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Announcing RingSense for Sales: Conversation intelligence for revenue teams

RingSense for revenue teams


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Ever wish you could be in two places at once? Do you have tedious parts of your job that feel like a waste of time? With all the excitement around generative artificial intelligence (AI), there’s a lot of promise. However, it can be difficult to see exactly how AI will help you with your communications. Let’s break it down.  

We’ve just announced RingSense, a conversation intelligence solution powered by our latest AI innovations. As a leader in cloud communications, we’ve designed it specifically to unearth the value trapped in your communications gold mine. That goldmine is the unstructured data inside your conversations.

Imagine the possibilities. What if you never had to take notes on your calls? Or, you had a robot friend summarizing your meetings and telling you how well they went. Imagine if you could easily find all those customers that promised to buy next year. Or get an alert when your team encounters a new competitor. 


A new type of conversation intelligence solution

RingSense uses our advanced AI to make “sense” of recorded interactions between people, like video meetings or phone conversations. There are a lot of applications for this type of AI. For example, last year our communications platform became more intelligent by providing post-meeting summaries and insights. This helps employees catch up on meetings they had missed, or get a refresh on topics that were discussed without watching all the recordings.

RingSense uses natural language processing, deep learning, AI, neural networks, and all the other fancy data science tech you’ve heard about lately. It’s pre-trained securely on billions of human interactions. What’s exciting is that by bringing these capabilities to your communications platform, we’re able to deliver world-class AI to organizations of every size. Say goodbye to massive costs and proprietary integrations.

Key features

  • Automated follow-ups to drive productivity: AI-driven interaction summaries, notes, and follow-ups are automatically loaded into a CRM or productivity suite, increasing disposition and facilitating better management of customer interactions.
  • AI-generated summary scoring: Interaction-level scoring and reporting helps managers prioritize conversations that need the most attention without sifting through conversations manually.
  • Integrations with 3rd party apps: Integrates with leading CRMs (including Salesforce, Hubspot, and Zoho); calendar applications (Google Calendar and Microsoft Outlook), and call and video meeting providers.
  • Ability to track keywords and phrases (trackers): Enable teams to track keywords and phrases, such as competitor names or product features, and adjust or fine-tune the trackers. Also, AI can focus on the concepts that are relevant to the organization, not just the words.

Unlock new insights for your entire revenue org

Applying conversation intelligence to sales interactions is called revenue intelligence. It’s transforming the way revenue organizations operate. RingSense for Sales analyzes interactions between sales teams and their prospects. It then surfaces insights and sales performance measures. It uses AI and communications data to automate tasks for reps and managers. It sifts through countless volumes of interactions, digging up important gems so you don’t have to. It also gives sales leaders AI-driven coaching tools to help them train, mentor and support their team. Here’s how the revenue org wins with RingSense for Sales.

RingSense for sales: call details view

RingSense for sales reps

The web and mobile interfaces help reps easily find hidden opportunities, even on the go. For example, they can pull deals and review the AI-generated highlights and next steps from their last meeting before they step into the next one. Those crisp summaries are automatically synchronized with their CRM so they focus on selling, not data entry. They also get AI-driven feedback on their soft skills. It’s like a robot friend keeping track of their work, taking care of the worst parts of their job, and giving them feedback that helps them get better. Reps improve win rates, increase productivity, and course-correct quickly. 

Integration with other systems makes this possible. Integrations like non-RingCentral meeting and phone applications (like Zoom and Microsoft Teams), office productivity suites, and a whole host of CRMs like Salesforce and Zoho.

RingCentral RingSense - automated summaries

RingSense for sales leaders

High-level views and summary scoring helps them keep track of everyone’s progress. They can see the successes, the challenges, and the insights to help them win. There’s no way leaders can attend every meeting, but with RingSense they don’t have to. Every conversation is organized and scored, then rolled up into slick reporting. They can quickly see where they need to spend their time. They will be more productive, find issues before they become serious, and be in more places at the same time.

RIngCentral RingSense: lifestyle coaching

Beyond sellers, enablement teams can keep track of high-level selling activities.  They can identify key moments and create playbooks with real customer voices. Enablement will be able to improve playbook adoption, decrease ramp time, and standardize coaching. 

RingCentral RingSense: lifestyle playbook

RingSense for customer success

Customer success managers can listen for any upsell motions they need to be aware of. They will shorten prep time for account reviews, follow up faster, and ultimately improve the customer experience.

RingCentral RingSense: Lifestyle library

RingSense for revenue operations

RevOps professionals can review deals right where the conversations are happening. They benefit from improved forecasts, reduced risk, and have better collaboration with sales.  

RingSense: view open deals

RingSense for marketing

Marketers thrive on the voice of their customer.  They will create more compelling messaging that addresses real needs, which leads to a more qualified pipeline.

RingSense: reporting objections

What sets RingSense apart from other conversation intelligence solutions?

Here’s what makes RingSense different than other conversation intelligence platforms you might have heard of:

  • RingSense is easy to purchase, deploy, and configure. Get ready for faster time-to-value without the expensive startup, platform fees, and model retraining costs.
  • AI-generated summaries, topics, and follow-ups are automatic. This accelerates the disposition of customer interactions creating huge efficiency gains.
  • Out-of-the-box “trackers” with higher quality pattern matching. Trackers can be customized, or created from scratch. Tune your system to what you’re listening for and make adjustments along the way. AI does the rest.
  • AI-generated summary scoring at the top level helps find the important conversations without sifting through conversations manually.  
  • RingSense is built by a trusted leader in cloud communications. 

There’s no question that AI is forever changing how we live and work.  We’re excited to bring these capabilities to everyone.  And if you’re wondering, yes, this blog was written by a human.  This time. 

Originally published Mar 27, 2023, updated Nov 03, 2023

Close the deal with RingSense

RingSense open beta is available today! Take this new technology for a test drive.

RingSense: view open deals

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