Does the employee experience affect customer satisfaction? That was one of the questions our global research answered. In this global study, we took a hard look at how employees and their customers are affected by disjointed communications technologies and what conclusions we can draw from this to improve both employee and customer engagement. In this post, we’ll pick up where we left off and continue talking about the link between employee and customer engagement; only this time, we’ll take it one step further and show that the two aren’t merely linked—they’re inseparable. But first, let’s recap what we’ve already covered: In the initial blog, we

Channel Partners Expo–the biggest channel event of the year– has arrived! RingCentral will be attending and exhibiting at Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas, Nevada, April 9–12. We’re participating in a variety of ways: informative booth activities, dinner engagements, demos on the expo floor, and of course, plenty of networking.   Stop by our booth—#742—to chat with the RingCentral channel team, see demos of our latest products with expert engineers, and learn about our award-winning channel partner program. Our expert team will be ready and eager to speak with you about how RingCentral’s channel partner program can help you be more successful, boost commissions,

The Enterprise Connect conference in Orlando this month was a great opportunity to get caught up on the latest market trends and hottest technologies. There was a lot of buzz around business workflows enabled by open platforms and APIs. Newer technologies that apply AI to enhance customer experiences in areas such as intelligent virtual assistant for voice and chat, smart contact center routing, and real-time transcription were also top of mind. From all these technology trends a key theme emerged- how leveraging cloud communications technologies to engage employees and customers can result in greater customer satisfaction and business efficiency. A recent survey of 2,000 frontline employees validated

In an effort to understand the connection between employee and customer engagement, we conducted a study that uncovered the factors that contribute to great customer and employee experiences. In previous posts, we explored how seamless communications platforms can shrink the gap between customer expectations and a company's ability to respond effectively, thereby increasing company profitability. We also took a look at how siloed customer data and disjointed communications technologies negatively impact the success of frontline employees. As we peered deeper into the data we found that employee and customer engagement is so closely linked that leveraging separate engagement


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