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Introducing RingCentral Contact Center


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At RingCentral, we provide best-in-class cloud communication solutions for today’s modern enterprise. Our sweet spot is businesses with 50+ employees, and our customers have been telling us that though they love our unified communications suite, they wish we had a robust contact center offering as well. And now we do!

I’m excited to announce RingCentral Contact Center, a product formed out of our new partnership with inContact that will bring an all-inclusive contact center offering, integrated with the award-winning RingCentral Office solution, directly to RingCentral customers.

I’ve been working with inContact for a long time, dating all the way back to my time as a developer at Salesforce 10 years ago, and I remember thinking even the very first time I saw their product that it was the best. Fast forward 10 years later and the market has validated it: inContact is the undisputed leader in cloud contact center. They have the most agents and the most revenue of any cloud contact center player, and their product speaks for itself. In fact we at RingCentral have been using inContact for 4 years with our nearly 500 agents spread across offices in Manila, London, Denver, and our CA headquarters. Suffice it to say that we know inContact and it’s served us well.

Now we’re offering that same great technology to our customers. We’re not just selling the product though, we’re integrating our networks together, running private fiber lines directly between our data centers. We’re effectively becoming extensions of each others’ clouds — something that RingCentral would only do with a cloud like inContact’s that is as secure and PCI and HIPAA compliant as RingCentral’s cloud is. This means that our customers will see RingCentral Contact Center as a seamless part of their unified communications service, with extension dialing and messaging across the entire enterprise, including the contact center.

RingCentral Contact Center is a complete product. Real-time dashboards are a request I hear from customers every day, and RingCentral Contact Center has it in spades. Simple, drag-and-drop, instantly filterable real-time dashboards. That may sound like an adjective-laden Starbucks order, but it’s the real deal. And historical reporting too, and agent state tracking, and skills based routing. And multichannel, with voice, email, SMS, web chat, and fax. And an IVR supporting data dips. And automated dialers. And prebuilt integrations with Salesforce and other CRM systems. I could keep going with the “ands” but hopefully I’ve made my point: this product contains everything a contact center could need.

Finally, RingCentral Contact Center comes in a competitive and very attractive package. Unlike traditional contact center companies we’re not pricing every little feature separately. Instead we’ve created simple tiers of service that correspond to the needs of contact centers in various stages of growth, all at very reasonable prices. This simple packaging and attractive pricing has worked wonderfully for RingCentral Office, and now we’re doing the same for RingCentral Contact Center.

We’re introducing an entry into the contact center market that comes pre-integrated with the RingCentral Office service, that has everything a growing contact center needs, and that will save our customers money. I’m proud today to bring you RingCentral Contact Center.

Originally published Apr 27, 2015, updated Sep 01, 2021

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