6 Project Management Tools to Get You Through Your Workday

The Internet is one of the main components of modern day work. It doesn’t matter what industry you’re in. One way or another, a chunk of your work gets coursed through the web. This includes:

  • Email
  • Web storage services
  • Content management systems
  • Collaboration and communication platforms

These are accessible through applications or software that simplify the whole process. Users are able to use them immediately because of their streamlined, easy-to-use interfaces. In a way, we are able to get more organized (and more work done) when we use online project management tools for our tasks.

But choosing the right tool can be a challenge, as you have to consider your company’s needs as well as your budget. These tools have all the same features, so you need to find the one that matches your processes and workflows.

Here are some of the top project management tools available for you to try today:


JIRA project management software

JIRA is a multi-faceted project management software used in different fields and industries. Among other things, it can manage work sprints for developers. It can also serve as a collaboration platform for marketing and creative teams.

JIRA has an easy-to-use ticketing system that simplifies project management for everybody. From the get-go, it fleshes out all the necessary information from the user. This way, those who will handle the issue would find that everything they need is already there.

Following up is easier through this work system. It has a built-in comment thread that supports individual user tracking.

JIRA is perfect for mid-sized businesses to enterprises. That said, it would probably be out of reach budget-wise for startups and small businesses.



Asana task management system

Asana is a project and task management system for office workers and remote employees alike. It has a great tracker that will help you keep your ideas and files organized from start to finish. With it, you can–

  • list down responsibilities
  • list down the necessary steps to reach the goal, and
  • assign specific individuals to spearhead such tasks

With Asana, project managers are able to clearly define team member tasks and goals. It helps promote collaboration as well as responsibility. This is perfect for startups and small businesses as well as mid-sized businesses who are looking to streamline their process.


Pivotal Tracker

Track and manage projects with Pivotal Tracker

Pivotal Tracker is one the most basic project trackers available today. Get it to help you manage projects, without worrying about complicated features. With it, you also get a shared view of team goals, as well as a defined process that aims to promote collaboration.

One of the best features of Pivotal Tracker is the shared backlog. It gives team members a snapshot of their priorities and deadlines. It’s simple and easy to use, which makes it a great tool to share with clients who want to see how far along their project is.

Pivotal Tracker is perfect for startups and small businesses that have clients who wish to keep tabs on project progress.



Glip by RingCentral

Glip is a complete communications and collaboration from RingCentral

What was once a messaging platform is now a complete team messaging and collaboration application. After RingCentral acquired Glip, it was injected with new integrations for productivity. Now, it aims to address the bulk of office processes by having all the necessary tools within the system.

Among other things–

  • It comes with a calendar and task scheduler
  • It lets you take notes during meetings
  • It lets you share files and links whenever you need to

You can also message other users directly, or create smaller, more focused groups.

Glip is a complete messaging and collaboration tool that’s perfect for a business of any size–from startups to enterprises.



Trello is a simple project management tool for every industry

If you’re looking for a project management tool that’s a bit on the fun, playful side, Trello’s a must-try.

This app uses boards, lists, and cards to organize and prioritize projects. So you can expect it to be easy on the eyes while still keeping a sense of professionalism.

Trello aims to give out the most important information about a project in just one glance. This means it makes organizing and prioritizing tasks easier for everyone. You can easily add comments, attachments and more to any project card, making collaboration easier for all participants. You can work with your teammates in real-time, even you’re far away from each other.

Imagine the convenience this brings to a startup’s remote workers or project managers handling big teams.



Box web storage and project management in one package

Box started as a web storage service that lets you upload and access files from anywhere. You can secure, share, and edit all your docs on different devices from any location. With that kind of flexibility, it evolved into a reliable project management platform focused on secure file sharing and seamless collaboration.

Box’s cloud-based project management system boasts of a secure, shared online workspace for every process. This covers tasking, discussions, deadlines, and more. You can co-edit shared files in various formats including MS Word, PowerPoint, Excel, or the built-in Box Notes.

Users also get efficient management capabilities like creating rules to automate tasks. You can automate content reviews and approvals to streamline your project. That way, you can focus on higher priority tasks.

This serves a dispersed workforce well. With this, even startups can afford a robust project management system without busting their budgets.


There are more project management tools that you can explore and try for your business. Check out the ones listed here first, and see if any of them works well with what you have.

If you’re still having a hard time choosing the right tool for the job, it’s possible that your business has reached a point where it’s begun to change. You may not know it, but maybe it’s time for your small business to scale up and grow.

Have you used any of these project management tools? Do they fit your needs? Head on over to the comments section to start a discussion!

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