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RingCentral Video Analytics: Full visibility into your video meetings

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It’s tempting to think that once offices return, meetings will go back to normal. But if the last year is any indication, it’s that the workplace has evolved—permanently. Businesses are going hybrid, where employees can freely choose to work where they feel most productive, whether it’s at home or in the office.

All of this points to video meetings becoming a permanent part of our work lives. With employees and teams working remotely, video meetings will be at the heart of how entire companies collaborate. And if your company uses video, having full visibility into the performance of your meeting solution can make a huge impact on your productivity. Here’s why:

Video meetings are here to stay

In just the first week of lockdown last March, video conferencing apps saw a record 62 million downloads—paving the way for a year in which most face-to-face contact was virtual. And given the rise of remote work and cost reductions from business travel, their prevalence is only expected to grow. In 2019, the global video conferencing market was worth $5.32 billion. That number is expected to more than double in the coming years, reaching $10.92 billion by 2027.

But productivity over video meetings is only as good as the quality of the internet connection and users’ level of participation and engagement. Problems such as lags and outages can derail a meeting fast. And as with other tools, there may also be opportunities to drive more value from video communications by optimizing how employees use the platform. Indeed, keeping an eye on video will have a tremendous impact in managing operations—especially for organizations with remote workers. 

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RingCentral Video Analytics

RingCentral Video Analytics provides this type of complete visibility. IT admins can improve the video meeting experience by using robust real-time reports, dashboards, and alerts. Department heads or line-of-business leaders can ensure everyone on the team is functioning at their best.

Let’s look at three important ways analytics can help businesses get more out of their meetings.

1. Get everyone on board for video

It might sound obvious, but getting the most out of video meetings starts with making sure everyone is actually using the solution. 

RingCentral’s Adoption and Usage Analytics provides comprehensive details about how employees are adopting and using video meetings and features in RingCentral Video.  These insights can help to inform adoption, training, and app upgrade programs. 

Adoption and Usage allows admins to see:

2. Monitor individual and team performance

It’s important that managers have visibility into their teams’ activities so they can evaluate and optimize performance. This is especially true when it comes to how individuals in communications-centric roles, such as customer support, sales, and training are using tools like video conferencing. But such monitoring can be difficult without sitting in on every meeting. 

Performance Reports allows administrators and managers to:

3. Ensure high-quality video meetings

An ability to troubleshoot is a critical consideration for IT admins, who are responsible for the technical stability of the tools employees use to do their jobs. But identifying and fixing issues remotely is often a challenge. 

Quality of Service Analytics provides full visibility into performance quality, which is presented in a visual, easy-to-grasp format. This information helps IT to:

Get the most out of video

As businesses increasingly rely on video meetings, simply using video solutions isn’t enough to make sure employees get the most out of them. Businesses should actively monitor their video strategies and tools, ensuring that employees are using video software to its fullest capacity and that video quality is up to the task.

RingCentral Video Analytics makes it easy for managers and IT to access this information in order to proactively ensure your video meetings can truly go the distance. Click here to learn more about our analytics solution.

Originally published Mar 25, 2021, updated Apr 01, 2021

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