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TRUSTe Boosts Mobility With RingCentral Office

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Jul 23, 2013

Moving into a new house allows you to de-clutter and reassess what you need. The same is true of businesses that change offices. When data privacy management company TRUSTe was getting ready to move into a new space in early 2011, it made an effort to examine its needs – specifically its phone system requirements. TRUSTe

TRUSTe’s products enable businesses to build trust and increase engagement across their online properties. The firm’s privacy framework is used by industry leaders including Apple, AT&T and Disney. You may have seen the TRUSTe logo elsewhere, too: it counts thousands of e-commerce websites as its clients.

Yet for a company that specializes in helping websites work better, TRUSTe’s old on-premise phone system was proving to be an underperformer. Matt Benoit, TRUSTe’s IT manager, noted in a recent conversation that the firm’s private branch exchange (PBX) caused big configuration headaches.

As TRUSTe looked to upgrade its on-prem phone system, Matt said, ease of management was a major consideration. “It was critical that employees be able to integrate a variety of devices – including smartphones and tablets – and easily manage their own preferences without IT involvement,” he indicated.

Initially TRUSTe wanted to evaluate several business phone vendors. After testing RingCentral on 12 lines, however, the company’s decision-makers were so impressed that they promptly rolled out RingCentral Office across their entire organization (more than 100 lines in total).  The most impressive aspect of the transition was the speed with which it was done, Matt told us.

“We needed our phone numbers moved over quickly, otherwise we were dead in the water,” he said. “The RingCentral porting team was super responsive and knowledgeable. It really went smoothly.”

With more than 25 percent of TRUSTe’s workforce out in the field, RingCentral’s Android and iOS apps are a particularly useful feature for the business. Keeping mobile employees connected to the office was a time-consuming proposition with TRUSTe’s old PBX – yet thanks to RingCentral, Matt estimates, TRUSTe now spends 50 percent less time on system configuration.

“Between increased functionality, user-level access and the ability to manage the solution from anywhere, we’re experiencing significant cost and productivity improvements compared to our old on-premise phone system,” he concluded.

Interested in learning more about RingCentral for your business? See what RingCentral Office can do – visit our Office pricing page for details!

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