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RingCentral’s Customer Support team evolves technology and team collaboration

How the customer’s first line of support is changing and growing


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  • Xian Pabilona, Barbara Rizo, and Rhiel Biscarra discuss how the Customer Support team ensures a world-class customer experience.
  • We sat down with them to learn how their team facilitates seamless customer transitions and hear what qualities they look for in new agents.

RingCentral’s Customer Support team is our customers’ first line of support. We sat down with some of them to learn more about their team’s customer service role, how new technology is changing Customer Support, and how this team continues to serve our customers.

Introducing members of the Customer Support team.

RingCentral’s Manila office is home to our Customer Support team. To share a well-rounded perspective on what the team does, we spoke with three team members at different career stages.  Xian (pronounced Sean) Pabilona is the Senior Director for Customer Care Standard Support under the leadership of Kim Davies. Xian brings 20 years of experience in the BPO (Business Process Outsourcing) industry, including contact center management to his current role. Barbara Rizo has been part of the Customer Support team since 2016 in various roles including team leader and is now the Associate Manager for Customer Care Standard Support. Rhiel Biscarra, one of the newest members of our team, recently joined as a Technical Customer Support Specialist. 

What is the role of customer support?

Customer Support is a pillar of the RingCentral organization and it’s not merely about addressing issues. Xian explains, “We create an environment for the customer to feel valued, heard, and empowered.” This includes helping customers leverage the right products and ensuring they are used to the fullest potential for their business. Customer Support is available 24/7 to cater to customers through chat, phone, or web. We ensure constant coordination and communication with our customers’ concerns.

How AI is improving customer support.

AI is revolutionizing Customer Support through analytics, metrics, and data-driven insights. We recently completed a research study with Opinium Research, looking at the current state of customer experience and the role that AI plays in addressing the most commonly identified customer pain points. The study found that AI has potentially the greatest impact on improving the contact center and overall customer experience. And, our customers are not waiting to embrace AI in the contact center – in fact, RingCentral’s RingCX contact center solution quickly gained momentum following its launch in November 2023! RingCX, is packed with AI features that provide a super intuitive agent experience.

Not surprisingly, our Customer Support team loves how AI helps them continuously improve the customer experience. For instance, with AI Quality Management, agents get call summaries, scoring, and feedback in real time. Another great example of how AI drives improvements is Agent Assist, a feature that provides coaching and suggestions, plus data-driven insights to help agents collaborate with the Product team, providing customers with targeted new features and product enhancements.  

World-class customer experience is a perpetual goal, and we’re always looking to deliver improvements across the customer support organization. The Net Promoter Score (NPS), which tracks overall customer satisfaction, is a key metric for us to gauge the success of our support team, identify pain points and act quickly to address service areas.  

Customers respond to innovations that drive improvements. 

Our latest innovations are delivering greater value to our customers—our latest NPS score is up more than 18 basis points since the second quarter of last year. Reduced wait time, access to support and resolution, and close-to-zero downtime are an overall improvement in support.

There are a lot of emerging technologies right now: AI, machine learning, and augmented reality. Those three things have the power to revolutionize how we do business. We empower our customers with cutting-edge solutions using communication and collaboration tools in a unified platform. That drives efficiency, productivity, and growth in their business.

—Xian Pabilona, Senior Director for Customer Care Standard Support

A collaborative supportive team culture.

So, what’s it like working with the Customer Support team? Barbara told us she appreciates that managers are always available when she needs assistance.  “There is an open-door policy. Our managers provide us with feedback, coaching us to ensure we have everything we need to succeed in our current roles.” Rhiel also appreciates receiving immediate feedback, “We work hand-in-hand. My supervisor immediately tells me what I need to improve, giving tips to help me be my best.” He’s excited about all of the opportunities at RingCentral and hopes to move through the ranks to one day become a manager.  

Important qualities in new hires.

The Customer Support team is currently hiring. What are the ideal qualities of a Technical Customer Support Specialist (TCSS)? According to Barbara, the ideal TCSS combines technical skills and customer service experience. She also looks for candidates with an impeccable attendance record showing dedication. Xian prioritizes empathy, adaptability, and a relentless focus on making a difference. The goal is to deliver an outstanding customer experience. 

“The role of Customer Support demands dedication and resilience but offers countless opportunities for personal and professional development. At the end of the day, my barometer is whether I made a difference with meaningful interactions that impact our customers’ lives.” -Xian Pabilona, Senior Director for Customer Care, Standard Support

Originally published Apr 16, 2024

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