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Get local, toll-free, and international telephone numbers that come with the best cloud-hosted communications solution.

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What is a Business Phone Number?

A business phone number can be your official and direct link so that clients, partners, and others can reach and identify your business. Your business phone number can help solidify your company brand, establish your identity, and enhance your network, whether you're a small business or an enterprise.

When you have an official business phone number, you don't need to give out your personal phone number. Your business phone number becomes your direct inward dialing (DID) number.

Used with a VoIP provider, you can use your business phone number on several devices and in different locations— even while on the go.

Getting your business phone numbers is easy. Just choose a trusted service provider that will give you your desired phone number, select a pricing plan based on what you need, and pay (generally every month). But which business phone number should you get to maximize its use? 

RingCentral offers you different types of business phone numbers you may need.

Different Types of Business Phone Numbers

A unique and dedicated business phone number can benefit your company or business. It allows your clients to reach you faster, contact the business directly, and help to maintain a professional image. However, different business phone numbers may cater to your client's needs. Discover the different types of business phone numbers that best suit your company.

Why should you get a business phone number?

Your company telephone number is the number one point of contact customers have with your company.

While there’s been an increase in the use of other point-of-contact channels like email, videoconferencing, and chat, there is nothing more reassuring than having an actual person answering your call after being on a call queue. Having business phone numbers, such as dedicated toll-free phone numbers, for your company and its branches also adds to your credibility as an organization.

Conventional landlines, however, have limitations. You’d need to spend more on features like SMS text messaging, fax, voicemail-to-email, and call forwarding options to get the most out of it. Having an on-premise PBX could help, but it would require you to set up on-site hardware that will cost you thousands upfront.

Fortunately, RingCentral, a trusted VoIP service provider, offers affordable business phone numbers supported by one of the best virtual phone systems in the industry. Instead of conventional landlines, your company gets a virtual phone number not tied to physical lines. RingCentral business phone numbers can be accessed from anywhere and on any mobile device, so employees won’t need to use their personal cell phone plans to make calls. They can simply use the RingCentral mobile app and use their company number.

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Regular landlines

  • Expensive on-site hardware paid up-front
  • Complex implementations mean additional fees
  • Early termination fees for required contracts
  • Service and hardware upgrades come at a price
  • Premium technical support calls for additional fees
  • Maintenance requires specialized manpower
  • Service changes require lengthy processes

Virtual phone service

  • Does not require on-site hardware
  • Quick and easy implementations
  • No long term contracts that tie down your business
  • Upgrades and updates are rolled out for free
  • Free 24/7 technical support
  • Configure and manage the system from anywhere
  • Easily add or re-assign digital lines and extensions

RingCentral Features You Can Have with Your Business Phone Number

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Auto-attendant and Call Routing

Handle all incoming phone calls with an automatic answering service and route them to the right person or department. When you customize this feature, you can even hire professional voice artists to give your callers the best first impression.

Learn more about auto-attendant

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Business Phone System’s Answering Rules

Change how your company answers incoming phone calls. If you want, you can set your business hours where all calls during your 9-5 shift will be answered and routed, while calls outside those hours can go straight to voicemail.

Learn more about answering rules

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Hold Music or Messages

Reduce the stress of waiting for a response when a client calls your business phone number. Play music or broadcast business communications like new promos or new policies while the caller is on hold. You can modify your on-hold music or messages in cloud telephony.

Learn more about on-hold music

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Call Forwarding

Let your employees take their calls from wherever they are. With RingCentral, you can forward business calls to their personal cellphone, home phone, or any other telephony device. Employees can even customize how they can forward calls to different numbers. Calls forwarded can be sent to different numbers chronologically, simultaneously, or a mix of both.

Learn more about call forwarding

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Call Screening

Have complete control over who can reach you. Accept calls, ask callers to identify themselves, or outright block specific numbers or unwanted callers. Users can even send calls directly to voicemail and use of the voicemail-to-email feature from RingCentral.

 Learn more about call screening

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Caller ID

Let your employees take their calls from wherever they are. With RingCentral, you can forward business calls to their personal cellphone, home phone, or any other telephony device. Employees can even customize how they can forward calls to different numbers. Calls forwarded can be sent to different numbers chronologically, simultaneously, or a mix of both.

