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New video conferencing features that improve how you work together


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Every day, millions of RingCentral customers use the app to work together, innovate, and reach customers. And you depend on the many cutting-edge video conferencing features in RingCentral to do those.

But it’s not always the shiny new features that make the RingCentral video experience great. It’s also the smaller, incremental improvements that contribute to smooth and effective video meetings.


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So while those big feature announcements might instantly catch your eye, we want to highlight some of our small, yet super impactful video conferencing features you might’ve missed. Let’s dive in.


Before meetings

1. Automatically include premium phone #s in your RingCentral video meeting invites

RingCentral Premium Phone Numbers

RingCentral meeting invites now automatically include all of your purchased RingCentral premium phone #s—including international and toll-free numbers—in your meeting invites. Attendees that dial in from other countries won’t need to pay extra to dial into your meeting.

Admins can purchase Toll-free or local numbers as additional dial-in numbers for users within the same account. Users can use the Toll-free or local numbers to dial into the RingCentral video meetings. These premium #s can be purchased through the Admin Portal.

Learn more about premium phone #s here:


2. Automatically record your video meetings

Ever host a video meeting and forget to hit record until halfway through the session? Or maybe you work in an industry where recordings are mandatory for every meeting.

Soon, all meetings will have an option to automatically record from start to finish. When scheduling a meeting, simply check the box to automatically record.

This setting can also be found (in image 2) in RingCentral Scheduler for Outlook or Google Workspace add-in.

Coming in Q4 2022.

3. Connect on-prem Microsoft Exchange calendar

In addition to previously supported Google Calendar and Microsoft Outlook calendars to see your upcoming meetings, users with an on-prem Microsoft Exchange calendar can now seamlessly sign-in to their Microsoft Exchange email accounts to see upcoming meetings and events, as well as schedule meetings.

Learn more here.

Coming in Q4 2022.


During meetings

1. AI-enhanced background noise reduction (desktop & mobile)

We’ve all experienced background noises in meetings such as dog barking, lawn mowing, loud keyboards, and other sounds. These interruptions can completely disrupt the focus of a meeting.

In RingCentral, you can now use AI to reduce unwanted noise from your background, eliminating distractions and helping fellow participants hear you clearly.

Enable noise reduction in your next meeting by clicking on the arrow next to the mic button and clicking “Advanced”.


2. Download meeting chat from your RingCentral video meetings

Meeting chat is often a gold mine of information—but if you forget to take notes, you might miss the most important parts.

Now, you can easily download your chats straight to your RingCentral app without needing to take any notes. Chats are exported to a .txt file that can be referenced on comments mentioned during the meeting. 

Simply click on the “download” icon in your meeting chat menu. You also have the option to automatically save chats after every meeting.


3. Share recordings during a meeting and identify noisy users

Meeting hosts have the responsibility of recording and sharing a meeting with participants afterwards. To make things more flexible, meeting hosts can now share recordings with participants during a meeting. 

Once a meeting is being recorded, click on the arrow next to the pause button to share with meeting participants. This will send the recording to recipients immediately.

Additionally, hosts also have the responsibility of muting individuals who might be echoing or have unnoticed background noise.

Now, participant lists will now be automatically sorted so that:

  • Hosts and moderators will be shown up top
  • Unmuted participants will be grouped together and shown next
  • Muted and no audio participants will be shown last

This will allow for meeting hosts to easily find all the unmuted participants in one place and mute them when needed. 


4. Picture-in-picture improvements (mobile)

RingCentral users on the mobile app can now minimize their video meetings via picture-in-picture and keep it going even when using another app. 

Whether you need to check your email or even find a document you want to share, you’ll never miss a minute with the video meeting always staying with you in a small rectangle on screen.


After meetings

Several months ago, we introduced Advanced Meeting Insights, which uses AI to automatically generate a summary, transcript, and highlights after every video meeting. Catch up quickly without having to watch entire recordings.

We’ve made key improvements to the overall experience to enhance how you replay and view your recordings. These include:

1. New post-meeting “summary” tab

Summaries now have their own tab next to “Transcript” and “Highlights” on the right of the window.

2. Highlight active speaker in recordings

All recordings now come with the active speaker highlighted as the recording plays—similar to how speakers are highlighted during RingCentral video meetings. 

3. Full HD recordings

Recordings will be even more life-like, with HD (1080p) video quality for an improved audio and visual experience. These recordings can then be posted on channels that can host HD content like websites, Instagram, LinkedIn, or Twitter.

4. Playback speed control

All recordings now allow you to toggle the playback speed. Whether you want to slow down to pay attention to certain parts or speed up to save some time, you can watch the recordings at your own pace.

5. Simplified recording, topics, and highlight sharing

Want to share a particular instance of the meeting recording to your coworker? You can now choose to share a link to a specific time, topic, or even highlight from anywhere the recording.

The link will automatically take recipients to exactly what you’re trying to share.

6. Edit meeting topics and meeting highlights

In many cases, you might choose to edit the AI-generated meeting topics and highlights to be a bit more accurate or descriptive for your recipients. 

For meetings you hosted, you can now directly edit these topics by hovering over the topic and clicking on “edit topic”. For highlights, select parts of the text to incorporate as part of the highlight reel, or delete them if they aren’t needed.

HD recordings will be available in September 2022.

All other features are available now. Mobile app improvements to come in Q4.


Better meetings for a better workplace

As the saying goes: it’s the little things that matter. These small improvements are part of our larger effort to make your meetings more effective, engaging, and productive. 

Ready to make the most of your video meetings? These features are available (with some coming very soon) for all RingCentral MVP accounts (containing Video) and RingCentral Video Pro/Pro+ accounts. 

Download RingCentral Video for FREE and try out our video meetings today—no strings attached. Check out our new mobile browser support below:

Originally published Aug 23, 2022

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