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Meeting the constantly evolving demands of business—and your workforce—can be a challenging task. With people increasingly choosing remote or hybrid working, you need efficient virtual meeting software that promotes communication and encourages collaborative working.

With RingCentral's online meeting solution, you have a platform that helps you meet those challenges. From simple audio conferencing to multi-participant video conferences and everything in between, you can do it all! 

RingCentral is cloud-based and offers a unified communications system specially designed for businesses. We also provide enterprise-level VoIP services without the need for installing secondary and expensive hardware such as PBX boxes or servers. This gives our clients access to voice-based, text-based, and fax communications as well as HD video meetings and online conferences. With us, you can achieve the flexibility, scalability, and functionality that modern businesses need.

Global team members connecting via a RingCentral online meeting

What is an online meeting?

As the name suggests, an online meeting is one that takes place via the internet. It can also be called a remote meeting, a virtual meeting, or a web conference. It uses digital technology to connect people from different locations.

With the growth of remote working and the need for organizations to operate internationally and globally, online meetings represent an easy and efficient way to communicate across those often vast distances. But are they all the same?

Benefits of RingCentral's online meeting software

An employee attending an online meeting via the RingCentral app

This is perhaps one of the most obvious advantages of investing in an online meeting service like RingEX. Imagine this: an organization wants to host a major sales conference for small businesses and wants all employees to attend. This sounds great, but this also translates to added costs and lost work hours. Hosting this event through an online conference room saves on both counts.

But this can even be true on a smaller scale, too. If participants go to an in-person meeting, they not only lose time while attending but also commuting and traveling. By opting for a virtual meeting instead, people can be working one minute, participate in a meeting the next, and then go straight back to work, minimizing any effects on productivity.

One common problem, particularly for larger businesses, is the logistics of holding a face-to-face meeting or conference. It requires a physical space large enough to accommodate attendees. Plus, renting an external area can be expensive.

Using a web conferencing solution like RingCentral allows you to host a meeting with global audiences. You can schedule customer webinars, training sessions, sales presentations, product showcases, live streams, and whatever kind of online gathering you require.

Security of data and information is always a main concern for businesses, and for good reason. The last thing you want is that data being accessed and leaked to the world, thus damaging your reputation.

You have no such worries with RingCentral. We put security at the center of our systems. We use robust encryption to protect your web meetings, and you can configure the security features to meet your needs.

Gone are the days when we all had the same basic type of phone. Virtual meetings have to recognize diversity and ensure that participants can access meetings no matter their device, whether through a mobile device or on a Linux desktop.

With unified platforms such as RingCentral, your team can use any device to join online meetings. You can work from home using a laptop, in the office with a desktop, or on the road with a phone—it does not matter because you can always access RingCentral anytime, anywhere.

There are a lot of factors that can affect productivity: distributed locations, varied schedules, different time zones, and more. What RingCentral does is create a virtual workspace where people can connect and collaborate effectively. With our online meeting platform, you can:

  • Host HD video meetings for audiences of all sizes
  • Share documents, files, applications, and other assets in local or cloud storage such as Box and Dropbox™
  • Hold unlimited conference calls and provide local dial-in numbers so that anyone around the world can join
  • Create whiteboards, generate meeting transcripts, and add annotations in real time
  • Build your own workflows using custom APIs 
  • Review meeting recordings that include summaries and keywords from transcribed discussions

RingCentral features to make your online meetings better

There are many cloud-based virtual meeting solutions available on the market. Some are specialized and focus on a few features, while others offer a more unified approach. Here are some RingCentral features that might make it your first choice:

A RingCentral Video meeting on a Mac web browser
A RingCentral Video meeting on a Mac web browser

HD video conferencing

High-quality video means you see every face and every detail clearly, including those subtle nuances of body language.

Multi-point video conferencing

RingCentral lets you hold video conferences with larger groups of participants, making it perfect for virtual events or webinars.

Screen sharing

Meetings are not just about talking. RingCentral's screen share option means it's easy to share data, graphs, information, and other visual presentations.

Spotlight speaker

When there are at least three meeting participants, this feature means that the active speaker is highlighted to all viewers.

VoIP calling

Cloud-based calls for your RingCentral account can be made from your desk phone or smartphone, thus saving your valuable airtime minutes.

Call Me and Call Out

Call Me means you can switch an audio meeting to your mobile without dialing in. Call Out lets you invite someone to a meeting room by simply calling their number.

Audio dial-in access

Meeting participants can join a meeting by calling a dedicated number, making the process a breeze. This works for both local and international participants.

Integrated chat

RingCentral comes with built-in messaging features. You can send direct messages to specific participants as well as send group messages for all to see.

Schedule meetings for another host

This feature simplifies admin tasks by allowing you to schedule meetings for other people. So long as the settings reflect your authorization, you won't have any problems doing so.

Calendar integration

Schedule business meetings using our plugins for iCal, Google, or Outlook. Easy integration with any calendar app you use means that meetings scheduled on one app will be instantly synced to your other systems.

Meetings can go for up to 24 hours

With a maximum time limit of 24 hours, RingCentral offers the time flexibility you need. Need more time? Simply dial in and start another 24-hour cycle.


With compatibility across most operating systems—Windows, Mac OS, iOS, and Android— RingCentral is accessible from almost every device, giving you the flexibility and mobility you need.

Online meeting FAQs

RingCentral offers enterprise-level security and encryption so that all your data and information is safe. Data is encrypted both while at rest or ‘in transit'. Media streams are encrypted using Secure Real-time Transport Protocol, and other data is encrypted using Datagram Transport Layer Security. Why not download our online meeting app and give it a try?

Here's what you need to host or join a meeting:

  • Secure virtual meeting platform: The first thing you need is a reliable and secure video conferencing software where you can hold your meetings. Ideally, you want an all-in-one solution that's accessible by multiple types of devices and easy to use. Choosing an efficient and unified platform, such as RingCentral, provides you with all the features you'll need.
  • Meeting agenda: You wouldn't hold a physical meeting without some form of agenda, so why should an online meeting be any different? People have busy schedules, so setting out a plan in advance—and sticking to it during the meeting—is crucial to success.
  • The right meeting equipment: Having the right equipment is a must to avoid hiccups. For audio or video-based meetings, that means good quality webcams or microphones. Of course, a reliable internet connection is just as important!

Thanks to the handy web browser, you can easily run HD video conferences from all your devices. Anyone can join a video call— no need to download a desktop or mobile app!

If you have an existing RingCentral account, you can download the app from the ‘Tools' menu on your online account. For smartphones and tablets, you can do this from the iTunes® App Store or Google Play. Holding a meeting is a straightforward process that requires no technical knowledge. Simply follow the steps outlined below:

  1. Log in using your credentials and/or your RingCentral phone number.
  2. If you're the meeting host, select ‘Schedule a meeting'.
  3. Enter details of the meeting and send invites. (You can send these to Gmail, so contacts can add details to their calendar.)
  4. Start meeting.
  5. If you're a participant/invitee, select ‘Join a meeting'.
  6. Enter the meeting ID you were supplied with within your invite.
    *Note: This can all be done from a desktop or mobile device.

RingCentral Video offers a superbly unified and integrated platform that can meet all your needs. We offer a free online meeting software packed with the communication and collaboration tools you need to stay connected with your remote teams. If you decide to add more functionality to our free plan, you can always opt for one of our paid tiers. You can learn more about our products and pricing here.

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