A culture of innovation

Rather than rely on others’ technology, RingCentral made a strategic decision early on to build our own technology and our own network. This commitment allows us to provide our customers with carrier-grade reliability and outstanding QoS at all times.

“RingCentral is fully redundant geographically in every location where the
company operates. This is a key differentiator between RingCentral and its
competitors as many are not geographically redundant internationally.”


Keep your company open for business with RingCentral reliability

Keeping your company open
for business

Natural disasters, power outages, and malicious network attacks can cause communications downtime that frustrates your customers and threatens your bottom line. Our distributed network is fully redundant in every location we serve, providing you with a truly global infrastructure that ensures 24/7 business continuity for your company.

“RingCentral helped us accomplish moving all of our critical systems to the cloud. This gives us a lot more diverse risk base and just lets us work from any location, something very important to our company.”

— James & Howard, CTO, Open Mortgage

Be assured of RingCentral reliability with end-to-end monitoring.

End-to-end monitoring

RingCentral continually monitors the end-to-end performance of our network to ensure KPIs such as quality metrics, completion rates, and availability remain at peak levels. Globally, we have alarms in place that warn of widespread, significant drops in endpoint performance.

Check real-time system information about RingCentral reliability anytime.

Real-time system information

Our self-service portal allows users to log in 24/7 to check the overall health of the RingCentral system. You can confirm in real time whether your communications services are up and running and monitor the resolution status of system-wide problems.

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Expect RingCentral reliability even in disasters and emergencies.

Disaster recovery

The RingCentral platform has been architected to support failover conditions in case of emergency. Using SIP trunking, RingCentral provides real-time disaster recovery by switching active services from one data center to another. Thanks to redundant internet connections, our fax, voice, voicemail, and conferencing services can all continue to operate without interruption.

Resilience during internet failure 

RingCentral Persist™ offers advanced cloud capabilities and site resilience in the event of an internet outage. This feature allows enterprises to maintain calling features for a critical set of users and avoid service interruption on inbound and outbound calls, extension to extension dialing, and E911 emergency services.

The continuity and quality you deserve

Learn more about how our cloud-based platform compares to on-premises solutions, and what customers have to say about their experiences with RingCentral.

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