Founded in 2011 by Matt van Winkle, RE/MAX on the Lake and Northwest is one of the largest real estate brokerages in Washington State, with six offices in the greater Seattle area. Unlike many other real estate brokerages, RE/MAX on the Lake and Northwest leverages a cloud communications solution to best serve its clients. By selecting RingCentral and utilizing its robust feature set, van Winkle is able to provide over 260 real estate agents with a reliable, mobile, and flexible communications solution that is easy to manage.


Real estate agents at RE/MAX on the Lake and Northwest spend the majority of their time on the road, away from their offices. Unreliable communication is simply not an option for van Winkle’s RE/MAX offices, because clients need to be able to reach agents at any given time. RingCentral’s Mobile app allows van Winkle’s team to text and take voice calls, send and receive faxes, and participate in HD video meetings and conference calls regardless of their location.

From an administrative perspective, RingCentral is a great fit for RE/MAX on the Lake and Northwest, because van Winkle is able to manage the system without the need for a dedicated IT staff. By adopting a cloud-based communications solution over a traditional PBX phone system, RE/MAX on the Lake and Northwest has also achieved cost savings of over 30 percent.

We are thrilled that van Winkle and his growing team of real estate agents at RE/MAX on the Lake and Northwest are leveraging RingCentral’s cloud technology to provide its clients with the best experience possible.

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