How Does “the Airbnb of Moving” Stay Connected with a Cross-country Team?

There are companies that call themselves the “Airbnb for offices,” the “Airbnb for cars,” and even the “Airbnb for parking spots.”

Well, meet the Airbnb of moving. Moving Labor is a nationwide moving labor company, and though it’s nationwide, you’ll be surprised to know that it’s run by a small group of eight employees—many of whom work in different parts of the country. 

We chatted with Kayla, their Operations Manager, to see how the company keeps its team aligned while helping people move across the country.


How do you keep a distributed team on track?

With headquarters in Florida, a regional office in Colorado, and four people working remotely, Moving Labor needed an easy way for everyone to work together from different places. 

And of course, since she’s the Operations Manager overseeing the Tampa HQ, the Denver regional office, and the growing remote team, that problem became Kayla’s problem.

The good news: it didn’t stay a problem for too long.

“It was a bit overwhelming at first,” says Kayla, “But RingCentral gave me all the resources I need.”

Perfect for teams that are out of office

The Moving Labor team is full of avid travellers, so having a mobile app is key to helping everyone stay connected and productive, even when they’re on the road.

“We love that RingCentral lets us text with our vendors, customers, and each other,” says Kayla. “We can video call with employees across the country, whether it’s for team meetings, screen shares, or performance reviews. It’s really beneficial for us as a team.”

Meetings with screen sharing using RingCentral app
RingCentral lets Moving Labor have team calls and even share their screens.


Taming the dinosaurs that are still around

Most people think fax has long been extinct, but for some industries, like Moving Labor’s and healthcare, fax is still an everyday staple.

“One way that RingCentral has really helped us is by letting our vendors fax over work orders that any of the reps can access,” says Kayla.

That’s right, with RingCentral, you don’t need a fax machine (who even has one lying around still?) to send faxes: 

Sending fax through RingCentral mobile app
RingCentral’s mobile app lets you send faxes from your phone with just a few taps.


With a team that’s (literally) always moving, Moving Labor needed a way to keep everyone in sync—and we’re glad they found us. 

“RingCentral has really helped our company thrive. Couldn’t have done it without you!”

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