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BT Gets a New Generation of Communications Solutions


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BT-Business-Logo BT Business—the UK’s leader in business broadband, fiber, phone, networking and communications services—has selected the RingCentral platform for a new generation of cloud business phone systems in the UK.

The RingCentral solution is a cloud business phone system that’s designed for today’s mobile and dispersed workforces, providing a flexible alternative to complex, on-premise legacy phone systems.

John Thorneycroft, Managing Director of Commercial and Marketing at BT Business said, “UK businesses are looking for a new generation of solutions to meet the rapidly changing communications needs of their distributed and mobile workforce. RingCentral brings unique cloud solutions with unparalleled ease of use and management, combined with a rich set of capabilities.”

The relationship will extend BT’s portfolio of business broadband and communication solutions to offer cloud phone systems based on the RingCentral cloud platform. BT will offer the solutions from early 2015 through BT Local Business, its network of independent BT businesses across the UK and through its dedicated telesales call centers.

David Sipes, Executive Vice President of International Business at RingCentral, said, “We are excited to have been selected as the partner of choice by BT, one of world’s best known and most innovative communications services providers. It is further validation of our leading cloud communications platform, as well as our proven ability to work closely with major carriers across the world to address the rapidly evolving needs of their business customers.”

The new generation of RingCentral’s cloud solution is now available with HD video meetings and web conferencing. It keeps employees connected to customers and colleagues wherever they are working, on a variety of business and personal devices, including: smartphones, tablets, computers and desk phones. RingCentral’s cloud solution is simple to activate and manage, and easy to scale as a company grows.

Interested in partnering with RingCentral? Click to learn more about the RingCentral Partner Programmes in the UK and the US.





Originally published Jul 31, 2014, updated Aug 12, 2020

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