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Checkpoint Technologies Improves Sales Focus With RingCentral Office


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checkpoint_logo Checkpoint Technologies had more than a few problems with its on-premise private branch exchange (PBX) phone system. The PBX required an actual human receptionist to direct calls, and it didn’t support employees who were working in the field. That didn’t pass muster with the HP-certified tech support provider.

“We were expanding – hiring new employees both in our headquarters and throughout the country,” Sneha Crews, Checkpoint Technologies’ office manager, told us. “Being able to integrate both our in-office and remote employees was essential to our growth.”

Further complicating the situation, Checkpoint Technologies was moving to a larger office space. The company’s decision-makers recognized that their old phone system simply couldn’t keep up with the changes that were taking place – so as Checkpoint Technologies prepared to move in 2012, procuring a new business phone system was at the top of its to-do list.

Recognizing that a hosted VoIP phone system would provide much more flexibility than an on-prem PBX, Checkpoint Technologies narrowed its search to hosted VoIP providers only. Ultimately, RingCentral Office provided the features the firm was looking for, at a price that was very attractive.

“From an auto-receptionist, to support for multiple direct lines, to advanced call handling features to the ability to create remote lines, RingCentral’s solution offered everything we wanted,” Sneha said. “And on top of everything else, the pricing was much better.”

Checkpoint Technologies is finding RingCentral Office’s mobile capabilities especially useful. Roughly a third of the business’ sales team travels, and some salespeople spend more than half their time outside the office. For that contingent, RingCentral’s free iOS and Android apps are a lifesaver. small__4585763335

“All they have to do is use the RingCentral mobile app to make and receive calls using their business number. When they leave the office, they no longer miss calls,” Sneha explained.

By rendering Checkpoint Technologies’ sales staffers more reachable, RingCentral Office has greatly enhanced their productivity. Checkpoint Technologies is not only saving money every month, compared to its old PBX phone system – it’s actually generating more sales thanks to RingCentral.

“RingCentral,” Sneha indicated, “has shifted our interaction with our customers.”

Photo courtesy of Johan Larsson via photopin cc.

Originally published Aug 12, 2013, updated Jul 20, 2021

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