From the Women in Tech luncheon that RingCentral EVP of Innovation Kira Makagon facilitated to the keynote by Girls Who Code Founder and CEO Reshma Saujani, women in high tech was a key topic of discussion at ConnectCentral® 2018.The percentage of women holding computer science jobs has been on the decline since 1995, when 37% were female. Today this number is down to just 25%, and that figure is projected to decline to 22% by 2025. Why is this happening, and why does it matter?Girls Who Code Founder Saujani points to cultural norms and the fact that we’re not encouraging girls to pursue computer science as a career.

In this digital era, IT leaders are the change agents within their organizations. The final day of ConnectCentral 2018 prepared IT leaders for their return home with the mission of uniting cloud communications with their broader digital transformation strategies.Three key insights for day three: Leaders must think differently about business successWorld-renowned author, journalist, and ConnectCentral 2018 keynote speaker Malcolm Gladwell shared why businesses need to adapt to a rapidly changing world by strengthening the weakest links in their organizations. For decades, companies were only as successful as their strongest links—their superstar employees.In order to thrive today, leaders must maximize contributions and

On day two of ConnectCentral 2018, IT leaders explored the impact of technology on employee and customer engagement. It was clear throughout breakout sessions and main stage presentations that when businesses invest in great employee experiences, they drive better customer experiences, and vice versa. Four key insights stood out today:Technology is a crucial element of exceptional employee experiencesBestselling author and futurist Jacob Morgan shared how companies have a misplaced focus on lavish perks and benefits instead of culture,

As knowledge workers, we have dramatically more apps today than ever before. But research shows that—although these disparate workplace apps are intended to improve productivity—they often have the opposite effect. The sheer quantity of apps we use on a daily basis creates a fragmented, disconnected experience, resulting in communications chaos instead of seamless workflows.A new era of work, powered by the need to more easily collaborate, is emerging today. Our employers must allow us to communicate, collaborate, and connect the way we want on any device, anytime, anywhere. And we saw this take shape yesterday at the first day of


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