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What is the best phone service for small businesses?

There is not a single best phone service that would work for all small businesses, but in many cases, a virtual phone service provides SMBs the advantages of low cost, ease of use, and flexibility to take business calls from anywhere and any device.

Instead of opting for an on-premise system that requires businesses to buy expensive hardware and host the service themselves, they can subscribe to a virtual business phone service provider like RingCentral. That way, they can access and use the technology from anywhere, which gives businesses more flexibility and mobility they simply cannot get from on-premise systems.

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What is the best virtual phone service?

The best virtual phone service can be different for each business. Each has their own business communication needs that is not necessarily the same with other organizations

RingCentral, however, is one of the top-rated services and is rated highly among small businesses, as well as enterprises.

One of the reasons for this is because RingCentral has gone beyond the basic virtual phone service by developing a unified communications solution that meets most, if not all, communications needs of businesses of all sizes.

Aside from providing a reliable telephony and call management system, RingCentral provides other useful communication and collaboration tools like online meetings and team messaging features.

The best part is that all these can be accessed from one unified platform, removing the need to switch from app to app for different modes of communication.

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How to choose the right business phone system

Choosing the right business phone system for your organization is not easy. There are a lot of providers out there that claim to be the best, but their service ultimately falls short of what businesses need.

To help you out, here are some of the things that you should look for when evaluating a virtual phone service:

  • Communication and collaboration features beyond basic virtual phone service

    Do not limit your business to the basics. While having a VoIP and cloud PBX to help you fully take advantage of virtual phone numbers is great, there is a lot more to cloud communications that can benefit your business.

    RingCentral, in fact, has most if not all the features you need to communicate internally and externally. Aside from a cloud-hosted phone system, RingCentral also features a powerful team collaboration and messaging app. From there, you can form teams, share files, and even manage tasks. It also includes a powerful online meetings app with screen sharing. This feature lets you host or join an audio or video conference call from anywhere, on any device and ensures that you and your co-collaborators can get on the same page even if you’re not operating from the same place.

  • All the communication tools you need in one platform

    In the past, you had to get a different provider for each virtual communication need. Aside from your virtual phone service, you had to get a separate online meetings provider and a separate team messaging app. This does not even include the non-communication tools like your customer relationship management (CRM) software. As a result, users are getting app overload from the many apps they have to use.

    Fortunately, the RingCentral app (for desktop and for mobile) acts like your central communications hub. From the app, you can make and receive calls, access your voicemail, message your team, and even start an online meeting instantly. You can do all those and more without ever leaving the RingCentral app.

  • A phone service that integrates with your business apps

    Look for a business communications solution that plays nice with your other business apps.

    Whether you are using the popular Salesforce CRM or productivity apps like Google for Work and Office 365, there is an available RingCentral integration available in the App Gallery, which allows you to use your phone system from within the business app itself.

    If your business is using custom-made apps, you can still add communication components to it. There are different RingCentral APIs that you can use to add calling, faxing, SMS, and other functions to your own business app.

  • A reliable hosted phone system

    A virtual phone system that is always down and unavailable is worse than useless to a business—it is a huge liability. Instead of helping the organization, it contributes to the negative perception of a company because it will seem that they are unreachable to customers.

    That is why RingCentral hosts its service in multiple servers in multiple data centers across the US. This ensures redundancy of service. If one server or data center fails, you can be assured there is a whole other set of servers and data centers that can take over and keep the service running.

  • Secure virtual phone service

    One of the disadvantages of using a virtual phone service is that your data—like voice, fax, or SMS—will be going through a public network like the internet. This makes it susceptible to being intercepted by third parties while they’re being transmitted.

    RingCentral makes sure that does not happen to your business. By employing high-level encryption, your important information is protected from breaches during IP transmissions and even when data is at rest at endpoints like the RingCentral app on desktop or mobile.

    In addition to this, RingCentral employs an overall comprehensive security strategy that includes regular data center audits, multi-factor authentication (MFA), built-in service layer fraud protection, and more. This gives subscribers peace of mind in going virtual with their telephone service and other communications needs.

RingCentral offers companies more than just a business phone system; it provides a reliable, secure, and complete unified communications solution. It checks all the boxes of the communications needs checklist that businesses of all sizes have.