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What does the modern workforce look like?

It’s dynamic, fluid, and on the move. Fixed working patterns are history. Exhilarating, yes. But the ability to work well from home or a hotel comes with a heightened reliance on communications.

5 modern IT challenges

Keeping a dynamic workforce connected has uniquely modern requirements.

Distance and responsiveness
Information sharing and syncing
Human interactions
Frequent setup and updates
BYOD and mobile devices
You need a communications network that is flexible enough to overcome geographic and time distance to seamlessly connect multiple office buildings, home offices, and a multitude of mobile devices in dizzying combinations.
You need a communications network robust enough to easily share all types of business information, from voice messages to online presentations. At the same time, you need a simple way to ensure data syncs across multiple devices to ensure employees remain on the same page no matter how they connect and communicate.
When your employees and customers aren’t in the same place – ever, you need a phone system that amplifies the subtle human cues vital for collaboration and rapport to flourish. You need online tools that let conversation flow freely both ways—such as texting, conference calling, online meetings, and screen sharing—so everyone stays in the loop.
When change is the only constant and your phone system is the lifeline for employee productivity, you don't have time to waste—especially if it's waiting for a local technician to support you. You need to be empowered to add and remove employees, devices, and phone lines at a moment's notice from wherever you are.
Many employees prefer to use their own mobile devices, but for IT organizations, personal phones invite security vulnerabilities. You need a phone system that can make BYOD cost-effective while providing peace-of-mind that your critical business data remains secure, even if the employee takes the device to a different company.

Centralized administration made possible by the cloud

Manage all of your users, locations, devices, new setups, and integrations using the online administrator interface.

Secure communications, from start to finish

A secure and reliable phone system is crucial to your business.
Cloud communications is a data transmission process.
RingCentral vigilantly safeguards your data through the entire transmission journey, not just part of it.
Inactive, at-rest data is stored safely on all RingCentral devices.
Data is fully encrypted during transit.
Data Center
Layers of border controls authenticate all data coming from the Internet.
Only direct connections to established and secure carrier PSTN lines are used.
With RingCentral, security is built in.

Your cloud communications system for business

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