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A new era of AI at work

In today’s dynamic work landscape, integrated collaboration and customer experiences are the cornerstones for businesses to provide a seamless user journey: from marketing to sales to service touch points that users have with the business. That’s why we’re building on our RingSense AI Innovations in Sales and Customer Experience and are very excited to introduce RingEX with RingSense AI—personalized AI automation and intelligence across everyday interactions.

Simplifying workflows. Personalizing intelligence.

RingSense AI for RingEX (formerly MVP) now provides our users with purpose-built, personalized, real-time and post-call intelligence across phone calls, SMS, video meetings, and messaging. New capabilities include real-time call notes, group messaging recap, an AI “co-author” and translator for messaging, and generative-AI search across all modalities of conversations. RingEX with RingSense AI equips users with a personal AI assistant, enhancing productivity, turning routine conversations into valuable insights, optimizing workflows, and enabling a sharper focus on the creative and strategic aspects of work.  

The RingCentral difference

What sets RingEX with RingSense AI apart from other AI-enabled solutions is its ability to support an extensive range of communication use cases across industry verticals (Financial Services, Healthcare, etc.) and across all functions. It can support complete business communications from front-office to back-office employees, and it is built on the RingCentral cloud communications platform, which has been battle-tested for mission-critical communications. 

“As an early preview tester, I see that RingSense AI is an intuitive assistant designed to help users optimize employee and customer outcomes by providing data-driven insights across multiple channels in RingEX.”

Melody Brue, Vice President & Principal Analyst, Moor Insights & Strategy

Furthermore, as a leader in voice communications, RingCentral brings new real-time AI capabilities to phone calls. The phone is a vital channel for knowledge workers and a lifeline to customers that contains a wealth of unstructured data, previously difficult to harness for enhancing employee and operational efficiency. 

One way RingCentral helps harness this data: intelligent note-taking. RingSense AI for Phone captures the highlights of phone conversations while they’re happening to help people quickly share notes and action items after the call ends. 

Additionally, RingSense AI is now infused across RingCentral’s entire product suite, including RingCX™, RingSense for Sales, RingCentral Webinar and RingCentral Events™. This empowers every employee in an organization – from customer service to sales and marketing – to boost teamwork and efficiency and contribute to the success of the business. 

“AI can play a crucial role in improving the employee experience, and by making data more actionable, AI will streamline workflows and unlock new levels of efficiency,” said Melody Brue, Vice President and Principal Analyst at Moor Insights & Strategy. “Empowering workers with AI isn’t solely about boosting output. It also enables employees to engage in more strategic customer-centric work.

“As an early preview tester, I see that RingSense AI is an intuitive assistant designed to help users optimize employee and customer outcomes by providing data-driven insights across multiple channels in RingEX.”

Your personal AI assistant

RingSense AI turns phone calls, messages, and meetings into powerful tools for productivity, providing time-saving automation and harnessing conversation insights to help reclaim hours and provide personalized insights. Here are key features that are powered by RingSense AI:

Powerful conversation intelligence

RingSense for RingEX conversation intelligence

RingEX leverages generative AI to create a neatly organized summary of conversations—complete with notes, actionable tasks, and key moments in recordings highlighted for easy reference. With this intelligence, every conversation can become smarter. 

For example, imagine a patient calling a busy medical clinic to inquire about a new treatment. RingSense AI can summarize the patient’s key concerns, questions, and personal health context. This summary can then be attached to the patient’s file for the physician to review before the appointment, ensuring a personalized consultation that addresses all of the patient’s needs and concerns. Additionally, RingEX can automatically suggest follow-up tasks such as sending the patient informational materials about the treatment discussed.

Available in early access preview for select customers.

Real-time note taking

Your AI assistant instantly generates notes during calls—capturing key updates, outstanding questions, and action items in real time for on-the-spot reference. This boosts accuracy, recall, and engagement in business conversations, and notes can be shared with teams across multiple modalities. Whether you’re transitioning between meetings, multitasking, or on the road driving, real-time note taking ensures that all important points are recorded and available at your fingertips so you never miss a detail. 

