going on, how we’ll we’re doing from a customer service standpoint, and where the department might need them to jump in and help.” 

Slashing the company’s IT communications costs

Although cost wasn’t the primary driver behind phoenixNAP’s decision to switch cloud telephony providers, Danny notes that the company has been extremely pleased about the significant savings they’re now enjoying with RingCentral. 

“I’ve run the numbers. Over the term of our RingCentral contract, we’ll save about $180,000 just due to the lower cost of RingCentral’s solution itself. And when you add in the savings on usage fees that we were paying to our previous provider, we’ll lower our overall telephony expenses by $320,000.”

Originally published Apr 28, 2022

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