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MiCamp Merchant Services Gives Credit to RingCentral Mobility


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MiCamp Merchant Services is one of the nation’s leading credit and debit card processing providers. MiCamp Merchant Services provides services for all types of businesses, offering the best processing options for retail stores, E-commerce and restaurants. The company also offers a wireless merchant function, accounts designed for mobile merchants, as well as companies who process credit card information over the phone. MiCamp Merchant Services has 41 employees and was founded in 2006, their headquarters are located in Phoenix, AZ.

MiCamp Merchant Services has always found RingCentral to be essential to its way of business. Having a dependable phone system has been crucial to the employees at MiCamp Merchant Services, especially members of the sales team. “Our business relies on being able to make outbound calls. If our lines are down we cannot work,” says Connie Gade, Sales Manager. “Nine times out of ten, RingCentral Support is aware of issues with our system before we are. All fixes happen immediately, sometimes even before I know that they existed.”

The employees at MiCamp Merchant Services love the constructive features that RingCentral provides. On-demand and easily accessible call recording has become an imperative tool for training purposes. The sales team enjoys being able to access their call logs in order to track progress, while Gade utilizes access to call logs for reporting purposes. She says, “In terms of management, being able to monitor my sales reps is excellent. Reporting has now become extremely easy—I can access call logs and pull reports directly from the RingCentral online portal. I also changed my settings so that reports on calls are sent to me every morning.”

As with many other businesses, MiCamp Merchant Services’ employees find themselves on the go more than ever. The softphone application also makes it easy for employees to receive calls even if they are away from their desk. Call forwarding and call flipping are loved by the sales reps and executive staff alike—with this feature, a call can remain uninterrupted regardless of an employee’s location.

The RingCentral mobile app gives Gade and her colleagues the ability to maintain their professional image even if they are not in the office. “We spend a lot of time working outside of the office,” says Gade. “40% of our employees use the RingCentral mobile app, which gives us the ability to use our business phone number rather than our personal cell phone numbers.”

Originally published Jul 29, 2014, updated Sep 18, 2021

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