Available in early access preview for select customers.

AI writer and translator for messages

With RingEX, you have an AI “co-author” that helps you craft polished chat messages, keeping the context of conversations in the style and length users prefer. It also translates messages into Spanish, French, German, Chinese, or English. This simplifies and enriches global collaboration, allowing people from different countries to communicate in the language in which they’re most comfortable.

Coming to early access preview for select customers in early Summer 2024.

Unread message recap

Ever come back from vacation to an overwhelming amount of messages in your team chats? RingEX provides AI-generated summaries of missed team messages in group chats for quick catch-up. This comes in especially handy if you’re added to a new chat channel and want to understand the context to-date without scrolling through hundreds of messages. 

Coming to early access preview for select customers in H2 2024.

Generative AI search

Coming later in 2024, RingEX will allow you to use natural language queries to search for information from conversations across phone, SMS, and voicemails, with AI search in email, meetings, and chat to follow soon after. You’ll instantly be able to surface answers to questions like: 

  • What did John say the new pricing was in our last call? 
  • When did Sarah Smith want to reschedule her appointment? 
  • What were the action items that were assigned to me during the last call?

With the answers at your fingertips, you can be more proactive and informed in your approach to daily tasks and in your conversations with customers and co-workers.

Coming to early access preview for select customers in H2 2024.

What sets RingSense AI apart?

While other platforms limit their AI capabilities to video and messaging, RingCentral is delivering RingSense AI across messaging,  video, phone calls, and our contact center solution, RingCX. With RingCentral, businesses have a single pane of glass through which to access—and analyze—all conversations that happen in their organization. 

According to Metrigy, nearly 80 percent of consumers say voice calls are still the most common way in which they interact with a business.1 Yet AI tools to harness voice-call data have not been broadly available. RingSense AI enables businesses to transform call data into rich insights and actionable tasks. 

We all know that AI is only as effective as the platform it’s integrated into and the context within which it operates. Here’s why RingSense provides such a powerful foundation to deliver on the true promise of AI:

  • You can trust it: Built with the same level of robustness our real-time communications platform is well known for, RingSense AI ensures a strong emphasis on security, transparency, and privacy by design. 
  • It’s built-to-purpose: RingSense AI is designed specifically for various personas and use cases across sales, marketing, and support, bringing together the data that’s often siloed in multiple apps, to create more context-aware experiences. 
  • It’s orchestrated: Leveraging our own proprietary AI and third-party large language models ensures RingSense AI is powerful, highly targeted, accurate, and cost effective.
  • It’s open: Through the RingCentral developer portal, customers can easily access RingSense APIs to customize and tailor RingCentral’s solutions to fit the needs of their business. 

Powering a new era of productivity across sales, marketing, and support

RingSense AI for RingEX

RingEX serves as the core communication platform for employees across any organization, with RingSense AI enabling “collaborative intelligence” that enhances employee engagement and customer interactions. Purpose-built for practical use cases and tangible outcomes, RingSense AI integrates into these key solutions:

  • Through RingCX, RingCentral’s native omnichannel contact center, companies gain deep insights into customer relationships and elevate agent effectiveness.
  • RingSense for Sales accelerates deal closures for revenue teams with strategic coaching and transforms insights into effective strategies, fostering operational excellence.
  • RingCentral Events empowers marketing teams by streamlining event management from start to finish with advanced AI tools.

In a world where every business is tasked to do more with less, RingEX with RingSense AI is an incredibly powerful tool to supercharge employee productivity and drive deeper customer satisfaction and engagement. It brings workforces together and enables more productive and useful insights that ultimately help businesses better serve customers.

RingSense AI for RingEX is currently rolling out in early access preview with select customers. Further information on pricing and specifics will be available in the coming months. Join the waitlist here

  1. Customer Experience Optimization: 2023-24 Consumer Perspective. Metrigy. September 2023.

Originally published Mar 25, 2024

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