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RingCentral 6.3 Launch Unveils Exciting New Features


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6.3 release_small We have some very exciting news — today is our 6.3 launch! We have added new features to our phone systems to enhance our product and help you elevate your business. With great features such as: multi-level IVR, mobile enhancements and more, our customers will benefit from the quality, productivity and flexibility in business communications.

It is ideal for companies that need economic, efficient, professional call handling!

What is multi-level IVR (multi-level auto-attendant)? It is an alternative option to extend the current auto-receptionist options with more powerful and flexible automated voice system. Callers are provided with more options to self-select how they can reach a person or department. It is easy to customize efficient and professional inbound call routing and telephone prompts based on the business’ needs. It also simplifies phone routing management for multiple locations via RingCentral’s secure, quality, cloud-based services.

MultiLevelAutoAttendant Companies can now create inbound call flows that can traverse multiple menu levels or deploy large numbers of independent menus for multiple locations. Make your auto-attendant more dynamic and enable a more sophisticated menu to better route incoming calls.

IT system administrators can set up this new interactive voice menu quickly and easily. It is perfect for companies with multiple offices or companies who need a flexible inbound call flow plan. Create up to 100 IVR menus per account. (Please note that this enhancement is only available for Premium and Enterprise Editions only.)

On top of our multi-level IVR feature, we also have unique new mobile features. Some of these upgrades include: one-tap-to-join a conference, call screening, call hand-off, and easy access to VoIP call settings. RingCentral mobile apps provide an inclusive solution with phone, text, fax, online meetings, and HD video conferencing that enable BYOD for business communications. We will go into more detail about these new components in tomorrow’s blog post.

At RingCentral, we are dedicated to giving our customers the latest up-to-date technology. We strive to eliminate on-premise systems and make it simple to connect and scale your business and distributed workforces. The future is in the cloud. Upgrade to RingCentral to access our useful new features!


Originally published Jun 10, 2014, updated Aug 07, 2020

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