Learn more about call forwarding

Why customers choose RingCentral

Specially made for business

Access features and functionalities designed to help your business and your workforce communicate better. Get unlimited VoIP and conferencing with features like SMS, faxing, and team messaging, straight from your mobile phone.

Mobile and flexible cloud-based system

The modern business phone system not only provides a reliable telephony solution but also includes VoIP features like caller ID, video conferencing, SMS, and even faxing to help businesses communicate better.

Quick and convenient installation

No need for complicated business phone system installations for your local business. Have your phone service up and running in a day. Easily configure and manage your phone system from an online dashboard.

Secure and reliable cloud phone system

RingCentral provides you peace of mind knowing that all your business communications are protected during the entire transmission journey. Data travels through encrypted networks with layers of authentication for additional security.

Premium technical support

From day one, RingCentral will assist you in setting up and configuring your business phone system. Our award-winning customer support team will provide you with expert technical business phone service support, consultations, and best-practice recommendations.

Great value with no hidden costs

Get a single, all-inclusive bill with no hidden costs. RingCentral even provides both small business owners and local business enterprises with a powerful cloud communications system for one affordable price. No additional fees for premium features.

RingCentral Business Communications plans for your small business

Volume discounts for 50+ users available. Contact our sales experts to learn more.

Business Phone Service
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Yes. All businesses, even small business owners, need their business phone numbers. However, each organization is unique. The business needs of a small business differ from the needs of an enterprise.
The same thing applies to business phone numbers. With RingCentral, you can have different options for your company’s number. You may need a toll-free number, but others may need international business phone numbers. Both businesses can also indulge in vanity phone numbers. That’s why you need to know your options.
Getting a business phone number for your organization is straightforward with RingCentral. As you sign up for any RingCentral plan, you need to indicate the type of number you need (toll-free number or local phone number), so you can choose from the available numbers. It’s just a matter of choosing what most appeals to you and finishing the sign-up process.
Once you have an account with RingCentral, you can add more business phone numbers by simply going to your dashboard. You can then go to Phone Numbers, then choose the Add Number option.
From there, you can choose from the available business phone numbers. You can assign it as a company number or to an individual through their extension.
If you’re happy with your current number but want a better business phone system, you also have the option to keep it when you make the shift to RingCentral. Just sign up for a plan and someone from RingCentral will help you port your number.
Yes.  You can transfer or port your existing toll-free number or local phone numbers to RingCentral.  Once you have requested a port transfer through your online account, you can check the status of your number transfer request. Transferring business phone numbers typically takes 5-14 days, but can take up to four (4) weeks.
You can refer to our plans and pricing stated above, but an additional phone number costs $4.99 per month, regardless if it’s a toll-free or local number.  You can find below the cost depending on the type of number you will be adding.
  • Local Number/s - A Local Number would cost $4.99 plus State and local taxes.
  • Toll-Free Number/s - A Toll-Free Number would cost $4.99 plus State and local taxes.
  • True Toll-Free Number (1-800) - A True 1800 Toll-Free Number would cost $4.99 plus a one-time $30.00 Setup Fee plus State and local taxes.
  • Vanity Number - A Vanity Number would cost $4.99 plus a one-time $30.00 Setup Fee plus State and local taxes.
NOTE:  Vanity phone numbers may take up to five (5) days to be activated completely.
For new customers, plans start at $15.99 and have a quick and easy business phone system setup, and require no hardware. You can even start out with a free trial. 
For existing RingCentral customers, you can add a vanity phone number for a small $30 setup fee (plus taxes) and a small monthly subscription fee. From there, your business phone number will be activated within 5 business days.
You can make business calls to any U.S. and Canada local phone numbers included in the list of supported area codes.  You can also view or download the list of supported area codes.
Yes, you can get a professional voice recording for your business. RingCentral, in partnership with Snap Recordings, offer various packages for custom greetings, messages on hold, IVR prompts, and announcements. It is easy to create your messages and go live with a professional voice recording in 3-4 business days, with 1-2 business days rush service available.
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