RingCentral Team
January 19, 2017

Can You Cater to a Global Audience? How to Prepare Small Businesses for a Bigger Stage

Can You Cater to a Global Audience? How to Prepare Small Businesses for a Bigger Stage

As a small business, the prospect of bringing your product to a global audience can seem intimidating. With limited staff time and financial resources, small businesses need to carefully plan how they will grow to global scale. With advances in communications technology, small businesses can harness the power of a global phone service to move from primarily serving local markets to a customer base that spans the globe.

To conduct business on a global scale, you need to be able to connect with customers. With RingCentral Global Office, your business can quickly expand into new markets. Instantly activate new international extensions as needed on your account and use RingCentral’s flexible rule-based call routing to make sure that your business is open when your global customers expect it to be. Simple account administration means you can support workers easily, no matter where they are located. RingCentral offers competitive dialing rates within calling zones and free international calls between company extensions to keep costs manageable for small businesses.

Audio conferencing and online meetings let you collaborate with customers and colleagues from anywhere without the need for costly international travel. RingCentral Meetings works from any desktop computer or mobile device and includes advanced screen sharing, markup tools, text chat, and integrations with cloud storage solutions like Google Drive and Box. RingCentral Meetings offers a full-featured online video conferencing solution that eliminates the need for a costly third-party video conferencing solution—perfect for budget-conscious SMBs.

With RingCentral Global Office, employees located anywhere in the world are all on the same secure communications network. Everyone will be able to access the same robust features from a single business phone system. This empowers your employees and enhances productivity with a consistent voice, messaging, and collaboration experience across your entire workforce.

RingCentral’s desktop and mobile apps give users a unified communications tool to boost productivity and reduce response times. Voicemails, faxes, and Business SMS messages are all collected in a single interface, and flexible alerts help ensure that messages get handled as efficiently as possible.

RingCentral also empowers your team to work more effectively across time zones and geographical boundaries. Glip provides a single, unified team workspace that empowers you to work, communicate, and collaborate faster and more effectively than ever before. Files, tasks, calendars, and conversations are shared online, reducing email clutter and consolidating all of your team’s resources into a unified interface that can be accessed from anywhere. Glip also integrates with other mission-critical apps that you already use, such as Box, JIRA, and Zendesk.

A cloud-based communications system also reduces your IT overhead. A single administration portal simplifies maintenance and gives you full control to remotely manage users, new lines, and extensions for all of your office locations. By eliminating on-site PBX hardware, your small business can reduce maintenance costs and eliminate expensive visits from specialist technicians. Your entire global phone service is supported from the cloud.

Transitioning your small business to serve a global clientele doesn’t have to be as daunting as it sounds. With the right global phone service from RingCentral, you’ll have all the communications tools you need to support customers across the sea as easily as the ones around the corner.