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Sun River Health transforming healthcare communication with RingCentral


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Effective communication plays a pivotal role in providing quality patient care in the ever-evolving healthcare landscape. Sun River Health, a leading New York-based healthcare organization, is committed to delivering comprehensive and most importantly accessible healthcare services, has embraced RingCentral’s innovative communication solutions to enhance its internal and external communication processes.

Sun River Health’s decision to incorporate RingCentral products into its operations has proven to be a strategic move toward streamlining communication and patient care. Eliminating common issues with previous providers and legacy phone systems.

Eric Brosius, Sun River Health’s VP of Technology Services states, “Our call drops have gone to virtually zero. That was a pain point for us. Historically, our call answer rate is up 20 percent from 79% to 97%. We couldn’t speak more highly of RingCentral and the value that they brought to our business and the level of availability for the platform, the stability, and the metrics that we see are night and day compared to where we were on any other system prior.”

Sun River Health raises its call answer rate to 97% with RingCentral

RingCentral’s suite of products enables Sun River Health to consolidate various communication channels, facilitating seamless collaboration among healthcare professionals, administrative staff, and support teams. Caring for 250,000 patients from the local cities to rural areas, RingCentral has expanded its care to many who may not have had adequate access to a healthcare center. We cannot be more proud of their growth and commitment to community-based health for New York residents and surrounding areas.

One of the standout features of RingCentral’s solutions is the ability to enhance patient interaction. Sun River Health has leveraged RingCentral’s cloud-based communication tools to offer patients more accessible and convenient ways to connect with healthcare providers. Through secure video conferencing and messaging, patients can engage in virtual consultations, access medical information, and communicate with healthcare professionals from their homes.

Sun River Health operates across 40 locations, serving diverse communities with varying healthcare needs. RingCentral’s scalable and flexible solutions have allowed the organization to adapt to the dynamic nature of the healthcare industry. Whether expanding to new locations or adjusting to changes in patient volume, Sun River Health can seamlessly scale its communication infrastructure to meet evolving demands.

In the healthcare sector, security and compliance are paramount. RingCentral’s commitment to providing a secure communication platform aligns with Sun River Health’s dedication to protecting patient information. The platform ensures adherence to healthcare regulations, such as the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), safeguarding patient privacy and maintaining the integrity of sensitive medical data.

Sun River Health’s adoption of RingCentral products is a testament to the transformative power of innovative communication solutions in the healthcare sector. By unifying communication channels, enhancing patient interaction, and ensuring scalability and security, RingCentral has empowered Sun River Health to deliver high-quality healthcare services efficiently to many who may have not had patient care in the past. As the healthcare industry continues to evolve, the collaboration between Sun River Health and RingCentral is an inspiring example of how technology can positively impact patient care and organizational effectiveness.

Learn more about how RingCentral helps providers streamline clinicians’ work, simplify how they and their extended teams can access and share information, and improve care coordination.

Originally published Feb 05, 2024

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