Why Did We Add Incoming Email Management to Our Digital Customer Relations Management Solution?


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From Forums to Social Media

When Dimelo was launched in 2006, we created a solution to manage brand forums and business-to-customer help forums. In 2010, social media channels were added to our offer. And in 2015, we added incoming email management to our platform.

Before 2012, some businesses already viewed digital channels as full-right Customer Relations channels. These businesses were already inviting their customers to contact them via email or web forms, as well as on social media.

The Birth of Digital Channels

In 2015, these “digital” businesses connected other digital channels to get closer to their customers and serve them better: mobile, messaging, video chat… Other businesses were just starting to use social media. In 2015, we added incoming email management to our solution.

“Digital” businesses were seeing a decrease in their incoming emails and an increase in their “messaging” (interaction on Messenger, WeChat, in-app messaging…). Managing these short, dynamic messages is faster and less costly than email management.

Businesses have understood how important it is to bridge the gap between declining emails and ever-growing messaging.

With Dimelo’s multi-channel platform, the migration from “classic” channels to others more popular among customers was much easier to manage.

Other businesses wanted to downsize the digital interaction management tools used on their Customer Relations platforms, so they chose a multi-channel solution combining historic digital channels with modern ones: one console, one training for agents, centralized statistics, single CRM integration…)

Supporting this change and making it smoother is only possible if these two types of channels are managed from one single console. That is why Dimelo added email management to its multi-channel customer relations management offer.

Originally published Oct 17, 2016, updated Dec 30, 2022

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