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Google+ for Small Business

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Google-Plus Google+ is a hot online topic right now, and many small business owners are wondering if it’s the next big marketing opportunity on the internet. Google certainly wants everyone to believe that it is – the company is working hard to prove that it’s serious about its new social media site.

So what do business owners need to know about Google+? Here are answers to some of the most common questions:

What exactly is Google+
Google+ is a social-media platform and a content-sharing tool. It allows you to share text, photos and videos to a network of contacts. These contacts can respond, rate and share your content. Just like Facebook, you can add or block contacts.

What’s the +1 button mean?
You’ve probably seen the +1 button popping up on Google search results. This is a tool that can be used to endorse content as a valid source of information relevant to a search term. Many are speculating that this button may be used in the algorithm that Google uses to rank sites, but the company isn’t admitting to this yet. The button may also be the first step in creating personalized algorithms that deliver content based on a user’s +1 behaviors. While there is much speculation on how the +1 button will be used, there is no doubt that it is a way to validate businesses’ content – further proving that fresh, informative content is vital to a business’s online success.

Can I have a Google+ profile for my business?
Currently, Google+ doesn’t offer accounts for businesses. Google plans to unveil special tools for business users – including more-sophisticated analytics and sharing features – later this year. Businesses that set up personal accounts now will not be able to migrate their data over to a business profile once these unique tools become available.

Are there any current opportunities for businesses using Google+?
Yes, Google+ is rapidly gaining popularity with individuals. So business owners can create personal Google+ pages to share information with customers and colleagues who can be gathered in groups that Google refers to as “Circles.” This tool to organize friends and connections is a great way to share information with select individuals.

Will I still need Facebook and Twitter once Google+ takes off?
No one can predict the future of social media. What is known is that it has increasingly become a key marketing tool for small businesses. By staying current, you can not only have the best opportunities to increase your online exposure – you’ll increase your ability to stay competitive in a rapidly changing marketplace.

Whether or not Google+ takes off with small business, a professional business phone system remains a vital customer service and marketing tool. Learn more about how RingCentral can help your business grow.

Originally published Aug 31, 2011, updated Aug 07, 2020

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