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6 reasons retailers choose all-in-one communications solutions

Two retail employees using a laptop to leverage their all-in-one communications solution.


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  • Leveraging an all-in-one communications solution helps retailers save time and money.
  • All-in-one solutions enable simplified account management and administration.
  • Retail communications via an inclusive system help retailers support flexible work arrangements.


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All-in-one communications solutions are quickly becoming the norm in the retail sector. Increased competition, higher costs, greater pressure for profitability, and more digital demand have contributed to this transformation.


Benefits to retailers that adopt an all-in-one solution

There are numerous benefits to retailers that adopt an all-in-one solution, including more cohesiveness, lower costs, and better customer service and convenience. The following is a more in-depth look at key reasons to use an all-in-one system for retail communications.


1. Cohesive communications

When companies build brands, they do so by creating consistent messaging about what they do and what they sell. With a fragmented communications structure, it is challenging for a retail chain to establish consistency in how it communicates with the public across the country or the world.

An all-in-one communications system makes it easier for stores and divisions to collaborate internally and coordinate interactions with the public and customers. This collaboration allows for a more unified message that improves brand clarity.


2. Reduced costs and improved scalability

An all-in-one communications solution reduces costs in several ways. The most significant contributor to cost efficiency is the single vendor relationship. Rather than negotiating with multiple solution providers, a retailer can negotiate a favorable deal with one provider of a company-wide communications system.

The time and administrative costs of maintaining a relationship with one provider are much lower than those needed for multiple relationships. You also don’t need as many people to provide support to customers because each rep can seamlessly transition across platforms.

Additionally, the costs with a cloud-based single provider are scalable. You don’t have to invest significantly in upfront technology as you do with on-premises solutions. Instead, you pay a certain amount per user. If your business grows and you add new locations and people, you increase your investment.


3. Improved customer support

Your customers benefit from consistent and accessible customer support across all popular platforms. One of the biggest issues for many retailers is a lack of consistency in how service is delivered at different locations. Inconsistency disrupts the customer experience and gets in the way of loyalty.

With an all-in-one communications solution, consistency is improved because the same service reps can interact with customers across each channel. This means that whether a customer connects through email, chat, social media, or conferencing, the same reps can communicate toward a resolution.

This accessibility is also critical as customers rely on different methods of communication in different circumstances.



Two customers shopping online by leveraging the retailer's all-in-one communications solution.


4. Optimized system integration

Retail is becoming more digitized all of the time. Customers want to research and purchase products online, as well as have the ability to interact with providers digitally. 

As part of digitization, retailers have also invested in the following digital infrastructure components:

  • Artificial Intelligence. Used to facilitate some interactions with customers when live agents aren’t needed or available.
  • Analytics. Various software solutions gather, store, and analyze customer data. AI also contributes to analytics by mining customer interactions and deep learning.
  • Security. Multi-factor authentication and end-to-end encryption are among the security measures used to safeguard against data hacks and protect customer privacy.

A best-in-class solution simplifies the integration of communications with other software systems. These tech systems and many others can integrate with your communications system for a holistic digital infrastructure.


5. Simplified account management and administration

In addition to the cost-efficiency advantages already discussed, retailers achieve account management benefits with a single vendor partner. It is much easier to manage one vendor account than multiple accounts that allow for the same tasks.

Customizing your tech infrastructure, for example, is simpler when you only have one vendor with which to develop it. Troubleshooting any issues that arise is another process that is streamlined with a single vendor relationship.


6. More flexible work arrangements

During the pandemic, many retailers relied on remote or hybrid workers to perform service and support tasks. Some have opted to continue these work arrangements because of the benefits derived. A UCS makes it possible to operate with more geographically-dispersed support agents because the technology allows for a coordinated approach regardless of whether reps are local or off-site.

By offering more flexible work arrangements, retailers can attract a larger and more diverse pool of workers. For instance, remote options invite parents trying to balance caring for children and a career. It also gives you access to talented employees who do not live close to a retail or contact-center location.

A great team of talented reps utilizing the most advanced digital communications system creates a major competitive advantage for a retailer.


Reduce costs and achieve efficiencies with RingCentral’s all-in-one communications solution

In competitive industries, the ability to reduce costs and achieve efficiencies can make the difference in whether or not you are profitable. The benefits described for retailers that use all-in-one communications solutions contribute directly to the bottom line.

RingCentral has a comprehensive, all-in-one communications solution for retailers. It allows for seamless, cross-channel communications for all popular platforms. It also has advanced security features to protect the privacy and security of your customers. See our solutions for retail to learn more.

Originally published Jun 23, 2022, updated Dec 30, 2022

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