Jim Payne
April 14, 2015

RingCentral for Entrepreneurs: Mobility and Your Small Business

smb mobilitySmall business owners and employees face challenges. Small business typically equals small budgets, small staff, and small amounts of time. In spite of this, the demands on small businesses and their staff are still quite large. Workers are required to wear numerous hats and perform cross-functional duties constantly. Time can be a massive factor for smaller companies with big demands, requiring workers to be more productive, performing their duties in and outside of the office. Changing demand is forcing all workers at companies big and small to have full access and availability to perform critical business functions anywhere, anytime.

Traditionally, workers are shackled to their desks, to their computers, to their networks, and to their phones. The modern worker is incapable of thriving and producing in this type of environment. More than ever, work requires constant attention, constant availability, and constant access to critical business functions. Technology has improved substantially to be conducive to this type of environment. Desktops have been replaced with laptops, VPN’s and cloud technology allows employees access to everything they need from wherever they are. But what about their phones? Desk phones don’t typically work well outside the office when duty calls.

Business phone systems moving to the cloud is the next evolution in technology for small businesses. Small business owners and their staff are tasked with constant engagement with their jobs, whether they are in the office or out to lunch. Cloud phone systems allow workers to have constant, full connectivity to their work on their laptops and cell phones, all while masking their personal information. Everything from voicemail, texting, to inbound/outbound calling, and full system management are all available from a mobile client.

The advantage this offers is substantial. Once adopted, all shackles to a physical office are finally removed, offering full mobility and cost-savings to small businesses that need it most. Time and geography are factors now completely removed, allowing small businesses to focus on the most important objective, running their business effectively.

How can a more mobile business phone system help your company succeed?