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Top 3 Reasons to Use Business SMS

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medium_8637598334 If you have a RingCentral Office plan in the US or Canada, you have Business SMS – RingCentral’s first-in-class text-messaging platform. Business SMS offers free, unlimited texting from your RingCentral phone number(s), making it easier than ever to stay connected to colleagues and customers.

Why should you get familiar with RingCentral Business SMS? Here are the top three reasons to put Business SMS to work for you.

1. Send texts from one business number

Business SMS enables you to send and receive text messages at your existing RingCentral direct number*, allowing you to keep your personal cell phone number private. Use your mobile device to text customers, coworkers and clients with your company number, instead of your private number.


*Only local numbers will work with Business SMS at the moment – we’re exploring how to enable texting on toll-free numbers, as well.

2. Text internal departments in a snap

With Business SMS, It’s easy to send text messages to any contact or department in your organization. If you’re logged in to the RingCentral mobile app, simply swipe left to access the menu and click Contacts. Departments may be found in your Company contacts list; just click on one and tap the new-message icon to send an SMS to every member of that department.

Department SMS

3. Get message notifications on your computer

While Business SMS only works with the RingCentral mobile app at the moment, you can get notified of new SMSs via email. That way, you’ll never miss a message – even when your business mobile phone isn’t close at hand.

How are you using Business SMS? Let us know!

Featured photo courtesy of afagen via photopin cc.

Originally published Aug 13, 2013, updated Apr 18, 2021

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