kid-6426-outdesk-blog-post-image MyOutDesk helps real estate professionals focus on selling, with the help of virtual assistants (VAs) who handle administrative tasks like managing MLS listings, short-sale processing, filling out forms, and calling prospects. RingCentral communication and collaboration tools make the VAs more productive and give them a close personal connection to their clients—even though their clients are thousands of miles away.

Founded in 2008 with 30 VAs, MyOutDesk now employs more than 1,800, with 95% based in the Philippines. They serve more than 1,000 real estate agents and brokers across the US.

Close communication is essential

By definition, a virtual assistant acts like an extension of the client’s organization. That means close communication is essential. With RingCentral Office, MyOutDesk gets cost-effective international calling, plus support for online meetings with video and screen sharing (RingCentral Meetings) and enterprise team messaging with file sharing and task management (RingCentral Glip).

“Communication is how we sustain our relationships with our clients,” says Adelaide Gale, Director of the Client Success team at MyOutDesk. “It’s what makes us special—face-to-face, consistent communication.”

With RingCentral Office, MyOutDesk:

  • Uses video meetings to maintain personal relationships, even though “we may only see our bosses in person one or two times a year.”
  • Improves onboarding of new clients, giving them “a face to go with the name.”
  • Keeps the VAs productive using regular online meetings and Glip team messaging.

MyOutDesk also found the RingCentral solution to be both more reliable and affordable than the array of services it used previously. “Compared to when we had multiple vendors for phone, meetings, and chats, we are saving 30% to 40%,” says Julie Galido, Senior Operations Manager, IT & Special Projects.

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