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RingSense™ for Sales Delivers Massive Bottom-Line Improvements to RingCentral’s Own Sales Teams


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Why RingSense’s first enterprise customer was RingCentral Sales

 When RingCentral launched the AI-powered conversation intelligence platform RingSense for Sales in mid-2023, several of our company’s sales managers and executives immediately began asking to implement the solution for their own teams’ operations.

These sales leaders recognized the enormous potential of leveraging AI to turn every rep’s conversation data into actionable intelligence that could benefit other reps, sales teams in other areas of the company, and indeed the entire RingCentral Sales operation. And this foresight – making RingCentral’s own sales team the first to use RingSense – is already paying large dividends for our business.

RingSense for Sales quickly delivered on its biggest promises

Those implementations have proven to be extremely valuable to RingCentral’s sales efforts. In just the first six months using the platform (from August 2023 through January 2024), our sales teams reported the following improvements in their operations:

  • 10-20x overall time savings
  • A productivity gain of 1 day per month
  • 10x participation of sales reps in team training and account reviews
  • An increase in coaching productivity of 4-5x

AI that translates to real-world sales efficiency

  • Automated call and meeting summaries: Reps save time taking notes with automated summaries and highlights, which in turn help keep CRMs more accurate and up to date.
  1. High-Potential Deal Focus: RingSense helps reps prioritize leads most likely to convert, increasing efficiency and sales rates.
  2. Personalized Coaching: Insights from RingSense enable targeted coaching, improving individual and team performance.
  3. Strategic Market Insights: Sales leaders use RingSense to understand customers and competitive trends, aiding in strategic planning with GTM teams.
  4. Collaborative Learning: Sales, SEs, CSMs, pricing leaders, and marketing teams use RingSense to share and learn from call highlights, fostering a culture of continuous improvement.
  5. Efficient Lead Qualification: RingSense provides sentiment analysis, keyword tracking, and digestible summaries to sales teams speeding up lead qualification and saving time on manual assessments.
  6. Immediate Performance Feedback: RingSense enables managers to provide personalized, instant feedback, allowing reps to adjust sales tactics faster than ever.

“Conversational AI offers transformative tools that can significantly alter business outcomes on a massive scale. Many organizations possess vast amounts of untapped stored voice data, which until now, were too cumbersome to access, manage, and analyze securely. RingSense changes that. With our initial deployment, we’ve enabled teams to sharpen their skills, elevate quality, and extract critical insights, thus boosting the performance of individuals, coaches, and managers. These insights are also crucial for pinpointing opportunities for optimal reinforcement through targeted enablement, training, and coaching. Embracing the idea that ‘everyone is a seller’ and ‘everyone is responsible for customer success,’ RingSense offers broad applications and profound impacts throughout the entire organization.”

—Ken Zeng, AVP, Global Sales Enablement, RingCentral

According to Gartner…

Sales and marketing teams often operate in isolation, with differing definitions of a qualified lead reported by 65% of sales leaders1 and a lack of an end-to-end revenue process reported by 79% of sales executives.2

How RingCentral’s sales teams are benefiting from RingSense

 Here’s how some of our sales leaders describe their specific experiences using RingSense to improve their teams’ efficiencies and effectiveness.

“AI is transforming how we sell and serve, redefining the customer journey to optimize both buying experiences and support. At the heart of this transformation is our commitment to pinpointing and addressing customer needs with solutions that maximize business value. RingSense for Sales sets itself apart by empowering every layer of our organization—from our frontline sales teams to our strategists and support staff—to consistently excel. Unlike any tool I’ve encountered, RingSense offers a unique approach that is not only innovative but also directly aligned with our strategic goals, driving unparalleled excellence across the board.” 

Jonathan Leaf, SVP of SMB Sales 

“One of my favorite RingSense features is the comments tool, where I can insert a note in a call I’m reviewing that says, for example, ‘Hey, next time dig in a bit deeper and follow up here by asking why.’ By reviewing RingSense’s insights into my reps’ calls – from the words they use to their tone and the ways the customer is responding – I’m able to spot trends across my team.”

-Kate Webb, Senior Sales Manager

“In the past, if I wanted to review my reps’ performance on a call, I’d need to listen to the entire call – often 30 minutes or more. But thanks to RingSense, I’ve been able to improve productivity and really cut that time down – typically to just a couple hours a week – and at the same time get even more valuable insights from those reviews than I ever could before.”

-Kai Rocker, SMB Sales Manager

“Thanks to RingSense, we can now apply a data-driven approach to coaching our sales reps – and that’s already improving our team’s performance. We’re gaining and implementing so many useful insights with RingSense tools such as the call overview, the AI coach, and key metrics including sentiment, energy, and others that would be extremely difficult to quantify without these AI capabilities. With RingSense, we’ve been able to gain a holistic view of the customer journey with our sales team, and that has helped us to create more personalized and relevant conversations, improve communication between rep and customer, and generate leads with more readiness to buy.”
Anna Tauzon, Sales Manager

 “The most compelling aspect of RingSense for my team has been the valuable insights we gain as managers – insights that help us coach our teams more effectively and at scale. I’ve been able to use our RingSense data, for example, to identify trends that are indicative of best practices for customer engagement – and, on the other side, areas of opportunity for the team to work on for improvement.”

-Crystal Ellis, Senior Sales Manager

Strategically incorporating AI into RingCentral’s sales playbook

RingCentral’s AI-driven conversation intelligence platform, RingSense for Sales, has quickly become a cornerstone of our sales strategy, dramatically enhancing the efficiency and effectiveness of our teams. As the first enterprise adopter, RingCentral’s Revenue Org has seen profound bottom-line improvements, leveraging AI to transform conversation data into actionable intelligence. This has led to significant operational enhancements such as 10-20x time savings, increased sales rep participation in training, and a marked increase in coaching productivity. Advanced features such as automated call summaries, strategic market insights, and immediate performance feedback have enabled a data-driven approach that optimizes customer interactions and accelerates lead qualification. The real-world applications of RingSense extend from individualized coaching to fostering a culture of continuous improvement across teams, illustrating how AI technology not only supports but propels our business forward.

1. 2022 Gartner Chief Sales Officer Strategy Survey

2. 2022 Gartner CSO Priorities Survey

Originally published Apr 20, 2024, updated Apr 26, 2024

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