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Leading Property Management Company Accelerates Operational Efficiency with RingCentral Cloud Based Business Phone System


Arbors Management, Inc. improves company-wide communications and slashes telecommunication costs with cloud-based business phone system

San Mateo, CA, April 6, 2010 — Arbors Management, Inc., one of the oldest and largest property management firms in Western Pennsylvania and West Virginia, has a distinguished reputation of hands-on personal customer service. With 25 offices and managing over 5,000 residential units, it was essential to preserve that high touch service in every aspect of their customer communications, which is why they selected cloud computing business phone system, RingCentral Office.

Arbors Management has been open for business since 1982. The company needed to solve the problem of enabling customers to easily call any of their highly distributed and mobile employees, as well as various offices located throughout two states. The legacy on-premise PBX systems approach would have been very expensive, hard to manage, and could not have met their highly distributed and mobility needs. Christopher Wagner, director of marketing, found the solution in cloud based, business phone system RingCentral Office.

He stated, “We made the switch to RingCentral because we have several offices and mobile employees and this was a great, cost effective way to bring the offices’ phone systems together. Our old provider was different for each office, with a different phone system in each office, which ultimately was very costly and inefficient.”

“We pride ourselves on hassle free service and we were delighted to find a business phone system that shared our philosophy. RingCentral has substantially helped our business by improving our communications with clients and prospective clients, while also slashing our telecommunication costs,” says Wagner.

RingCentral Office has allowed Arbors Management to maintain efficient communications across the entire company, and simplify operations. They have one central number with multiple extensions across their several offices, which allows them to appear centralized in spite of their many statewide locations. Although the entire company is connected with one number, the flexibility of RingCentral Office has enabled each office to tailor the phone system to their specific needs with customized call routing, personalized greetings, and forwarding.

With RingCentral Office, Arbors Management was able to avoid a very costly up-front capital investment in a traditional on-premise system that would not have met their distributed business needs or provided RingCentral Office’s rich communication capabilities. RingCentral Office combines a multi-extension business phone system with advanced voice and fax functionality, always-on digital-line service, unlimited calling and full-featured phones that arrive pre-configured and ready for use. With RingCentral Office, businesses have a complete business phone system with zero setup costs, no contracts and a low, fixed monthly fee.

Call logs are one of the many features that Arbors Management has found essential. They are able to track and manage calls, which is particularly helpful in time sensitive situations. If there is ever a dispute that a call was placed from or received by Arbors Management, the company can easily validate the claim using the call logs. The logs track incoming and outgoing calls providing a verifiable back up when needed.

With RingCentral Office, Arbors Management has been able to bring their business together and project a professional, unified image all while slashing their telecommunication costs.

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