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RingCentral Global Office: A New Era of Enterprise Cloud Communications


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KID-3645-Global-Office-Campaign-Social-Banner---Blog For a long time, businesses have been saddled with the onerous task of figuring out how to deploy their communications infrastructure globally, but in a simple way. The realities of a distributed workforce makes this need more prevalent now than ever before, and we hear our customers increasingly demanding a flexible unified communications solution that fosters a collaborative working environment and scales globally. Historically, this task has been highly complex and expensive with multiple, legacy on-premise PBX systems.

That’s why today, I’m very excited to announce the launch of RingCentral Global Office, a single global Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS) solution designed for multinational businesses. Connecting workforces across multiple countries, RingCentral Global Office reduces the complexity and high costs of maintaining multiple, legacy on-premise PBX systems with a single cloud solution.

We changed the legacy PBX market when we announced RingCentral Office, which has been supporting businesses in multiple locations across the U.S. Together with our disruptive all-inclusive per-user pricing model, we are taking our unique solution global to provide our customers with service in multiple countries around the world.

Many vendors have tried to solve global communications by just providing international phone numbers in various countries, but this does not give global employees the experience of communicating with their customers as a local entity within their respective geographies. RingCentral Global Office is a new groundbreaking solution built upon the RingCentral Global Connect Network, a redundant service delivery architecture built from the ground up that is scalable, secure and ensures high-quality service to support unified communications across geographies. Utilizing the full power of this network, RingCentral Global Office provides a robust solution for multinational companies to support distributed offices and employees globally.

The core capabilities of this offering include:

  • Local phone numbers
  • Local caller ID
  • Worldwide extension-to-extension dialing
  • Included minute bundles for international calling
  • Carrier-grade quality of service
  • Number porting, as available and required by law
  • Emergency services, as required by law

With Global Office, RingCentral enables a multinational company to appear local for its regional customers and also act as one integrated business.

To learn about extending your business presence globally, visit

Originally published Feb 02, 2016, updated Jan 30, 2023

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