Bogdan Lytvyn
November 13, 2015
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Maximize Your Leads: Must-Have Tools for Small Business

lead generationThe aim of any business is to generate more leads and sales, and therefore to increase profit. But not all businesses know how to reach right people and boost conversions. The biggest problem may occur when you’re looking for appropriate software. Here are a few tips from SMB Guru on how find the best tools which help you to maximize your leads, turn them into buying customers and improve the success of your business.

1) Learn your customers’ preferences

With the growth of your business your customer base expands. It’s crucial for any business to know their customers’ opinions and expectations. There is a number of data analysis and survey tools that help you get the most from customer surveys.

SurveyGizmo – best all-rounder survey software.

survey-gizmoSurveyGizmo can scale well to any businesses. Its advanced reporting, split testing, question options, customization and analytics are on par with much more expensive tools while still keeping an intuitive and easy interface. SurveyGizmo makes even the most advanced survey projects fun, easy and affordable.

2) Integrate email marketing and social media campaigns

In order to get maximum effectiveness of your email campaigns it’s better to integrate email marketing and social media. (Here are a few email marketing examples.) Though email campaigns may seem to have a longer reach of Internet users who daily check their emails – 91% compared to 61% of social media users – social media users are more likely to click, convert and share your message with others.

SMB Guru has reviewed the most powerful platforms that help you save time and let you reach your audience.

iContact – best email marketing software with social media integration.

iContact_emailiContact offers simple features that work to get your email to the inbox, plus one revolutionary idea available only for iContact users – access to live and knowledgeable support team that help guide your campaigns more effectively.

3) Increase your marketing outreach with video marketing

Video marketing is one of the most effective ways for small business to maximize its exposure. In this case you really need platforms to be customized for video.

Wistia – best option for advanced analytics and search optimization.

WistiaWistia is a powerful, easy to use and affordable video hosting program and its analytics features are the star, letting you track viewer’s interactions with you. It simplifies SEO optimization for your videos offering customizable thumbnails, meta-tags and video site maps for maximum exposure. Some of the advanced features are only unlocked on the higher plans, but for reasonable price.

4) Cultivate and harvest your leads

Lead management is a key part of running a successful business. There are so many tools that helps maximize leads with different approaches, with pricing based on user number or data volume, or combination of both.

Act-On – best software for lead generation.

act-onAct-On offers a rounded package for SME, its features include SEP optimization for websites and marketing and integration with a range of CRM apps.

Using all the tools above you are able to make your leads work much better automating the process and saving your time. All these tools are definitely worth of having a look at how they work. Manage and keep track of your leads turning them into buying customers!

Has your business tried any of these solutions? Which ones would you recommend, or are there others you would add to the list?