RingCentral Team
April 19, 2010

Do You Know What Your Small Business Should Be Tweeting?

twittercloudThere has been a lot of talk about how businesses of all sizes are using Twitter. The site is increasingly being leveraged to listen to and engage with customers and support business objectives without the costs associated with traditional forms of marketing.

While the popularity of Twitter is growing rapidly, the reality is that most small business owners are still uncertain about how they should be using the social media tool and what they should be announcing to the world in 140 characters or less.

No, not every bit of your news should be posted on Twitter. Before you start tweeting, it’s important to remember that Twitter is a public forum. You’ll want to limit your tweets to those that are positive, relevant and newsworthy. This means that you probably shouldn’t be letting your followers in on the fact that you’re having a bad meeting with a client, and no one really cares what you’re eating for lunch or where you’re headed on your weekend getaway.

With that in mind, there is still plenty of valuable information that you can tweet to your followers that can be aligned with your business development, marketing, public relations and customer service goals.

You Should Be Tweeting:

What’s on Your Radar

Is there a new technology, industry trend or upcoming event that you find interesting? Most likely, others will want to know about it, too. Start some buzz and grow your number of followers by sharing links to articles, blog posts and websites that catch your eye. You’ll position yourself and your business as a credible source of up-to-the-minute information. Remember to add a brief intro to any tweet you send out with a link so that your followers know why it’s worth clicking on.


Twitter is an ideal platform for finding out what your followers (customers) think of your business. Ask a specific question, and you’ll be sure to get some valuable opinions. Consider Twitter as your instant polling tool.


When you’re talking specifically about your products or services, your tweets should be useful and not just promotional in nature. Give a helpful tip or time-saving advice that will be worth reading and will artfully incorporate your marketing message. Be prepared for your followers to ask follow-up questions.

Important News

Because of the immediate nature of Twitter, it provides an ideal way to spread news quickly. If you publish a press release, post something on your blog or have a mention in the media, tweet the links. This is especially important if the news specifically impacts your followers.


The marketing potential of Twitter is tremendous for businesses of all sizes. Consider tweeting about a limited-time promotion or sale or a discount offered just to your Twitter followers.

If you’re just beginning your leap into Twitter, it’s best to develop your own specific guidelines for what you’ll tweet about and what is better shared through other forums. These guidelines should be based specifically on your business goals and objectives. Once you’ve defined these, you’ll have a clear direction for what you should tweet and can start taking advantage of this powerful online communication tool.

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