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RingCentral® Launches RingOut Click-to-call Feature Helps Entrepreneurs to Generate Sales and Leads

San Mateo, California — August 19, 2005 – In a world where small businesses are forced to get creative to compete with larger enterprises, RingCentral launched a new click-to-call technology to boost small businesses’ sales and customer service. The technology, RingOut, allows anyone to dial or return a call with a single click—either from Outlook, any open application on their PC, or from a subscriber’s call log.

“To compete with larger companies and reduce costs, small businesses and salespeople need alternative ways to increase sales and improve customer service,” said Vlad Shmunis, Chairman and CEO of RingCentral, an online telephony provider. “And with RingOut the ability to return calls from a virtual and in many cases toll-free number with the appropriate business caller ID is unique in the industry.”

Service companies such as Landrite Mortgage Services, NuSTART Home Solutions, and the GetLeads Network, use RingOut to generate leads. “I am amazed at the convenience of this technology,” said Erica Nunn, a real estate broker who runs NuSTART, which specializes in at-risk home sales. ”It allows me to call clients from my 800-number using any phone. Now the possibilities are endless!”

Interestingly, the system dials from whatever number the subscriber chooses and that number can be changed at any time. This is helpful in situations when clients block calls. In Nunn’s case, she uses her home and mobile phones to call potential clients, who see her businesses’ 1-800 number on their caller ID.

Because RingOut is fully integrated with Microsoft Office, subscribers can fast-dial their Outlook contacts from their Outlook toolbar. And RingOut users can initiate calls easily from an open application on their PC (such as a Word, Excel, Web page or email) by highlighting a number and hitting a hotbutton key (F6) on their keyboard to initiate the call.

All outbound calls are logged into a stored call log for future reference. This is important because subscribers can track their account history and billing.

RingCentral offers four service plans starting at $9.99 a month. All plans include RingOut plus toll-free or local numbers, an auto-attendant with multiple extensions, multi-number call forwarding and screening, voicemail, online faxing, and more. As with all these features, RingOut is included at no additional fee and is easy to use. For instance, because all incoming calls to a subscribers’ account are also logged in a personal call log, if they want to return a call, they just click a logged number. RingCentral calls them back on the number of their choice, dials the callback number, and then ties the two legs of the calls together.

“This is a great product,” said Michael Brock Pilgrim, broker with Landrite Mortgage Services.

Carlo Desierto of the GetLeads Network based in San Diego, who provides mortgage leads to brokers, loan officers, and insurance companies, uses RingCentral to connect his Ohio, Washington and California divisions inexpensively. “With RingCentral I save a lot of money by not having to rent out offices for my staff,” said Desierto. “And with RingOut, clients receive my business’s 800-number on their caller ID, making my business appear more professional and it speeds up the calling process. I love the RingOut feature.”

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Spun off form Motorola in 1998, RingCentral is fast becoming a leader among next-generation telecom providers. On a monthly subscription basis, the company offers everything from toll-free and local area code select, to advanced call waiting, call screening, text-to-speech technology, online faxing, message management, and now click-to-call. RingCentral effectively integrates PSTN, VoIP, cellular, email, voicemail, fax, SMS and the Internet into a comprehensive package that radically improves productivity for business subscribers and their callers alike.

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