No downloads required: Join RingCentral meetings straight from your browser


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By Ben Wu, Senior Product Marketing Manager, and Phillip Liu, Group Product Manager


Ever need to meet with a client, partner, or colleague just to find out you need to download their video conferencing app? 

The harsh reality is that different companies use different providers for their video meetings. And in many cases, they don’t use the same app.

But people don’t want to download something just to join a quick meeting. They want a streamlined way to access your meeting from anywhere with no downloads required.


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With RingCentral Video, everyone (both inside and outside your company) can easily join video meetings straight from their web browsers. The best part? Most of the features available in the RingCentral app are available in browser form—all with the exact same look and feel.

And this month, we’re introducing several new supported browsers.


1. Firefox Desktop Browser

Participants can now join RingCentral video meetings via Firefox browser. This is in addition to previously supported desktop browsers Microsoft Edge and Google Chrome browsers.

Browser join for Firefox on desktop is currently available in open beta for both Mac and Windows.


2. Chrome mobile browser for Android

We’re excited to announce our first mobile browser to support RingCentral video meetings: Chrome browser for Android mobile.

Participants with an Android device can now access meetings without having to download the RingCentral app when using the Chrome mobile browser.

Browser join for Chrome mobile browser is now generally available for Android devices only.


Why join from a browser?

Downloading an app requires more than just a few minutes. Participants might run into last-minute issues, have security concerns, or simply dislike the hassle of downloading new apps every time they’re sent a meeting invite.

And when you’re client-facing, you want to provide a seamless meeting experience from start to finish. That starts with an expansive browser support that allows anyone to join at any time, from anywhere, with just a few clicks.

Here are several scenarios where joining from a browser makes sense:


1. Healthcare 

Telehealth appointments depend on your patients joining their sessions at the right time. And if they encounter any issues, that adds more complexity to your already packed schedule.

Healthcare professionals want to provide a seamless telehealth experience to their patients in every call. And with browser support, patients can join straight from their browser of choice. Even a mobile browser (Android) allows patients to join their sessions on the go.

2. Sales/customer success calls

In client-facing roles, communication should come with zero barriers. Instead of forcing your prospects and clients to download RingCentral to hop on a video call, they can join from their browser of choice, with the flexibility to join from the comforts of their home on a desktop or on the go from a mobile browser.

3. Education 

School IT admin might disable application downloads on school-owned laptops for security purposes. But with RingCentral, students can access their virtual classrooms by simply joining via browsers. No need to log in through different apps just to get started.


A seamless experience, everywhere

From screen sharing to live transcripts, most of the video conferencing features accessible via the desktop and mobile apps are available in web browsers too. It’s part of our mission to make video meetings simpler and more productive for everyone.

Check out our most recent innovations, including Advanced Meeting Insights, Participant Reactions, and Whiteboard here.

Want to try RingCentral video meetings? Download RingCentral Video for FREE or sign up for a product demo.

Originally published Aug 22, 2022, updated Sep 23, 2022

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