Personalize Customer Service through Messaging
Tech companies are raising the bar for customer expectations by personalizing almost every area of our lives. Netflix knows what movies and TV shows you like, Spotify knows when your favorite artists are touring near your hometown, and Amazon knows what you would most likely add to your one-click checkout. The speed of technological and […]
Chasing customer satisfaction: What are the benefits of cloud call center software?
Blog summary: Cloud call center technology is all over the marketplace, but how does it relate to your business? Better understand the benefits –– and how they could help your communication strategy.  Key takeaway #1: Those that are slow to adapt to technology trends risk negatively impacting customer satisfaction due to outdated support that can’t handle […]
How to Provide Superior Customer Service on Social Media
We are, for the most part, permanently connected to friends and loved ones around the clock, no matter their location. A movie, song, or answer to any question is just a voice search away. Welcome to the world of instant gratification, where everything is quite literally at our fingertips, and the first victim of these […]